CPAC Social Networking

Día Dúit CPAC,

It’s been a while since CPAC has used its Facebook, Twitter or Youtube account so we decided to start getting it up and running again!

Like us!


Head on over to our Facebook page and give us a like by clicking here.  Facebook is the most popular social networking site out and by giving us a like you’ll be updated on the latest news posts and you’ll be able to discuss about current army topics and top tens!

Follow us!


Twitter is probably the best way to get instant and live news updates about the current wars and happenings in CP armies. Lots of people who play CP can be found on twitter; and most aren’t aware of CP armies so we can recruit for CP armies while informing you with the latest news. Giving you the freshest and instant  news out is our main priority! Follow us on twitter by clicking here.



Want to get all the latest videos on CP army battles and tournaments? Then our YouTube account is the place for you. On our YouTube account we’ll upload videos of big and epic battles between the biggest armies on the island of CP; we’ll also post videos of reviews on wars and CPAC tournaments so be sure to subscribe to us by clicking here.

[edited by Mchappy]

10 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:


  2. Second, booyah :D!


  3. I’m not exactly inclined to admit to my friends I still play Club Penguin (wary)


  4. Liked, Followed, Subscribed!


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