The Funnies 7 (Lucky number – Don’t jinx it)

This post is long overdue, sorry people. New one coming out by April 7th. 

What will army news headlines be like in 2050? Armies are falling. DW makes 300th generation. Iceyfeet turns 83 years old. Camplazlo is still a noob.

Lets get to the serious stuff though. I want to talk to you about the Ice Warriors. Recently, they released a new program in hopes of getting new recruits. The Nachos are pissed off about it because the IW is stealing all of their troops. Here’s how the IW Method works:

  1. Go near the Mexican/American border
  2. Make a big hole in the fence, and dig a trench just in case
  3. Give the Nacho troops maps to America
  4. When they cross the border, offer them free things

Don’t think it works? Look closer at the soldiers at the recent IW event :

Lets move on from that IW topic. Nobody likes them anyways, just old man Icey. Recently, my mustache got too thick, and my parents  forced me to shave him. Rest In Peace “Sherman IV”

Now, I have the honor of showing you one of the most important interviews of all time. This interview is probably the most serious thing I have ever featured on the funnies. This is my interview with Hurricanex

Today I must bring some really good news to the people of CP Armies. The Rebel Penguin Force (RPF) IS FINALLY DEAD!

Thank the lord they are finally gone. New Update:

Breaking news: The RPF have returned, time to start mourning again, here comes another few months of a 3+ army.

Now, I must tell you all a few words about the UMA leader, Aaronstone. Recently, he has contracted Ugly Disease, and it is contagious. So avoid him at all costs.

He/She/It is going to be okay…. maybe.

At least he found a place to fit it. He now works at MachDonals, where he gets at 0.00000000000000003% employee discount.

Okay I think that is enough trolling Aaron. Err, actually it isn’t. Well since he leads North Korea (UMA), there has been a huge food shortage. I wonder why…

I’ll go with both.

Close enough?

If that’s a cake? What does he sleep on…


Cuz if he is, I will just eat him.

Our quote of the post:

“1 plus 1 is 3, duh” – Bearsboy

If you have any suggestions for the Funnies 8, just comment them, I read all the comments you guys make.


13 Responses

  1. 1337th comment


  2. Fine I’ll take first then


  3. LOL


  4. That music with the RPF made my day. Mach ❤


  5. do me

    i am unlaughable, i’m the alpha and the omega

    bow down to my forever lasting glory


  6. UMA is North Korea?
    I thought that would be the Tostitos.


  7. North Korea is best Korea.


  8. world power ( ex. nachos ), and large ( ex. swat ) become earth.


  9. Lord Pain joins a street gang.


  10. Ooh aaron…


  11. Camplazlo moves off to preschool.


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