Quackenbush – Tha Mix [Re-Post]

This is an updated version of my previous post which was incorrect.

Over the past years we have had a lot of hackers in our mist. We had TheWalrus, Vect0r, SaW’s ddosing business, and countless of others. Now we have new hackers open us, Tha Mix.

Tha Mix was first discovered in the DCP vs. HSA war. Quackenbuck, their leader, doxed and hacked the Doritos leader, Carter. The Doritos then claimed the Hot Sauce Army were sending in hackers to attack Doritos leaders, which the HSA denied.

Tha Mix is lead by ”Quackenbush – Tha Realest Mosthated”. He himself was part of the Club Penguin Army community. He was under the name ”xtreme” and lead the IMAF in 2010. He said he hacked ”back in the day” as well, but not as much. Quackbenbush also said Wwebestfan called him a ”b*tch” and after that he f*cked up the Doritos by defacing their site, deleting all their history. He was also close to hacking into Person’s email and that he could’ve taken down the Nachos site forever, but he had to wait 30 minutes to redo the security question and that Person changed his email password just in time. He said the security password was his ”favorite town”.

He now returns to the Club Penguin Army community with his group ”Tha Mix”. They have already hacked Carter’s email and are now moving into their new target, the Light Troops. Quack says Tha Mix’s goal is to ”do whatever we want and not be stopped, and f*ck up anyone who interferes with that’‘. Tha Mix won’t stop hacking their targets until Quack leaves the group, and if he is leaving the group he is quitting xat for good.

His most recent hack was defacing the UMA site back in January 2013. When you went to the site it displaced porn and a old indian man glasses. Everything was titled ”ExTrEmE the realest most hated”

Quackenbush kindly told me the members of Tha Mix, which are the following:-

Quackenbush – Leader

There was more, but Quack suddenly went offline.

So what do you think of  Tha Mix? Comment YOUR thoughts!

46 Responses

  1. How interesting.. Who wants to bet “dx” is dxdzn…


  2. BTW He didn’t hack and dox me, he just guessed my uber simple email questions…
    “Favorite Game” Club Penguin
    “Favorite Food” Pizza
    Password: Internet
    So they aren’t really that great tbh.


  3. This isn’t even a legitimate post.

    First off, none of those people have confirmed being a part of Tha Mix, Quackenbush — who guessed a damn easy security question — simply cites them as being members of the group. Besides, this post isn’t even about Tha Mix. It’s about Quackenbush, it’s basically a huge interview formatted into a post. Why do I care that Quackenbush “allegedly came close to hacking Person’s email?” And why is it necessary to say that Quackenbush “f*cked up the DCP site”?

    Overall, this is simply a trick to scare the public into thinking Quackenbush is some sort of pr0 hacker. Other “hackers” have even cited that Quackenbush is incapable of anything, that he simply guessed an easy security question. And Quack didn’t “f*ck up” the DCP site, it’s called a deface. Don’t overexagerrate what he accomplished. Don’t be stupid, and you won’t get hacked.


    • he said I could post this, I TRIED TALKING TO YOU ON AR CHAT BUT YOU IGNORED ME.


      • I don’t care if he “said you could post it.” Hackers are only in it for attention in the first place, that’s rule number one of any decent media organization. If Quack was truly good at what he did, he would just do it, he wouldn’t beg you for an advertisement on CPAC, as that’s all this post is.


  4. Good day,
    I would gladly confirm every member on ThaMix for you all.


  5. ay shout out to waterkid you know what im sayin tha mix went mainstream you kno tha realest mosthated shout out to my niggas in tha mix you knoww what im sayin shout out best believe i aint done i need to log in my wordpress fuck


  6. Hacking summed up
    Doxing: Getting fucking hints about the person aka getting thier email and researching and then linking to thier fb and so on avoid it by not clicking thier ipgrabbers
    Keylogging: Giving someone a program that decrypts thier passwords (if you dont download any program from these skids youll be alright)
    RAT: Same as keylogging just they get full control of your computer through another download in which they can put porn on you computer and crap
    Guessing: Works the most they simply guess your passwords
    Cracking: Using a bruteforcer to guess passwords
    Booters: used for ddosing and pinging you offline lets just say if they got ur ip your fucked as for me i use proxys and a dynamic
    Why do these fools do this?
    1. Respect theyre probably some idiots who want to be known for attention and other stuff( Not saw unk dxdzn and monster)
    2.Enjoyment some people are just sick idiots who want to mess with you
    Trust me i know this shit #Uncovered


  7. There are 4 types of hackers:

    1. Those who hack what and whoever they want without care.

    2. Those who hack only if ticked off, easily to befriend as long as you do not tick off him/her.

    3. Those who do not care, they just sit there but hack sometimes, close to #2.

    4. Those who rarely hack, close to #3.

    According to research, Tha Mix seem to be #1 and some #2 type hackers, still, I shall stay away from them.


  8. All you faggots sound stupid when you think you know the simplest thing about hacking. Just stop, lol.

    Tha Mix isn’t a hacking group. It’s more of a “Fuck off we do what we want and we’re gonna fuck shit up in the process” group.


  9. Dear ThaMix ‘hackers’: you can’t hack anything. The names on there that I recognise that aren’t just skid names are 12 year old f*ggots who talk about smoking weed all day like anyone actually cares. Quackenbush is the most annoying wigger I’ve ever seen he things he’s hot stuff talking about “f*ckin ppl up y0” but were all laughing at him. If you were real hackers you wouldn’t be sitting on a Penguin chat trying to hack other 12 year olds. Please take you and your ghetto scum friends back to wigger land where you belong before a real hacker comes along and f*cks YOU up.


  10. This community has seen to many “wannabe hackers” that get so much press over guessing an email security password to care about “Tha Mix” without any sufficient proof that they can hack at all. And besides, what kind of decent hacker would care about Club Penguin Armies at all?


  11. And the UMA werent hacked. Aaron just wanted to show us what he looked like.


  12. yall niggas talkin shit ay ima smoke a bowl then fuck all yall niggas up real talk talkin shit to tha realest mosthated who tryna cut you know what im sayin




  14. *Guess security question*
    “OMG IM A PR0 HAXOR!!!’


  15. Quackenbush… Xtreme a Hacker? Don’t make me laugh




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