Selective Service

BREEZE/FJORD — After two crushing defeats at the hands of the Nachos, the Army of CP looks to refill it’s barracks, with their enemy following suit.

Note: This post is 100% factual and no bias is intended.

Selective Service

The Nachos’ recent victories have pointed out the evident flows in the ACP’s divided force.


With the Nachos’ UK division developing quickly, it’s going to be hard for the ACP to win with only a stellar UK division at their disposal. Their wars with the Pirates have shown the resilience of their UK force, but previous ally wars involving the SWAT, Dark Warriors, and Nachos have pointed out the flaw in their US force.

As people within the army and outside army know, our USA division is not at it’s best at the moment. This is why the ACP is asking for any USA troops outside the army to join the Army of CP.


After witnessing these shortcomings, Kingfunks made a call for potential American recruits. The ACP is now offering the ranks of American Commander and Co-Commander as well as American member troops as it tries to attract potential recruits from across the community. These ranks would be low moderator ranks that would keep the American division going.

Over the next few days, we also going to attempt to build up our own Australian, PST, and MST force.  Right now, we are mostly made up of troops in the EST and CST time zones.  As strong as we are right now, we could be even better and stronger if we improve upon these other aspects in the army!


The Nachos, being a strong American army, also have a sizable amount of UK troops, but only have a handful of MST/PST/Australian troops. In response to that issue, the Nachos have put out a call for all MST/PST/Australian troops from across the community. Unlike the ACP, there are no special ranks offered as there are already established leaders of these divisions.

With both armies bulking up, the Nachos have a clear advantage as the war stands, but like most wars, this is still anyone’s war.


11 Responses

  1. Post about something else?


  2. find me something else to post about and you got yourself a deal


  3. I really liked this post. It was practically a review of the war! Good job Shiver.


  4. I can’t help but think bias.


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