The Scheme Team

SUMMIT — An overshadowed mess in the far reaches of the community.


Note: This post is meant to be factual. No bias is intended or included.

The Scheme Team

What was a simple taunt on a popular CPPS led to a full-blown war between the Doritos and SWAT.

The Doritos have recently ended a war with the Hot Sauce Army, and “declared war” on the Oohma. However, invasions by the SWAT have shifted their course to being 100% committed to the conflict with SWAT.

SWAT policy on treaties

The SWAT is now at war with DCP due to insults and “backstabbing” by Wwebestfan. While the DCP claims there was a treaty approved to prevent any further invasions, SWAT law requires every leader to agree to a treaty before it can go into effect. However, DCP claims their treaty is valid because it was still approved by a SWAT Leader, Spi, and refuses to acknowledge any further invasions by the SWAT. In retaliation, the SWAT issued a reiteration of their laws as well as taking the DCP capital of Summit. The DCP does not recognize the invasion, however. The DCP has scheduled recruiting for the rest of week while ignoring SWAT. Fixated on internal structure, the SWAT has issued a survey to the troops as well as an open question on how to improve the army.

First diplomatic contact

Meanwhile, the SWAT has issued threats to the Light Troops to notch down their anti-SWAT rhetoric by invading Crunch. Also concerning the Light Troops is the conclusion of their war with the Hot Sauce Army, which was largely overshadowed by the ACP-Nachos conflict. The HSA-LT conflict was closely fought and a result of the initial conflict and alliance war between DCP and HSA.



11 Responses

  1. 2nd 🙂


  2. 4th give me a cookie


  3. 5th Fizzy cheese


  4. Doritos are just scared. They always talk sh*t, but when it comes to war they run away.


  5. Wtf Spi is Swat leader (wary)


  6. Those “rules” were placed AFTER the treaty. 😆


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