The 1-9-90 Rule in CP Armies

Note: Posted back in November during WW6 on CPWN, I’ve decided to re-post this on CPAC, seeing as nothing will most probably be posted today. I was a novice philosopher back then, so don’t go too hard on me. It is a philosophy post, one of my favorite ones in fact. Enjoy.

Hello my dear readers. As world war 6 is crumbling, there are hardly any battle reports to post or much army news. So I have decided to create a philosophy post, something that I myself am very good at and have gained praise about. Today we will be talking about something many armies have encountered… rebellions, and the ones that succeed and the ones that fail.

Many people ask themselves: “What on earth is a rebellion?” Instead of copy and pasting from Wikipedia, I’ve decided to explain it in my own words.

A rebellion is an outward protest to a government, ideology or a group of people. In CP armies, it is usually to overthrow a set of leaders.

A rebellion in Tunisia against their president in 2011.

We all have probably experienced a few army rebellions in our CP army career, with the most recent ones of SWAT back in Summer and the rebellion against KingFunks4 back in August, which sort of worked out. Usually a rebellion in our CP army community occurs every 5-6 months.

The most famous rebellion in CP armies was back in 2007, when the UMA were the world power of CP armies, destroying ACP in their war during February-March 2007. During this time, UMA were so large they had to organize their army into “Blue UMA” and “Red UMA“. Many people believed that ACP was going to get crushed, since UMA kept on beating ACP in many battles. Soon, ACP made a cease-fire with UMA until May. however there was one high-ranking officer in “Blue UMA” who disagreed with Pink Mafias actions. In fact, he decided that he would destroy UMA once and for all. Destroying an army in a way it was never done… by one massive rebellion.
UMA back in 2007 with sizes of 30, which were then considered large.

His name was Commando 717, and on May 8th, right before the cease-fire was supposed to end, he decided to act. Almost all of the “Blue UMA” rebelled against Pink Mafias, and created a new army called the Rebel Penguin Federation. Both ACP and UMA were stunned. In fact, UMA fell from 30+ to about 10 in battles, which ACP was able to defeat easily. Not only that, RPF rose to be the new world power of 2008 along with ACP.

How did Commando create such a massive rebellion?  Was it because so many of the troops were against PM or was there a secret behind it? Now here we are getting to the whole point of the post.

To explain, I have made this table. An ordinary Club Penguin army can be divided into three groups:

1st group: Main leader, most trusted officers.

2nd group: Low owners, high mods

3rd group: Rest of the mods and members

Notice how I colored the text for each group? Well this will help you understand the so-called “1, 9, 90″ rule. Although the name makes no sense, image this. The leaders represent the 1, or 1%. The high mods and 3ics represent the 9 or 9% and the members and low mods represent the 90 or 90%.

Why are leaders represented by 1%? Because an ordinary CP army’s leadership consists about 1% of the total amount of soldiers in an army. The same applies to the high mods and the members. The 9% means that 9% of an army consists of these “high mods and owners” and most of all, the 90% consists of the rest.

A representation of the 1 9 90 rule.

Asleep yet? Well now I’m getting to the interesting part. How did Commando succeed? As I said before, most people believe that the 90% is what causes the rebellions to happen. However, my opinion is completely different. You know which of the groups are the most important? They are the second group, also known as the enforcers. The 9%? But 90% is more than 9%! Correct, however that’s where is the catch. The 9% are the ones that enforce the laws created by the leaders. If by chance, the 90% begin to get angry with the leaders, the 9% will always calm down the crowd. However… what happens when by chance, the 9% turns sides?

Commando 717 was one of the highest ranks in the “Blue UMA“, which meant he was able to lead “Blue UMA“. This was the key factor of the rebellion, not that the troops rebelled. Commando did. Commando was one of the 9%. The 90% didn’t rebel. The 9% rebelled and used the 90% to create a new army with new leaders. WHAT???? ONE PERSON TOOK DOWN UMA ALL BY THEMSELVES? Sort of, and to tell you, that was the whole point of the post.

RPF during late 2007 against Watex Warriors.

To finish off this post, I have recapped the whole post into 3 points on how to create a successful rebellion:

  • It is not the 90% (members) that rebels, it is the 9% (2ics, 3ics, some low mods)
  • Members rarely have any part in a rebellion, and there has never been a member that has created one.
  • However you must remember: 9+90=99      99>1, which means as the 9% you must turn the 90% against the 1% for the rebellion to work.

If you made it to the end, I hope you understood the whole concept of the 1 9 90 rule, which not only do CP armies use, but all of the countries of the world use in the exact same way we do, even USA, GB, Russia, Canada and other world powers.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and as for now…. adios till next time!


Yeasy, CPWN reporter/philosopher (now CPAC reporter/philosopher)

11 Responses

  1. in some armies its 10 50 2 rule. Not mentioning any armies in particular as it would create tension lol


  2. I understand this. This is happening with the Pirates. Ace_fireken6 is the 9% that took away the 90%


  3. btw finish the ww6 post


  4. Yeasy, you are so right. You wrote this post so it’s easy to understand, and i get it. What you said makes perfect sense. Also, you gotta check your email. I sent you something. :p


  5. This is some excellent philosophy right here.


  6. […] most.  Members make the army, and if you don’t believe me, I highly recommend that you click here to see a post from my fellow CPAC colleague, about this topic.  As it pretty much sums up in that […]


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