HSA – Taking the Spotlight?

Half Pipe – After a outstanding week averaging 27-30, HSA were extremely prepared for this moment. The CPWI tourney had been going on for about 3 weeks, and this was the final battle. SWAT had been averaging 25 throughout the week, but seeing the sizes of HSA, it appeared this wouldn’t be an easy fight for the 2nd largest army….

The battle ended….. and the winner would win their first tourney ever. This time a clear winner was chosen, and it was no other than the HSA. In a post called “The Red Sea”, all of the leaders were stunned by the performance of the army:

“I don’t really know what so say. God damnit. You guys didn’t do well at all.YOU DID AMAZING.”

-Dxdn HSA leader

“We battle hard through the capital of our nation,Fighting and training.We came,We Saw,We Conquered and the trophy is ours.”

Jason HSA leader

HSA bombing the Stadium.

HSA performing the Pizza Emote.

After this striking event, I decided to search a bit more about HSA’s recent sizes. I was outstanded by them, seeing as this was not their only great event. Throughout the week, they kept an average of 27-30 troops, and their global forces (UK, AUS) seem to be sky-rocketing.

Could it be that HSA becomes the new world power of CP armies?
Let’s find out………….


Part 1: The performance

After being placed 4th last week in the top ten, HSA officially broke through the top 5 barrier, for the first time since their re-creation in March. Soon later, they decided to hold an unscheduled event, getting sizes of 25.

t10 pic post

Looking at the community as a whole, I haven’t seen an unscheduled event with over 20 in a long time. We have seen unscheduled Nacho-ACP raids, but both armies can hardly get over 10, maxing out 15. These unscheduled sizes are considered great (for a scheduled event) by armies like ACP, Ice Warriors, SWAT and considered good by Nachos.  Note how all of these armies are/were in the top 3-5 of the top ten.

HSA continued the start of the week with two training sessions on Monday and Tuesday. These events not only proved the perfection of their tactics, but dominated the whole community in size.

t10 pics post 2

^Monday’s training session.

t10 pics post 5

Tuesday’s training session.

You must remember these both events were during the beginning of the week, and the sizes of 30 on Tuesday just tops it off. The only army competing with these numbers are the Nachos, which got 30 at the first invasion of ACP.

Wednesday saw HSA testing their European force. Of all events, this surprised me the most as HSA got great sizes of 16. Yes, 16 is great sizes for a UK force. Although the number of European troops in armies has increased, I have made a small “top 5 Euro divisions” of armies.

1. Pirates of CP (now under a rebellion)|Sizes:20-25|Tactics:B


2. Army of CP|Sizes: 13-18|Tactics:B

3.Hot Sauce Army|Sizes: 13-16|Tactics:A

t10 pics post 6

4.Ice Warriors|Sizes: 10-12|Tactics:A


5.Nachos|Sizes: 8-13|Tactics:C

Well that was a quick top 5 UK armies, and if you noticed, HSA is third. That is higher than both top five armies, the Ice Warriors and Nachos, and just below armies like the Pirates and ACP (both armies are European based). HSA’s past week UK events have not been disappointing either, gaining 12-14 troops, much higher than the Nachos, and about the same as IW.

The last three days of the week were HSA’s most active, and by far the greatest. Starting off Thursday by a training session (maxing 27), moving on to defeating IW in a PB with sizes of 30, and ending with a smashing 35 soldiers with perfect tactics against the SWAT.

t10 pics post 7

HSA’s Thursday training session.

t10 pics post 8

HSA during the PB with IW.

t10 pics post 10

HSA in the finals of the CPWI tourney.

Well….. what should I say? They finished off the week with greater sizes than any army in the community. The circle actually is starting to not surprise me anymore :).

Everyone thought HSA would cool down for Sunday. That wasn’t what their Australian division said, getting  a beautiful 9+, something no army has achieved during the past 7-8 months. Once again their tactics were superb, just proving how global HSA has truly become.


HSA during their AUS training session.

Well I think we all know by now HSA is probably going to be first in the top ten this week, taking away Nachos 7 week streak.

However, it is time to get to the second part of the post…… will this miracle last?


Part 2: Is this to stay?

May 2012

After two months of the fastest rise ever known, the unknown Arctic Warriors soon became the spotlight of all media. They started the month off in tenth place, jumped to fifth place, and made it to 4th for the the first time in their history.


AW vs DCP.

The next week AW dropped out of the top ten due to lack of events, but came back up immediately after defeating IW in a PB. Everyone thought everything would go perfectly fine. That is…until AW disappeared in thin air. Just like that, they began decreasing in size more and more, until it became the same old AW- dead.

Is this possible with HSA?

HSA were re-created back in January 22nd, 2013. That is almost 4 months ago. Although they rose like a beast, it does not appear they have any intentions of falling. An army with no stability would have fallen by now, so by all means HSA has past that stage.

However, you might want to look at the past top tens. The week before this one HSA was a top 9-7 army, and in fact rising to 4th was their largest achievement in this generation. They are currently one of the largest armies, but could they become like LT back in August and fall right back to the bottom?

We can not conclude anything other than that HSA must work on their stability, should they want to join the so called “club”. Stability means replacing those troops that can not attend, leave or join a different army with new troops. In other words, they must recruit to continue the cycle. This could be a problem, as tracking season isn’t for about 2 weeks, and that is all it took for AW to disappear in the mist.

Should they survive in the top 3 for those weeks, HSA may very well stabilize itself in the top of the community. As for now, they are just visiting the life of the best. However, one thing is certain…..

We might have a new super-power in this community.

PS: I’ve listed all armies that have been in first place in CPAC’s top ten (for fun) :

Nachos, Ice Warriors, Light Troops, Dark Warriors, Night Warriors, Golden Troops, Special Weapons and Tactics, Army of CP,  Shadow Troops, Doritos of CP, Army Republic and hopefully HSA.

Well that’s it guys. I hope you liked the post, and stay tuned for today’s top ten!


Yeasy, CPAC reporter/philosopher

30 Responses

  1. While I’m still logged on…. I guess I will say first 🙂


  2. you need to put a read more tag in, otherwise nice post




  4. Amazing as always


  5. Well Alb wasnt here to lead!


  6. Nice post yuri! I would be very proud of my troops if we grasped the number 1 spot. Also whoever is reading my comment feel free to stop by HSA chat tonight for game night.








  10. Pirates have the best European in armies, woo hoo.


  11. PS: I’ve listed all armies that have been in first place in CPAC’s top ten (for fun) :
    Nachos, Ice Warriors, Light Troops, Dark Warriors, Night Warriors, Golden Troops, Special Weapons and Tactics, Army of CP, Doritos of CP, Army Republic and hopefully HSA.

    And how many of those armies can stay alive for more than 3 months at a time? Maybe Nachos, IW, and ACP.




  13. Recruiting? Not a problem.

    We’ve built a good family around HSA and we acknowledge all the troops, whether you’re an owner or a member, you’ll be respected and acknowledged. Our troops are also the best you’ll ever see.

    It’s why we’re such a great army 🙂


  14. PS I’ve listed all the armies that got 1st.
    Nachos, Ice Warriors, Light Troops, Dark Warriors, Night Warriors, Golden Troops, Special Weapons and Tactics, Army of CP, Doritos of CP, Army Republic and hopefully HSA.

    You forgot Shadow Troops 😦




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