The Black Alliance Wars

ba wars

I don’t remember when it began, but I remember being asked to join this new alliance by a friend of mine known as Proditor. The goal of this alliance was to knock ACP off the top, as that summer they were on top as usual. At the time I was technically leading WW. We were small, with a few loyal troops sticking with us and our leaders were retiring. I thought about going to the meeting independently when I heard that Lord Pain, a man I still hate, was going to be there. I didn’t go to the meeting and I assumed it died off soon after. Boy was I wrong.

In October 2012, the war started up again. Pirates decided to form an alliance with Light Troops, Dark Warriors, United Countries of CP and Night Divers. They called this alliance “The Avengers.” I assume this was done to gain Noob support from people who were Marvel fans. The reason they made this alliance was a response to The Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, Doritos, and the Army Republic, whom made an unnamed alliance to help DCP with LT. This would become the start of the BA wars in combat. The fighting lasted on and off until the 17th of November. On that day Weatherboy1, a founder of the original BA, announced this on BA site:

As of November 17th, I Weatherboy1, Strategic head of Black alliance, The Black alliance officially Dissolved of now. The last army making this an official alliance has been dissolve, making it only 1 army left. In my unbiased opinion I would say the Alliance was losing for the first 3 weeks until IW and Nachos intervene. After that, Armies one by one had left only Light Troops left, and in an honest opinion They are losing the war and I expect them to surrender or call a truce within The alliance. However I would like to clear up one majorly misunderstood fact about BA. Our mission was to knock out ACP of main power. This has been slowly achieve (though not through 100% BA Controlled actions) throughout this year. We know for a fact that ACP cannot die, It will never happen. It like putting a leader out of power, Overthrowing them for a good word. In Contrast I did believe we could’ve won. This is my personal opinion not the entire BA, but I’ll say it once.

ACP you’ve won for now, but never say “We always win” and remember BA may return someday, Or not. With that folks, ACP I applaud you goodbye and I hope you take this in with good sportsmanship, Derp knows both sides could’ve used it, some more than others.

Note: I’m only declaring it dead due to the fact that Pirates have dissolved, if the alliance does still exist in some form please notify me ASAP!

The cause of the “end” of the war was the retirements in LT, Pirates and ACP. At that time it was the Black Alliance against The Alliance. BA consisted of Light Troops and Pirates while The Alliance, a name I still hate, had ACP, AR and IW. This came at a good time for armies could rebuild and prepare for the Christmas Chaos. It was early December when the Proposal came. Mach, a member of the Black Alliance from Summer proposed a global ceasefire so we could focus on the tournament and so we could rebuild. It worked and armies got large. My memory starts getting better from here on out because I was active in armies. Working with AR, UMA and other armies I liked helping out my own army start back up. The Christmas Chaos was a success but I can’t find the winner right off hand. It was when the ceasefire ended did stuff start happening. GT returned and got defaced in response to Lord Pain’s tyranny. the Black Alliance returned, ready for blood and ACP and her Allies came together under a new name.

January 6th was when BA started to split up. BA Minor, as I’ll call it, consisted of no army, but of people who kept to the old ideals of the BA. BA Major, had the idea ACP had to die to start anew. The post that got people thinking is here. The war had fights, usually BA vs ACP. Most of the fighting was done between leaders with the troops either hating the other side, or not really giving a damn, only wanting a rank. SWAT multilogged, Pirates hired a retired Ioioluk, Lord Pain was raging everywhere. Midway through January a new alliance was being created for the purpose of war for war known as the Orange Alliance. They had no real fights except a clash with DW for hacking issues. January 19th was when Boomer shocked the world with his post describing his theories of us in a post ACP world. If you haven’t read it yet, do so. The post got the members of the forming White Alliance (which I named :D) inspired to beat Waterkid and nearly killed the Black alliance with the fighting from people who were moved by the post and people who still wanted to kill off ACP. The next day, the White Alliance became so with IW, UMA, ACP, Nachos and AR against LT, Pirates, DW and other smaller armies.

At this time, I made many of my hardest decisions here. I had to argue with 4 other leaders on which side of the war to join on, with any. Many of the troops still had issues with ACP, and I did as well. I wanted to go with what the troops wanted but at the same time I loathed Water and Pain so much I was willing to side with ACP. Many thought GT, a rising army, would have been the turning point in the war. Also at this time, Boomer was retiring and picked 4 people to lead the army council. Those 4 were me, Blue1, Weather, and Pie. The big deal with it was that 4 people, who didn’t know each other well were being forced to work together. I tried to take over more or less and banish Lord Pain and Waterkid from armies. The Council began it’s war with armies, and no one was winning. ACP and Pirates relied on the council to make decisions for battles, and when we voted in favor of one army, the other army threatened to leave. More stuff happened when I proposed the Anti-Hacking Bill again, causing half the council to quit. It was then weather and I decided to kill off the council and remove all the rules, an issue that seemed to help end the war instead of escalate it.

In the end of January, WA and BA fought. BA started failing when Dark Warriors, their largest member, quit due to internal problems and the leaders were doing soul searching. WA began increasing in morale while Pain, Ioio and Water argued. LT faltered, Pirates got weaker and weaker with OA now attacking them out of rage. Early February ACP began to falter. They first surrendered to DW, than they started having leader problems. Things got more unstable as the council fell apart. huge debates came into call if the council could banish people. I kept telling people we were hosting the voting. We had no say. We enforced the rules, not make them. We left the vote up to the people, and when a law was broken that had the punishment of banning, we banned. It ticked off many people.

It was the end of February when the war finally died down. The council died, a new alliance was made to go after LT, a small army defeated the once mighty Pirates. It was then, allies turned on each other. ACP and GT got into a fight over the past, one I really wanted to lead, AR and ACP cut ties because AR saved ACP‘s ass, yet the mighty Army couldn’t be bothered to help out their Republic Friends. Pirates attacked UMA, Pain retired, LT rebuilt themselves. 2/23/13 the BA came back, only to die later. That week many armies died. Ninjas died out, the Golden Troops Died, and the Black Alliance got tired of being an alliance and became a new army that was an alliance still. It didn’t matter, ACP was fed up of war and surrendered to Waterkid’s Black Legion, thus ending the Black wars.

What we see now is a recovering economy. The Original Black alliance won. ACP is not on top, instead the Nachos are. Armies are still having hate filled wars, but they are small, with 2-3 armies. Former allies fight, and armies are growing. My opinion of the Black Alliance Wars is that they were too damn long. Armies had to make tough decisions and we all faced moral dilemmas. This war could have killed us all, and the fear of an army world without ACP became apparent. Boomer’s retirement left us all with many wonders of what will happen. I became a very radical person in this war, and I have done my best to keep a neutral view on the war. I see why BA wanted ACP out of the way. They were massive, and at points VERY controlling of armies. Riot’s post made them go from king of armies, to a regular army, and also cost Funks his position in CPAC for a very long time. This war wore me out, and I did retire from active service shortly after GT‘s death.

Things that happened due to the entire conflict.

  1. Armies had to decide on whether helping a friend was the best course for survival
  2. The Council, when alive, debated on if they could ban a person from armies or not.
  3. Armies became a 3 way battle. The Good, the Bad, and the Neutral.
  4. Many armies died during this war, most did return, but a couple are gone for good.
  5. Many views on people are from this war, and many armies still suffer the issues of their previous leaders.
  6. Lord Pain retired, and lost much support from his cult.

Before I close this off, I’d like to thank Flipmoo. He suggested I write down my views of the war, for eventually it will all be forgotten. Originally I wanted this to be just my views, but with my memory, I couldn’t get it all. I used the info on CPAC to get it all on here. This war, was too damn long for it’s own good.

-Tap Dancer36, The Fearless

23 Responses

  1. and where are we now;
    Nachos, IW and ACP are still among the top armies while armies like Pirates are near the bottom.


    • SWAT is 2nd, Light Troops is 5th, and Pirates are recovering from a bad week with sizes of 20+.

      The Nachos doesn’t even like the ACP, and the Army Republic are no longer one of your brother allies.

      You only got the Ice Warriors and your small colonies, stop trying to make yourself feel superior to the Black Alliance.

      Also, you made the Top Ten. I am sure Paco originally placed ACP lower.


  2. it began around march-june 2012 behind the scenes with the same goal. only very few people know why and how it happened (people who have retired)


  3. too many words so I was too lazy to read it
    But Tap, your posts are always excellent, so…yea.


  4. Amazing Post, but I do want to clear up some stuff, First off, I was not an original creator, I was what Proditor liked to call me, a Core Brother. 2nd I do like how you structured your post, but this war can be technically be tracked back all the way back to the NW-ACP World war in February of 2011, and shortly thereforth, Operation Sour, and then the War on Ignorance ultimately brought up this war we were fighting for nearly a whole damn year. This easily earns the record of the longest war fought by 2 (or 3 if you want to) clearly defined sides.
    I cannot stress how much this affected our world, I’m more further amazed by Waterkid’s persistence.


    • I stated what I knew. I know that the war had seeds planted long before the initial BA meeting, but it was at that BA meeting did things start coming to life. This war taxed the very sanity of many leaders of all sides, I should know for a fact.


  5. I am the alpha and the omega.

    Bow down to my forever lasting glory.


  6. who else but tap to write about BA…
    he brings up BA in anything he does or says, lol.


  7. stop writing about ba its over


  8. Noobs, please stop posting about the Black Alliance. It isn’t going to happen, so go crawl under your beds, hug your official My Little Pony Princess Celestia doll, and cry yourself to sleep, or I will troll you to death.

    – Mach – BA Omega Supreme Overlord –


  9. I never retired and I never lost support.


  10. I am proud to say I only skipped 1 paragraph… or maybe it was three.


  11. Nice post


  12. Stop posting about BA.
    No one posts about BA here anymore as much as you.


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