Anarchy in AR || War With ACP Growing Near?

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire – The Army Republic stands on the brink of war with former ally ACP, in the midst of an essential coup d’etat of the creator himself.

Wild speculation has been flying in recent days of a war between two formerly close allies, AR and ACP. ACP Leader Kingfunks4 had been considering war, but later announced he would not make the declaration.Unconfirmed reports also say that AR had begun drafting a war post yesterday, but did not go through with it.

AR’s site seems to hint at rising tensions with ACP.

Funks later announced that he had cancelled the planned Raid of Toboggan, but AR does not seem to have much backed down. A source with knowledge on the matter made this statement regarding the rising tensions between AR and ACP.

I’d say this situation started after I left the AR, and I have good reason to believe so. After I left, AR immediately fell. Vinny and Bur tried to constantly [use me as a] scapegoat and slander my name, which you should already know. Over the months, AR has taken out this frustration on ACP. And so the past few days I’ve been trying to stop Vinny, who was trying to slander my name. One night he and I had a huge argument, and I did somewhat challenge him to declare war, seeing as he was going to declare it anyway. I’ve got more pics of the AR Leaders being oppressive tyrants, but here are a few: ,

Now, regarding the events that transpired yesterday. [122344a] caught word that Vinny was going to declare war, and Funks had started to write-up invasion posts. Thankfully, A was able to talk it out and avert war for now. However, it came at the price of him being demoted and modded on chat, and two other people (of which I do not know) being fired from AR for speaking up against Vinny. Vinny himself was quoted saying “I don’t care what the troops say…” He also said something about war but I cannot recall that part.

Recently, as the source mentioned above, information has surfaced that points to the disrespect and possibly even the banishment of AR Creator 122344a from the army. In an interview with CPAC, 122344a tells of a never before seen phenomenon in armies: the creator being the one kicked out of the army.

Interview with 122344a, AR Creator

CPAC (Blue2): What happened between you and Vinny/Burito?

122344a: Well, it all started when I went on ACP chat one morning. I heard Funks talking about the upcoming raid of AR, and I pc’d him to find out why. I was told Vinny had made war threats. I convinced Funks to stop the raid, then went to talk to Vinny. When I tried to talk to him, he said the war would proceed. I then told the AR soldiers to try to tell him they didn’t want war. I thought he’d listen if more people told him, but Vinny saw it as a rebellion, fired two people, and demoted me on the site/chat.

CPAC: So Vinny has, in essence, kicked you, the creator, out of AR?

122344a: Well, not kicked me out, but he did remove most of my power/influence in AR.

CPAC: What were you demoted to?

122344a: I was de-ownered on the chat and contributored on the site.

CPAC: Are you or other AR soldiers making any moves to combat Vinny?

122344a: Well, yesterday Whats_up11 pc’d me and said he was fed up with Vinny, how he just handed out ranks, how he did nothing for AR while Bur was gone. He proposed rebellion. He then linked me a chat, on which I was ownered. Vinny found out, and, assumed I was part of it. This is another reason why I lost his trust and why he is becoming pressured about possibly being overthrown.

CPAC: So you were not actually a part of it?

122344a: No, I was just ownered on the chat because Whats_up linked me the chat along with the rest of AR currently on AR chat.

CPAC: So what you are telling me is that the entire reason for your demotions is a big misunderstanding?

122344a: Yes, I just tried to end a war and keep AR safe, but I got caught up and ended up misunderstood by many.

CPAC: What role did Burito play in this, then?

122344a: Bur just watched, mostly. He didn’t know which side to believe; he was just trying to get Vinny and I to solve our differences.

CPAC: Now, an anonymous source inside AR called the Leaders of the army ‘oppressive tyrants’ in an interview with CPAC. Do you agree with this generalization?

122344a: I don’t agree entirely. I just believe they fail to see the path ahead, I believe they know what they are doing but are just ignorant to me in listening when I tried to explain what happened.

CPAC: Any other comments?

122344a: Yes, this is for the readers. (Post your answers in the comments.) Who would win in a fight, Anne Frank or Helen Keller?


The plight faced by 122344a is an interesting one, one which we have not often seen in armies. Generally creators are treated like gods in their armies, so this is a startling turn of events. AR Leader Vinny could not be reached for comment at the time of writing.

So, as AR falls into what seems to be chaos, the White Alliance, like the Black Alliance before them, has crumbled and fallen. Now the questions remains: who will emerge victorious in the power struggle for the Army Republic?

What do you think? Comment YOUR opinion!

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

31 Responses

  1. I think Anne Frank would win.


  2. vinny is crazy


  3. Your title made no sense.. “Anarchy”? Anarchy means to have no government..


  4. This is the dumbest war reason I’ve ever seen. All this is, is Vinny going his own way, and being a total idiot. I hope bur coups him, he’s. Lazy excuse of a leader. It angers me to see some butthurt idiot threaten with war, fire two people fighting for what’s right, and demoting the CREATOR. Vinny, if you’re reading this, you are a terrible leader and person, and you should go back to watching pron in your closet, and leave cp armies. Kthxbye.
    >insert AR rage or witty comment here<


  5. vinny will control all over u with magic black dick worship him


  6. I agree, Burr you should coup Vinny, he’s sounds like a bloody physco.


  7. I talked to Vinny and we agreed that war would not occur.


  8. Josh,(Zebra4), No matter what you think of ANYONE, you never be racist. That’s disgusting, and you’ll burn in hell.


  9. death to acp


  10. As I past owner of Ar I have influence and me and the other mods and some owners desided if vinny declaires war a rebellion could take place




  12. Bro honestly I think Nachos can beat Acp and Ar any time lol


  13. […] Anarchy in AR || War With ACP Growing Near? […]


  14. […] Anarchy in AR || War With ACP Growing Near? […]


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