The Effects of Walt Disney’s Parties + Decline of Warfare

Walt Disney in known for making the popular virtual kids’ world, Club Penguin very popular. From making it not only what kids call entertaining to play and with parties and other events, there is always a negative side intact for us, the Army Community as well as our effect on the Army Community is what today’s topic is about.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of parties for CP Warfare. For instance, when the most populated party, the Holiday(s) Party for example, is going on, there are many people who will log on and crowd almost more than half of CP’s servers and armies can take that to their advantage in a beneficial manner. For example, an army can recruit many people and usually on the server Mammoth, (if I am not wrong), the majority know what the indirect phrases mean. These parties can also make an army very popular among the CP Community, as the Purple Republic was mentioned in a CP magazine at one point. The advantages are actually the minority because not much can happen besides that because the CP team has begun to filter out even more phrases than before, which is why if we do not act now, Warfare will be in dwelling in its grave.

For the disadvantages, there are also only two and are crystal-clear. The rooms become too crowded and there is not much space to battle with many other players complaining or making the army look bad and besides that, the youngsters of the Community will be after the mascots, day and night, 24/7 and even if they do come on chat, the outcome will only be, “WHERE’S (insert mascot name)”.

As for the other topic, the only reason why CP Warfare is declining because most of us are just teenagers who have no interest in games like these but one way or the other, force ourselves to be a part of, trying to claim the Legend title, though it will have no use in the future, unless armies do become popular, internationally, making it an unbelievable and unreal phenomenon. Basically, teenagers are just around Xat on army chats because they are only there for entertainment. When troops do not log on, it is likely that the leader is going to rage over and over and finally become butthurt because of lack of tolerance. What we do not digest is that we will not spend our entire lives on the laptop/computer for armies, there is a life beyond armies and explains why many of us go around saying, “Virtual armies go above real life friends.”

Regardless of knowing what a pathetic point I’m painting, but it is true, most of us have ruined our adolescent years over here. I mean, is this not the time when we are supposed to go all out, hanging out with friends and building up on personal life because when we reach adulthood, our life will not be as free as it was before? Though there are many advantages to CP Warfare, exemplary tolerance and responsibility builds up along with motor skills regarding skills of thinking, mainly what we call real life army tactics. Other than those, fruitless entertainment if you ask me, whenever it is time to log on.

Finally, I hope you all understand the notion behind this post, the reason and the lesson or actually, the meaning behind this post. I mean not to cause any harm nor any controversial topic being painted out, only Disney and their pathetic parties along with us ruining warfare and the future of youngsters and making them ever so effervescent on swearing and everything inappropriate at a young age. Setting ourselves as role models of sexual discussions (I know, I, myself, love perverted discussions, but only at night rule would be nice). However, I do believe we can set more rules like swearing and sexual talk after 10/11 PM etc.


●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ pιĸα мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●

7 Responses

  1. Nice post!


  2. I like the topic of the CP Parties, however, your second topic can be considered extremely controversial. I think armies are actually growing, if you look at last week’s top ten.


  3. There were many Parties before Disney bought Club Penguin, It’s not something they introduced…


  4. Disney didn’t make club penguin rocketsnail did…..


  5. Dude im sure 99% of the average troop, does stuff out of armies. atleast I do!


  6. Free speech should be a priority. People need to show self respect tword those that are younger, and not curse around them. We do not really need a rule on cussing and inappropriate words and phrases, but we should make these things looked down upon by others. That means, don’t go with the crowd and cuss just because someone popular does it. If a large percentage of people said that he/she should stop, they will. Force doesn’t need to be used.


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