Light Troops’ Evening of Invasions of Hot Sauce Army

While HSA wanted the war to be over, LT have been continueing to invade.  On the evening of April 6th, 2013, LT invaded seven HSA servers for ten minutes each. 

Though HSA claims the war is over, LT claims otherwise.  Last night they invaded six servers: Ice Cold, Crunch, Parka, Boots, Wool Socks, Flurry, and Icicle.

LT leader ioioluk posted a picture from each server to prove LT was on there, along with the time to prove they spent ten minutes on each server.  Below is one of the pictures posted:

When asked about why HSA wasn’t fighting LT, HSA leader Dx stated:

Nobody was having fun logging in everyday or even twice a day, which is why I decided to end the war.  No point in doing something you’re not enjoying.

When told that LT had invaded HSA servers, Dx stated:

LT can keep invading servers, I don’t care.  We’re still logging on them.

LT are still in a state of war with HSA, though the latter of the two still claim otherwise.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the invasions.  Does HSA still have a valid claim to the servers?  How long will LT’s invasions of HSA last?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

15 Responses

  1. 1st 🙂


  2. Why is this news? It’s obvious HSA is the better army.


  3. I am an HSA Leader, and to be honest I think LT now owns those servers. I think HSA should keep fighting unless a deal is struck.


  4. HSA doesn’t have the ability to just say ‘nope, we’re done fighting now.’ They must either surrender or agree to a treaty, but as it stands LT’s invasions are perfectly valid claims to server ownership.


  5. This is quite a funny war. I know this sounds childish but this just shows which army has the more mature people and the ones with actual life’s. HSA don’t want to log on to CP twice a day to defend from LT who they have been beating the whole time.

    LT need to see that this isn’t a fun war. This is just pathetic.


  6. HSA is too new of an army and doesn’t have much knowledge of the rules of war. BOTH SIDES MUST AGREE FOR A TREATY TO BE MADE. According to HSA you only need 1. HSA need’s to realize that their opinion doesn’t matter, its the official rules that matter.


  7. Though the war is getting old, I agree that HSA can’t just say that LT can’t invade them and they still own their servers. LT’s invasions were valid, however I believe it’s time they should end the war.


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