Top Ten Armies: 04/14/13

Blue1:The Doritos of Club Penguin, in light of recent events, have been banned from the CPAC Top Ten for one week — meaning they will only once again be included on the Top Ten posted on May 5, 2013. If any of the DCP owners wish to contact me for a nice little chat about the events of today, they may do so. The CEO(s) reserve the right to extend or shorten the amount of time DCP is banned at any point they choose for whatever reason. This is disgustingly sad move on behalf of DCP, that not only idolizes the importance of the Top Ten — something we have tried to avoid — but also is a disgrace to those who have actually worked hard this week. Apologies to all armies who were affected by this.

EDIT 3:39 PM EST: After reexamining DCP’s Top Ten pictures post, we found that 4 of the 6 images have proof showing they were taking before April 7th (the first day where events counted towards this Top Ten.) Because of this, while the two other images do not have proof of predating the Top Ten, I have to assume they are fake because they are heavily cropped and are placed with other incorrect images. DCP’s placement will be revoked, all other armies will move up, and Blue1 and I will consider if we plan to further reprimand DCP to discourage this in the future. Such things will not be tolerated.

After another very interesting week, let’s brace for once again unintelligent  unjustified, uninformed, and completely incompetent rage, as another Top Ten hits the CPAC front page. I’m Bluesockwa1, descriptions this week were written by Bluesockwa2. The order was done by yours truly.

Top Ten Armies


1T. Nachos [+0] [97.75]

1T. Hot Sauce Army [+3] [97.75]

3. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1] [89.88]

4. Ice Warriors [-1] [81.88]

5. Army of CP [+4] [71.75]

6T. Dark Warriors [+6] [60.88]

6T. Army Republic [+0] [60.88]

8. Pirates [-2] [58.75]

9. Water Vikings [-1] [56.88]

10. Underground Mafias Army [+0] [51.73]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Fire Warriors [NEW!]

12. Light Defenders [+2]

13. Miners [+0]

14. Pretzels [NEW!]

15. Metal Warriors [NEW!]


1T. Nachos [+0]: The Nachos retain tied for their now seemingly commonplace spot at first this week, in spite of a new challenger in the HSA. The week began with the Nachos’ controversial declaration of war on the ACP, and the invasions got off to a quick start. The Nachos quickly swept through the ACP Empire in a weeklong “Annihilation” invasion plan, taking Klondike, Snow Fort, and Down Under with max sizes of 32, 29, 37 respectively. A UK Raid maxed 15 before the long awaited “D-Day” came. In a highly disputed battle, the Nachos claimed to have conquered the ACP capital of Breeze with sizes maxing out at 40. In a further invasion that night at 11 PM EST, the Nachos also took the server Alpine with sizes of 24. Further invasions and defenses are scheduled throughout the week as the war continues. Nachos tie for first this week.


1T. Hot Sauce Army [+3]: HSA have made their long-awaited rise to the Top and now challenge the Number 1 ranked Nachos. HSA started a busy week with an unscheduled, maxing 25. They had two more training events, maxing 25, then 30. They went on to max 18 at a UK event, and then 27 at yet another training preparing for a PB on Friday. They then defeated the Ice Warriors in a practice battle, maxing 30 once again. Finally, they defeated SWAT in the finals of the CPWI tournament and won with sizes of 35. They finished off the week with a 2 AM training session, maxing 12. HSA tie with the Nachos for first this week.

t10 pics post 11

3. Special Weapons and Tactics [-1]: SWAT takes a slight fall this week as tensions between them and DCP begin to rise. At the beginning of the week, they scheduled an invasion of the Light Troops, who they alleged had been “very rude to SWAT lately.” Ganger said that if LT did not stop, SWAT would take their entire nation. They successfully took Crunch with sizes of 30. They then put out a similar warning to DCP, igniting a controversy when they army claimed any invasions would be invalidated by a prior treaty, a treaty which SWAT said was invalid because only one leader ratified it. They then invaded Summit from DCP with sizes of 20. SWAT was then defeated by HSA in the finals of CPWI’s tournament, maxing around 30. In a move reminiscent of LT Leader Ioioluk’s methods, Ganger has demoted all mod ranks as a result. SWAT comes in at Number 3 this week.

swat 13

4. Ice Warriors [-1]: The Ice Warriors also take a slight fall after a busy week. They started off maxing 12 at a Euro. training session, then 18 for a similar US event. A US uLead ended with sizes around 20, and a training session with a max of 25. They were also defeated by HSA in a PB, and are now trying to find events to schedule to keep themselves active and entertained. IW comes in at 4th this week.


5. Army of CP [+4]: ACP is now back on the rise after a brutal week embroiled in war with the Nachos. Originally ACP had tried not to go to war, but when it became clear Nachos would not back down, they prepared for the invasions. They were defeated first on Klondike, then on Snow Fort and Down Under, with sizes of 15, 14, and 10 respectively. They also fought a brief unscheduled with the Nachos UK division, maxing 20. They also put out a notice, looking to hire US Commanders to bolster their weak American Division. Finally, they fought the Nachos in the disputed invasion of Breeze, maxing 30. They also maxed 14 at the late night defense of Alpine, and have many more invasions scheduled this week. ACP comes in at 5th this week.


6T. Army Republic [+1]: AR moves to 6th this week, after a time of rebuilding in the army. They maxed a measly 6 at a UK event to start off the week, but then had a huge improvement, maxing 20 at a training session. A recruiting session on Friday saw a max of 25. They have scheduled several events as the new leaders try to get their footing. AR comes in tied for 6th this week.


6T. Dark Warriors [+6]DW have risen back into the Top Ten this week, for the first time since their dramatic fall. They started the week with a small training session, maxing around 8 troops. They then reorganized their ranks and, with help from their creator, tried to figure out what was wrong with DW. The next event saw a massive jump, with a max of 23. They are also now holding a contest for 4th in command spots. DW comes in tied for 6th this week.


8. Pirates [-3]The Pirates are on the fall after a tumultuous week and few events. They scheduled a few events, while promoting Waterkid’s new CPPS server to start the week. The leaders of CPPA then called on Water to come back, saying he was abandoning them. The Pirates then maxed 20 at a recruiting. There is then some confusion at to what happened, but it seems the leadership has mostly been fired, rebelled, or quit. Waterkid changed his name to Mephiles, and now once again leads the weakened CPPA. Pirates come in at 8th this week.


9. Water Vikings [-1]: After rising into the Top Ten last week, WV seems on the verge of falling back out. They first maxed 19 at a training session, then went on to max 16 and 17 at two more events. WV also saw the retirement of their beloved leader Zach610, who was also a Vice President here at CPAC. WV comes in at 9th this week.


10. Underground Mafias Army [+1]: A late edition to the Top Ten following the revoking of DCP’s rank, UMA are back for the first time in some weeks to the Top Ten Armies. They began with a declaration of war on the Light Defenders, and then finalized their Legends Inductions for the year. After only one battle, where UMA maxed 11, LD surrendered the war. They saw the retirement of longtime leader Benjarkin, and then maxed 15 at a training session. UMA maxed 15 at another training, then finished off their week. UMA come in at 10th this week.




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CPA Central CEO


CPA Central CEO

71 Responses

  1. 1st


  2. and good job on 13th Light Defenders! 😀




  4. 2nd lets go Hot sauce army woooooooooooooo


  5. yolo


  6. 8th time in a row <—- Nachos streak


  7. My penis fell off because of how bad this is.


  8. The Patriot Enactment never declared war on SWAT, And that article was never “revoked”. The Patriot Enactment was written during the treaty confusion with SWAT, The Patriot Enactment was simply being shown to the citizens of DCP. Please do not try to cause shit.


    • And we do not declare war on SWAT anyway, because that would be violating the treaty that was formed.


    • Well, terribly sorry, I’m not really sure what you call a declaration of war if this:
      is not a declaration of war that was then crossed out and revoked. It even says ‘DCP DECLARES WAR ON SWAT,’ for God’s sake.

      Please don’t try to tell me I’m an idiot when I’m simply reading the confusing shit on your site.


      • It was crossed out for a reason, Article 1 was to be ignored…


        • “This bill was written during the war with SWAT tensions were high. So part one has been ruled out, unless something happens to change this.”


          • And, The Patriot Enactment was never even put into place, it was being published for the citizens of the Empire to read and decide if they like the idea of the possibility of this bill ever being Enacted. I don’t think your confused, I just think you don’t understand basic English.


        • Ignored, but it was originally declared, which means that is was then revoked, which means the post is correct.


  9. Nice top ten




  11. HSA Forever


  12. IW’s [-2] is in green, not red. Nice top 10, by the way






  15. HSA


  16. complete lies @ DCP 4th. THey maxed 7 in one of their events, and that’s an old pic (Wary) I only commented this because they still didn’t coup musta.


  17. I may be lying… but I may not be lying :3


  18. DCP Lied, they used old pics.


  19. ACP’s place is fair, we look bigger than IW in 5th but 6th is fine.


  20. Congrats HSA! You really deserve it this week.


  21. I love CPAC. ❤ (Edited by Bluesockwa2).

    If anything, Carter, I should boycott you for lying to me, not the other way around. And then you even tried to tell me to my face that the party lasted until Monday. Disgusting.


  22. Go UMA! =O


  23. cring
    JOKES congrats on your positions this week everyone 😀


  24. I think 5th for ACP is so generous, they did good at Breeze yes but apart from that they were arguably smaller than most of the top 10 for the whole week.


  25. Nice Top Ten


  26. Yay! Congratulations to HSA :’)


  27. Good top ten this week!


  28. Hsa is getting all wet right now.


  29. “In a move reminiscent of LT Leader Ioioluk’s methods, Ganger has demoted all mod ranks as a result.”

    I seriously don’t get how people can join armies like these when their leaders only want to become so called “legends” by forcing people to attend events which in turn leads to a high ranking in the Top Ten and undeserved fame for the leaders. DCP’s actions are disgraceful as well for cheating to get a decent spot on the Top Ten. A lot of leaders aren’t even trained well enough, yet they receive fame by raging, using bots, and forcing people to attend events or face demoting. Some of this stuff are pretty sad if you ask me.


  30. DCP is a disgrace to CP Armies.


  31. Awesome top 10


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