Have Ice Warriors Perfected Isolationism?

SLEET — scrolling through the archives here at Club Penguin Army Central, you will not spot a current post about the Ice Warriors until March 15.

Now for the lot of you that don’t know what isolationism is: it’s a policy of remaining apart from the affairs or interests of other groups; especially those of political affairs.  Basically it’s just saying a big old screw you to the rest of the world and doing your own thing.  You could think of it as being a germaphobe to anything that has to do with contact from the outsiders.


The blue army forming a semi-circle while performing the igloo emote.

Before World War II, America tried to move into an isolationist government.  This was during “The Great Depression” as well.  With the failure of Roosevelt’s “New Deal” there seemed to be no hope for the failing economy.  However, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, it gave the United States a reason to enter the war.  Suddenly their economy started to boom due to the production of war materials.

Could this be similar to the current day IW? — minus the suffering economy.  It’s not new for news site’s to avoid posting about the Ice Warriors.  And by no means does that mean the Ice Warriors are lacking the sizes to be reported on, seeing as they were given third in the last top ten.  Some would say that IW’s absence from the media is because of their lack of flare, or in other words, they’re boring.


Interview with Albert417

Do you understand the word isolationism?

I understand the term, it means to be cut off from alliances and other armies’ affairs in this case.

Would you associate IW with the term?  Why or why not?

I would definitely stick the term to IW, because we don’t really do wars much and we don’t have much to do with alliances unless there’s a huge conflict.  We just like to do our own friendly sort of events as a whole army.

What’s your opinion on the fact that CPAC and other news sites seem to lack news about IW?

I can’t blame CPAC and other news sites for barley reporting on us since we’re never in great conflict.  Also, it doesn’t affect us.

Do you think your army is boring?

I never though of  this army as boring.  The IW have always had a great sense of friendliness. 

Is this a political tactic, to be isolationists?

I would say isolationism is political because countries around the world have practiced it, and we have done so well [with it].

You seem to be content with the fact that the Ice Warriors are isolationists.  Do you think of it as an advantage?

Yes, it allows us to do our duties peacefully.  It can allow us to grow and improve ourselves if needed.


In conclusion, it seems that the Ice Warriors are pretty open to being called isolationists now.  When I was in the Ice Warriors back in October last year, I noticed that recruiting is the most important key to their on going mentality.  I was impressed that all of the soldiers were motivated to chat recruit and do whatever to help the army.  Maybe due to the fact that they portray an army in isolationism that it helps them stay as one of the most legendary armies.

What do YOU think?  Would you consider the Ice Warriors as isolationists?  Do you think this was a tactic passed on from Iceyfeet1234 to Albert417?  Let us know in the comments below!


43 Responses

  1. This is my 30th post on the site.


  2. Nice post. I never knew, but this is a very interesting development.


  3. I do agree. IW does not get posted about like ACP or Pirates since they do not have many wars. It seems ACP or SWAT always have a war going on. I kind of actually forgot about IW since no one reports on them anymore…..


  4. Gosh darn right it was passed on down to Albert, or so, i don’t know. I joined back when Albert was 2ic. Wasn’t until Icey made his sudden disappearance that Albert and I had the chance to bond. I know him long enough to know that he’s got superior leadership as good as icey had. 😛 I’m nothin’ without our current leader. Completely nothing.


  5. The Ice Warriors are just a boring army that has stupid Riffy noobs as troops. Everyone knows they’re just a tourney army, apart from that, they just do boring training sessions. Who the hell would want to be in this army?


  6. Ads, you should go to iw chat and see for urself TROLOL


  7. IW are currently mounting nuclear warheads.


  8. Actually Albert is.


  9. Water, no-one likes you lol. You have no friends 😀

    ~ Jamie/James


  10. everyone just needs to stop bullying me. -_-


  11. The whole point of CP Warfare is to have war’s, NOT to have boring training sessions ten times a week. Who agrees?


  12. IW’s view on war:


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