The Retirement of Zach610

Tonight, Club Penguin Armies see the retirement of Zach610, former leader of the many major armies, namely the Nachos, UMA, and the Water Vikings. Throughout his career, Zak has achieved much — he has lead UMA and the Nachos to the Top 5, and has brought the Water Vikings out of the ground. Zak was named the Most Achieved Person of the 2012 year, and was named a Small and Medium Army Legend. Closer to me, however, Zak has served as Vice President of CPAC for the past four months or so, following the retirement of RiotDebates. Throughout this time, I have gotten to know him very well, and he has truly graced this community. Zakster will be missed. Below is his retirement post.


Hello, Water Vikings, UMA, ACP, or whoever may be reading this that cares about me. It is today that I leave my mark on the historical walk of Club Penguin Warfare. It is today I make the decision to cut ties with all the people I have held dear over these past years. It is today I have made one of the toughest decisions of my life. My time has come. I, Zak, Zach610, Zakster, or however you say my name personally, have retired from the world of warfare. It has been a fun ride. I’ve met an unbelievable amount of people. I’ve made so many friends, some enemies, and some acquaintances. I’ve done so much. I’ve made a large mark on the warfare world. But now is when I release the reigns, and I leave from my post. I’d like to first go over the mass amount of history I’ve accumulated during my time here.

It was a cool, summer day, back in July of 2010. I was on the computer playing Club Penguin like I loved to do as a 6th Grader. I saw some penguins dressed in blue and orange. I thought to myself, “that looks like fun”, so I began to dance with them. They spammed things such as “Join us” and “Look us up”. So I searched the term “Ice Vikings of CP”. Little did I know, this would begin a 3 year journey that took me to so many places. I was ranked as a Private under the leadership of Bottlefanta, 57to, and Hurricanex1. I met so many friends, such as King Blooy, Stick Dude, John, Jed Pen, Soccer, Tiny, Charizard. and many, many more. I worked my way up the ranks, and I saw IV grow. We grew and grew, until after a chain of upsets, we reached the finals of the Holiday Smackdown tournament. We lost to ACP, but we hit sizes of 40. We were ranked 5th in the Top Ten. This began my career at CPAC, after seeing that Top Ten. I applied under Sklooperis, and I was accepted. Soon after, another chapter began.

On December 23, I created the Water Troops. Our first event, which was on December 26, saw sizes of 4 people. 2 days later, I had a conversation with Jed Pen, who led the Masked Vikings at the time. We were good friends. We came up with the idea to merge. We both agreed on one name: Water Vikings. At our first event, we were able to hit 10. From there we just grew. We grew, and grew, until we hit 20. We became a Medium Top 10 regular. We nearly hit CPAC. After the death of our first generation, I led with my friend, Soccerman179. We led WV to the CPAC Top 10 for the first time, at 8th. We were a legit threat. I was so proud of myself. But after a long absence, we decided to change our name, after seeing the success of the Ninjas.

We became the Pirates.

We were an instant hit. We hit 20+ at our first event, and hit it several other times over the course of 5 days. We tied the CPAC record for fastest Top Ten entrance at 4 days. I led with Skyfish, Jed Pen, and Bepboy9. But after that, we only hit 25+ once, and fell out. We then decided to merge into the Sun Troops.

I received Sun Troops Leader along with Boofgall1 and Wenny. Admittingly, I never did much in CPST. I led, I came to battles, I posted, but nothing special. CPST, during the time I led, was able to hit the Top 5 twice. I met some new friends there as well. But I never really hit it off there. Some sparks eventually came though, after I recreated the Water Vikings with a great leadership.

We came back in September of 2011, under the leadership of me, Bepboy9, Josephp3, and Twitchy543. We were able to hit the Top 10 as well, at 8th. We did very well, and soon after, I was inducted into the SMAC Hall of Fame. But there isn’t much more to say about WV 3rd Gen. So let’s skip ahead a few months, ahead to April of 2012, where I couped Benjarkin and became the Leader of UMA.

I had some history with UMA. I joined UMA back in February of 2011, and I ranked up to eventual 2ic. I was offered leader 4 times. Twice by Harvin13, once by Wgfv, and once by Np3000. But I retired in January. UMA was in a bad position, and when Benjarkin, who, at the time, was an absolute noob, was leading, I had to do something. So I organized a coup de’tat and overthrew the leadership. The new leadership was Zak (me), Derek, and Coolster114. This would eventually be UMA’s last golden age (up to this point). We started off slow, with me not doing much, and not caring much. But one day, I felt a spark of motivation. I wanted to succeed. As did the other leaders. That week, we had 15-20 on CP the whole time, and entered the Top Ten at 8th. We grew from there. We were then involved in the Legends Cup 3. We advanced through rounds 1 and 2 without much opposition. Upon entering Round 3, we faced the Nachos. We were the underdogs. But what did we do? We almost won. We averaged 30+, and lost by a point in tactics. We came so close. But there was a loser’s bracket. We defeated the Golden Troops with 20+, and moved on to face the Army Republic. To this day, I still disagree with this battle. We were declared the losers when we obviously won. We had 25+ and flawless tactics. But yet, we lost. Oh well. After our Nachos battle, we reigned in the Top 5 for 5 weeks. We then remained in the Top Ten until August. And later that August, Coolster, Derek, and I, decided to retire. This led to my career as a leader in the Nachos.

Let’s rewind back to June of 2011. I joined the Nachos as a mod. Like in UMA, I never did much for the first month, but then I became super active,  led battles, recruited, and became oh so devoted, that I was promoted to 3ic along with my friend BrassAssDash. I was a 3ic for a very long time, until I was promoted to 2ic, and after Hurricanex1 retired, I had a stint as Nachos Leader, but did not remain due to my school’s drama production. I was then a 3ic, then a 2ic for a long time, until I retired from UMA. 2 weeks later, I received Nachos Leader. This was a bad time as well. I gained a much stronger social life, and my inactivity decreased. I did not do nearly as well as I could have, not at all. After being released as leader, I came back to my home army for my final time as leader: Water Vikings.

Water Vikings, at the time, were in shambles. They struggled to get 10. So I took over, cleared out the leadership, and begin anew. I gave Bepboy9 his leader spot back, and I hired BrassAssDash, who previously led the Nachos to 60+ back in June of 2012. It was an instant success. We were able to get 10th in the Top Ten in no time at all, and remained in the Top Ten for 7 straight weeks, until falling to 11th. We then rose back up, and after being defaced by Qwerty, we hit 30+, and got 8th in the Top Ten yet again. (Nearly 7th) And here we are now.

I’d also like to say a bit about my history in CPAC. After having a few stints as a reporter, once Bluesockwa1 became head, I applied again. This time, I ranked up. I was able to become the CPAC Vice President, and was a prime candidate for the next CPAC CEO. But I was inconsistent. I was faced with many issues. My biggest regret in warfare is not doing to CPAC what I know I could have.

I have many other stories, but I don’t feel like sharing any. Anyway, the part you all came here for: Dedications.

And the first dedication goes to…

Bepboy9-I have seen you grow so much since recruiting you in 2011. You went from a complete and total noob to a success in warfare and a mastermind. You are like my son, my pride and joy. I don’t regret a moment of the time I spent with you. It has been an absolute pleasure to be your mentor and role model. You will go on to do great things, even when I depart. I love you man.

Bluesockwa1-I love you, bro, what can I say. You, Blue2, and I, we were an excellent executive combination in CPAC. I enjoyed working with you as a leader in UMA and in my final weeks as WV Leader. You are an amazing CEO, and an even more amazing friend. I don’t know where I’d be without you.

BrassAssDash-We have been amazing friends ever since getting owner together in the Nachos. You led a more successful life in the Nachos than I did, but we had so much fun together. I do not regret joining Nachos. You were, honestly, my favorite Nacho Leader that I was a troop under. Love you bro.

Derek-I had no idea who the hell you were about a year ago. Now I can’t imagine my life without you. We became the best of friends while leading UMA. While Coolster and I debated now and then, I’ve never argued with you. You are, to this day, one of my best friends within warfare. luv u<33

Coolster114-Like Derek, I had no idea who the hell you were. But now, we are great friends. You, Derek, and I propelled UMA to a golden age through one of the best leaderships warfare has ever seen. Though we disagree a lot now, you are still a great friend of mine.

Bluesockwa2-Though I never got to be as close to you as I did with Blue1, we were still great friends. You are extremely smart, and have done amazing as CPAC CEO. I’m glad I got to know you. Through CPAC, we created a trio inseparable by natural means.

Puckley-You, my friend, have done amazing things with the Nachos. I am extremely glad I got to know you. We became very close through the Nachos, and remain one of my best friends in warfare. I could always turn to you for advice. Thank you, my friend.

Chrisi Blule-I absolutely adore you man. You are so cool, and when I was a troop under you in the Nachos, you were my favorite leader for a while. When it is all seriousness with everyone, you always find a way to lighten the mood and make it fun again.

Moses106-I have had the pleasure of watching you grow over these past 2 years. You were one of the biggest noobs I’ve seen. While you are still growing, I can say with confidence that you will do great things one day. You have natural talent, and I believe in you.

Jed Pen-You don’t come on enough, my friend. Your sarcastic comments and insults towards me never get old. You and I created WV together. You are the other part of the thing that gave me my light. Without you, I would be nowhere near where I am. Thank you.

Kingfunks4-I remember you before you led ACP. Back in 2011, you were devoted to WV as well. You remain a great friend, and while you’ve made some bad decisions as ACP Leader, I have no doubt you will lead ACP to greatness once again. I never stopped believing in you.

Supra-Oh, Supra, my friend. The many stories we have told. You have been my friend ever since the days of the Ice Vikings, and you, Blooy, and I, I believe, are the only surviving members of the group of friends from IV that still frequently roam. Lead LT to Number 1 for me, will you?

122344a-While you never said yes to my request, I still love you. You have been my friend for a while now, and while others may think you don’t deserve your name on the legends page, I do. I hope you can reconsider your answer boo<3

Buritodaily-You have been so devoted to AR for years, and I admire that about you. You have never given up on AR, and without a doubt, you are one of the best leaders AR has ever seen. You have been a great friend to me in my time here.

Bottlefanta-How could I put you this low? Hell if I know. You were my mentor. You taught me how to lead. You gave me the tools to do what I have done. You should be acknowledged as a genius. Without you, I wouldn’t even be typing this post right now.

Aaron-While I haven’t known you for that long, you’ve shown to me that you care about me so much. You have given me love and care. I know this makes you sad, but you must continue to lead UMA to greatness. This is not a reason to leave. Follow my legacy.

King Blooy-Despite the fact that you’re old, I think you have enough juice left in you to make a successful run as a leader of any army. You did great with the last generation of VCP, I wish it had lasted longer. I hope you don’t spend too long here, though. Don’t waste time, boy. ;)

Bearsboy10-I remember you from when you were a noob in IW. You were so devoted. While our relationship never really developed until you joined WV, I wish we had been friends longer. You are a wonderful person, and have been truly spectacular in leading HSA. I hope you can spread that success to WV and IW as well.

Ganger90-You have truly become one of the greats in today’s warfare generation. I’m extremely glad I was able to become friends with you. Under you, SWAT and GT have risen to ridiculous heights that no one has ever thought possible. I hope you become a legend one day.

Tylund1-You have become a close friend over my years in warfare. You have led several generations of WV, and I hope you intend on leading another. You have done great things with LT, and without you, I don’t know where I’d be. I hope to see you do great things.

There are many, MANY more people that I could list, but I simply lack the time. To end this post with a final statement, I will say this: I have had one hell of a ride here. I’ve had my ups, I’ve had my downs. I’ve made some friends, I’ve made some enemies. But I loved it all. Every experience here was amazing. This will propel me through life with many lessons and much experience to push me towards my dreams of being a singer. These experiences here will forever be embedded into my mind. I don’t know how I could ever forget this. I will be visiting every now and then, but for now, my time here is over. Everyone has to retire one day. I chose today. We will all live our lives the same. Armies will fight, enemies will be made, people will wage war, conflict will grow. But I have gone through it all. I have been in 2 World Wars. I have been a CPAC Vice President. I’ve been doxed and hacked. I’ve been named a Small/Medium Legend. I’ve led 10 Top 10 Armies. I’ve been hated by many, and isolated. I won Most Achieved Person in 2012. But after everything, the only thing that matters is the people I have known. The friends I’ve met. The places I’ve been. Everything here was wondrous. I tell you all this: When all seems gloomy and success is nowhere near, reach forward, for there will always be a hand willing to help you. I leave here today with a legacy. I hope people will follow in my footsteps and do what I have done. I hope I am remembered for generations to come. I hope my friends can keep my legacy alive, keep my memories thriving. This was once my home. And it never will cease to be my home. But as I am growing up, I must move on. So I bid you my final farewell, my friends. Whether you love me, hate me, or don’t know who the hell I am, I hope you will read this and learn something. Learn that success is created by perseverance. No matter how much you are doubted, you can do it. The underdog can win. You have to be the one to prove that. Farewell, all of you. I will see you around, and I will keep you updated on all my escapades. So, for the final time, I bid you,

Auf Wiedersehen.




22 Responses

  1. 1st 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 bye zak ❤


  2. Bye Zak. Good luck.


  3. He did not even mention me. Not even s sentence. I think imma cry….


  4. Cya Zak, have a nice life.


  5. Bye Zak, best of luck in your life. 😉


  6. Bye my Zaky. At least we reached our goal for a little bit, Nacho and ACP leaders at the same time 😉


  7. Thank you guys, I truly am graced to have friends like you.


  8. Zak:

    Wow, we’ve had a crazy ride, you and I. It started out in UMA, when Cas appointed me 3ic, much to the displeasure of you, Cool, and Derek. However over the weeks that would come, we would become good friends and would often discuss everything from armies to real life. After you retired and I took over, we wouldn’t cross paths again until CPAC.

    CPAC is where I’ve gotten to know you best. Alongside me, Bluesockkwa2, Riot, and so many others, you have worked to bring CPAC into one of its Golden Ages, and that’s something much bigger than me. Don’t ever think you did not play a part in this site’s modernization into a corporation. You have done an amazing job. But more than that, you’ve been a great friend. You have stuck by me no matter what, you’ve kept your head up, and convinced me to keep mine up, and that’s all I can ask for.

    We’ve had a crazy ride, from UMA, to CPAC, to Water Vikings — from which you will be sorely missed — and, I guess the ending message is that I’ve loved every second of it.

    I guess now it’s time for “final words of wisdom” or whatever. Well, here’s what I have to say. You have so many talents, and in all of that, there will be people that will try to take advantage of you, or to make you stoop to their level. Don’t, ever. You have left a mark on this community, just as you will someday in the real world.

    Best of luck, Zak, and I hope to cross paths again sometime soon.


  9. gay


  10. Well Zak I didn’t know you very well but you from the times I talked to you, you seemed cool and down to earth. Have a great life bud. 😉


  11. Wow :O You have half my name in your name and you didn’t give me a little “dedication” thing 😦 Sad day.
    Anyways, you were a great leader Zakkkk..
    And you will love Retirement Island 😉




  12. Bye mah buddy


  13. Reblogged this on CP SMAC- Club Penguin Small Medium Army Central and commented:

    This was important, seeing that Zak is a small/medium army legend and a respectable person.


  14. Bye Zak. I’ll miss you bro


  15. Im just waiting for that one noob to say: “Who?”


  16. Thanks Zak. I’m glad you had a great intro to cp armies in your time with the Ice Vikings. That army is what keeps all of us together. I wish you the best in whatever you strive for in the future, as I have been since being in armies. I may have been a mentor to you, but you are an example for all. See you around Zak.


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