My ”impossible” idea I suggested 2 weeks, is becoming a reality. Yes, the first ever CPPS for armies is on its way.

For the past 2 weeks the ClubWarfareTeam have been working extremely hard for this CPAPS. Yoshi, the head Developer, bought the domain ”” and a VPS. Austin, our official graphics designer, has been busy making graphics and banners to advertise the CPAPS. Mr Gold Falcon, our developer, is working on making the CPAPS look really nice and blue-silver themed. 

Hopefully, the CPAPS should be officially launched this Saturday. We will call it the ”beta” stage since we will still be fixing glitches and improving the game for your enjoyment. So no more going on and getting kicked by that stupid moderator, Aimee!

We would also need YOUR support! If you could our official banner on your army sites, that’ll be amazing and it’ll help us increase the amount of users we will get in the CPAPS.

Made by Austin, ClubWarfare Designer

Want more information about the upcoming CPAPS?

WebsiteChat – CPAPS

20 Responses

  1. Very cool indeed


  2. Firsties. This sounds awesome.


  3. Oh darn you, Skx Fire!!!


  4. Armies will start splitting into two. One side will continue playing on Club Penguin, and the other side will move to this community. This might cause confusion,
    and I doubt the liability of the site. It may be deleted or defaced at anytime if one of the creators decide to do so.
    People will also start making fake accounts, such as “Oagalthorp” or “Pink Mafias”.

    Another problem is; we will all not be in Club Penguin forever. People retire and a new generation is born. However, if we move onto this website, the amount of new recruits that join armies will decrease a lot due to the fact that we will not be recruiting on ClubPenguin anymore.
    Our only option to gain recruits will be narrowed to:
    -Recruiting on Tracking chats such as Monchocho
    -Stealing troops (ew)
    -Going on the real Club Penguin and recruit.

    Regarding the last option, I think recruiting on the real Club Penguin website is a very important thing. Not only do the new recruits find the warfare community by recruiting sessions, but they find out about Club Penguin armies by wars. Which sounds interesting to you, and in which case would you like to search the army up? Multiple dancing penguins chanting the same words over and over again, or seeing different penguins in unique uniforms and actually witnessing a real war?

    I like this idea, and I assume that things will work out at first, but as time goes by our army community will start loosing popularity and troops. Disney ruined Club Penguin, but there is one thing that they have done to make things better—they got Club Penguin popular and many people started to play the game. More people means the chances of getting new recruits increases. Getting new recruits means the army community gets larger. If we move, our community will face a slump again.

    I ask for you all to believe me on this.



  5. Not to mention that over 50 people around the community went on daily the past two weeks. The best battles by far were the SWAT vs Nacho skirmishes 🙂


  6. SWEET! How many Moderators are there currently?


  7. cant wait!


  8. Aimee is a bitch.


  9. Flipmoo is absolutely correct. If you migrate this community that founders have put together, chaos will run wild through the armies. There have been migration plans in our history and none of them turned out well.


  10. Nice idea water. Ace of Spades will defiantly go on this cpps.


  11. I have had so much fun on this week, think how much I will on ClubWarfare. Sorry for doubting you Water!


  12. Bluesockwa be photobombing you lol


  13. cool but….. how do i add it to my site?




  15. Sounds awesome!


  16. I tried to make a cpps army once. It didn’t work


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