The Results of the April 2013 Legends Inductions

A long week of counting, tallying, and hunting down committee members, and you have your results, CPAC. Some very curious results, so I encourage you to read on.

Before giving the results, I will note that this ended up being a ten-person committee, with nine committee members and one spot for the viewer votes. The 11th person, Commando717, was not able to be reached even though we initially believed we could reach him. And, for the sake of making the math easier, we decided to simply keep it at ten, instead of replacing Commando’s vote with another viewer vote.

First, I will give the results of the viewer votes. As stated above, the viewer votes counts as one tenth of the overall vote. What this means is, the overall opinion of the community is basically counted as one “person”, and counted among the other nine committee members. The viewer votes were as follows. Might I also note that Shadowclub6 was considered by the committee even though he was not nominated, as, under the Kingfunks4/Blue2 administration, Shadowclub6 was voted on multiple times, and received enough signatures to be considered by the committee. Also note that the votes do not all add up to the same amount — this is due to certain people leaving candidates blank or voting with “idc” or something of the sort.

Ioioluk: 39 Votes to Remain Legend, 33 Votes to be Removed

The Bluesockwa Brothers: 21 Votes to Remain Legend, 49 to be Removed

Ganger90- 45.5 Votes to Be Elected to Legend, 31 Votes Against

Dxdzn- 26 Votes to Be Elected to Legend, 51 Against

Unknown- 37.5 Votes to Be Elected to Legend, 39 Votes Against

Ads354- 26 Votes to Be Elected to Legend, 48 Against

Ambrosha- 34 Votes to Be Elected to Legend, 45 Votes Against

Coff- 33.5 Votes to Be Elected to Legend, 37 Votes Against

Flipmoo- 35 Votes to Be Elected to Legend, 42 Against

Benjarkin- 7 Votes to Be Elected to Legend, 68 Against

Now, keep in mind this does not mean you are elected or not elected, this is just the viewer submitted votes. Now, with that in mind, here are the results of the April 2013 Legends Inductions. The votes were organized in a simple yes and no form.


Ioioluk received 7 votes in favor of him retaining Legend Status, and 2 votes in favor of his removal. With a 70% majority in favor of his remaining, Ioioluk stays legend. The one vote missing is Ioio’s, as committee members are not allowed to vote in cases that involve themselves.

The Bluesockwa Brothers

The Bluesockwa Brothers received 2 votes in favor of them retaining Legend Status, and 6 votes in favor of their removal. With a 60% majority, The Bluesockwa Brothers lose legend status. The two missing votes are Bluesockwa1 and Bluesockwa2’s, respectively.


Ganger90 received 4 votes in favor of election to legend, and 6 votes against his election to legend. With a 60% majority, Ganger90 is not elected to legend. There are no omitted votes.


Dxdzn received zero votes in favor of his election to legend, and 10 votes against his election to legend. With a 100% majority, Dxdzn is not elected to legend. There are no omitted votes.


Unknown received 5 votes in favor of his election to legend, and 5 votes against it. Tieing at 50%, Unknown is not elected to legend. There are no omitted votes.


Ads354 received 1 vote in favor of his election to legend, and 9 votes against it. With a 90% majority, Ads354 is not elected to legend. There are no omitted votes.


Ambrosha received 4 votes in favor of his election to legend, and 6 votes against it. With a 60% majority, Ambrosha is not elected to legend. There are no omitted votes.


Coff received zero votes in favor of his election to legend, and 10 votes against it. With a 100% majority, Coff is not elected to legend. There are no omitted votes.


Flipmoo received 4 votes in favor of his election to legend, and 6 votes against it. With a 60% majority, Flipmoo is not elected to legend. There are no omitted votes.


Benjarkin received zero votes in favor of his election to legend, and 10 votes against it. With a 100% majority, Benjarkin is not elected to legend. There are no omitted votes.


Shadowclub6 received 1 vote in favor of his election to legend, and 7 votes against it. With a 70% majority, Shadowclub6 is not elected to legend. There are 2 omitted votes, due to one committee member’s abstention, and that Shad was not submitted to viewer consideration.


This was a rather uneventful vote. Whether this was due to bias, or simply the voters not knowing who some of the older candidates were, we cannot determine at this time. However, I’d love to hear what you think in the comments! Hopefully we can have a more eventful induction in a few months!


 CPA Central CEO

36 Responses

  1. Damn, Ganger deserve legend


  2. You guys didn’t vote for Ambrosha. Need I remind you that he created the Dark Warriors? One of the best leaders that the Golds ever saw. Was a figure head of TWA and held extremely high ranks in armies like IW, FW and AW. My God. Ioioluk over Ambrosha? This is pathetic.


    • It’s because all the noobs vote for whoever they’re told to and Ambrosha’s not here begging for votes.


      • 1. I did not tell any noobs to vote for me.
        2. Of course I’m over Ambrosha. If you think I shouldn’t be, then you’re the pathetic one.


        • Just because someone thinks differently than you, Ioio, that does not mean they are pathetic. You’re a legend now, therefore people will look up to you. Just be the bigger person, any insults that people say directed towards you will not take away the status that you have earned. So, ignore the insults/rude comments.





        • Do you even know who he is?
          Let’s look at your accomplishments ioio. You created BMA and LT, 2 major armies. That were identical, so let’s take that down to 1. Figurehead of BA? Wow, everyone hated ACP so it doesn’t matter. You’ve done jackshit compared to Ambrosha.


  3. Wow, no Ambrosha…




  5. The only change was the Blue Brothers removal. Eh. M’kay.


  6. Some of the people on that list deserve legend status but if the community does not see that then that is alright. Maybe next time Ambrosha 😉


  7. Bens not a legend yay


  8. Ambrosha was the only one I cared about, tbh.


  9. Edd64 4 Legend


  10. Ok, let me just put my views across here. NO ONE ‘deserves’ LEGEND, they are just given it if the community thinks it should be that way. So quit bloody whining if someone you like or yourself didn’t get legend, because what’s the fun in getting an award by whining for it when you didn’t get majority vote from the community?! IF YOU DIDN’T GET IT – IT’S BECAUSE THE MAJORITY OF THE COMMUNITY THINKS YOU DON’T DESERVE IT. So keep working damn hard until they think different, otherwise you’ll never get it.

    As I said, no one ‘deserves legend’ because of something they have done, they only receive it if they’ve made enough of an impression on the community. It doesn’t matter if you lead an army you founded to hold top 1 in the rankings for 12 months, if only one person knew you did that and was there to see it then you aren’t gonna get voted legend however amazing your feats. You wouldn’t get majority vote.

    So get out there and make some noise!! Some of the cleverest of the legends have realised its not by their feats that they get legend but by community opinion so they spread the word. It’s time the majority of club penguin army individuals learn these facts, so that they will stop whining about who deserves legend.


  11. The problem with Ambrosha is that Ambrosha made his greatest contributions over 4 years ago and that people are trying to bring them to light at this time. Also, the fact he created DW is irrelevent considering DW was completely irrelevent until around 4 years later. It’s almost the same as making jamesbond1 a legend for creating Nachos when Shadow and Person lead it two years later to glory.


    • DW weren’t their biggest size ever back then but no army back in 07/08 was the size of our current armies. They were respectable and a worthy ally or opponent. He didn’t just create DW either. He was a leader of the Golds during their first successful generation. He created the TWA which was a formidable force. Most of the people here don’t know he is because they weren’t around for his achievements.

      What I’m pissed about is the fact ioioluk remains legend and Ambrosha isn’t inducted. Ioio created 2 major armies if I’m correct. Ambrosha created 1 major army in a much more difficult time and then went on to assist and lead another major army. Ioio is involved in the creation of the Black Alliance, the newest. Ambrosha created the TWA. By himself. If ioio is legend, why isn’t Amb?


      • You can read my reply to your question in my reply to the other people posing me questions for this comment.


  12. DW was created in 2007, not 2009 which you are referring to.

    You are also claiming that DW’s impact on armies was insignificant until 2012, which is also false. DW has been dominant in 2009/2010/2011/2012/2013.

    Yes, these periods of dominance may be short lived, but it still disproves your claim that DW didn’t do anything until 2012.

    Now, I will give you props. DW mainly reached their heights due to leaders such as SaW, Khimo and Unk.

    However, the main reason why people are complaining is because 123344a is on the page over him. The statements you used to describe DW can definitely be reflected on AR, as they have only been recognized as a big army in 2012.

    The fact that A is on this page is an absolute joke, and will continue to be.


    • As I was around in 2009, I can assure you a few things you are missing.

      First, I said in my comment on the legend inductions that A should be removed.

      Second, I said his last contributions were felt 4 years ago, which is the last time he was active in DW, TWA, etc. There is too much historical evidence to try and state that DW was created in 2009.

      Third, I like your points about DW being powerful in all of those years. It is true that they were a major army in each of those years, but I feel they have only been a world power recently.

      I was in Shadow Troops in 2009 when the merger with DW was contemplated, and I feel as though niether army was very important at the time, even though each army was powerful. I somewhat regret now being part of the group of owners in ST that were against the merge, as it would have created a superpower between two similar armies.

      Also, whether or not you are calling me out on this(somebody else may be,) the issue is in fact that most of what Ambrosha did occured a long time ago. This is why it is important Ioio gets inducted as legend now, before his impacts have been lessened by history.

      I think people who made contributions over 4 or so years ago need to be voted on by a special commitee, in order to ensure people who aren’t obvious or aren’t well known to newer troops aren’t missed and passed over for newer legends.

      I also now realize that I worded my post somewhat harshly towards DW and Ambrosha, which was not intended. I am sorry for that inconvience.

      The remainder of this comment is directed at the comments posted before my original comment.

      I am just a bit upset that people are complaining about the people of club penguin warfare being “stupid”. The people are not “stupid” for not voting for Ambrosha and other legends. They simply just do not know enough. It’s why history needs to be written as it occurs, and not many years afterwards. There is hardly anybody in armies who could give a detailed history on Golds and Dark Warriors. Most of the Club Penguin Army histories you find on these websites primarily focus on IW, Nachos, and mostly on ACP. The histories need to be rewritten to form shorter and more concise articles with more value and overall knowledgde included.


  13. ^Now this is agreeable. The fact that 123344a is considered a legend is a joke! A has not contributed the way Steve*Ambrosha* has. Creating Dark Warriors(Don’t say we were irrelevant, as we were big at the time, considering no army had today’s sizes.)

    I can go on all day, talking about his records in TWA(The Warriors Army),Golds(Key factor,on why the 2nd gen was a beast) and him being an Ice Warriors Legend.


    • Once again, you may read my reply to another commenter.


    • Let’s face it, Ambrosha did not make a big impact on Club Penguin warfare. People like Pern, PM, Commando, and Boomer have. I’ll bet you half of the people now don’t know who he is and that most know who Person is.12344a as a legend… I wouldn’t agree to it. AR haven’t showed us who they really are. Yea, they’ve gotten like 30-40, but a true legend can maintain those sizes and get even more. Did anyone in the current legends nominations deserve it? Not really, but can they make themselves a legend? Yes.


  14. So where’s the 30 or so angry SWATs that wanted Ganger as legend


  15. If Ambrosha wasn’t elected in the past year or so, what makes you think he’ll get it now? He hasn’t done anything from the period of time.


  16. Why has no one thought of Commando993? He created the Shadow Troops back in 08 and they were considered a threat for years. when he retired, they all fell down. Sure they were recreated for a little while, but it’s the original history of HIS army that makes them a strong contender as one of the most feared armies back in the Golden Age (06-09).


  17. He made Pain ST leader and sat back and let Pain banish the legends of ST that loved and lead this army from the start, then Pain abuses and yells at St’s soldiers and after a short while ST dies and Pain moves onto the next army. If Commando’s a legend then I’m the greatest leader who ever lived. Which I’m not, yet…


  18. Also, what I love about the title of Legend, is that that most armies talk about how they protect cp and shit, but it’s all propaganda to the noobs, all anyone cares about is there own personal gain and the title of legend which isn’t that special considering it’s on a game created for 6 year olds and run by Disney, yet people get into so fights and the hacking starts, then it’s creates revenge and more fights… It’s all quite f*cking Hillarious and I just sit back and watch.. 😛

    – Rabbit720


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