An Administrative Post

Yeah, this is one of those long, boring posts that are staff-only. However, if you’re current staff, or if you’re looking to apply to work at CPAC, I suggest you read on.

Well, there have been a lot of administrative changes made over the past month or so, and so I just feel the need to make this post to summarize what’s been done and where we’re going. Firstly, I’d like to talk about the staff changes. Many people have been hired, fired, and had their ranks changed over the past month or so. And you, the viewers  — and some of them as well — are probably rather confused as to who, exactly, is working on CPAC. Well, I’d like to clear all that up.

Administrative Staff

Chief Executive Officer: Bluesockwa1, Bluesockwa2

Vice President: Splasher99, Zakster

Editor-in-Chief: Shiver, Super Paco 24

Associate Producer: Tempah, Tomato8883

This system of staffing was actually put in place about a few months back, and has proven to work very well. Basically, these are just old ranks with new names. CEO, obviously, is head of site. The Vice President rank — formerly Secondary Head — is the rank that assists the CEO. Editor-in-Chief is the new name for a rank introduced by Woton when Funks and Blue2 where Heads. The rank Woton introduced was called Head of Media, and it has now evolved into the name of Editor-in-Chief. Basically, the purpose of this rank is to manage the reporters, and to be a model example of posting. Finally, Associate Producer, as you may have guessed, is the new term for the Head Reporter. Head Reporter was introduced by Sklooperis in 2011, Nathancool was the first — basically Head Reporter is a step above the regular Reporter rank, and they are usually the go-between from regular reporter to those being trained to be a part of the administrative staff.

Now, you may have heard the staff of CPAC reference something called The Board before. Well, yes, CPA Central does have a Board of Trustees. The Board is comprised of former heads, and others who have done much for CPAC. Some of them hold permanent ranks, and some are simply there to give advice, or help out when needed.

Board Chairman: Woton

Board Members: Boomer20, Kingfunks4, 122344a, Kenneth1000

Updates to CPAC

Some of you who worked for CPAC while it was self-hosted my recall that we communicated through a live blog on the Dashboard. While this is, unfortunately, no longer possible, we have chosen to revert back to a Staff Site. While the Wiggio program we tried to implement when first moving back to hosting was a good shot, it ultimately wasn’t something the staff like. So, we’re going back to basics. Over the next few days I will be ‘remodeling’ the old CPAC Staff Site, and inviting all of you to it. It’s a simple WordPress site with a Message Board, and I believe it’ll serve our purposes just fine.

Another small update is our Live Blog. As a few of you may have seen, from now on, not only will CPAC be using the Live Blog in the top right widget to keep you up-to-date on the news as it happens, but we will also be putting in a small tidbit of information for your entertainment, every day. These can range from jokes, to advice, to quotes, to memes — basically, whatever the staff feels like putting out that day.


Last but not least, CPAC is always in need of new staff. If you want to apply for GFX Designer, Reporter, or Philosopher, simply comment with the following form:


Example Post/Graphics:

Any Other Comments:

The staff will hopefully be selected come next Wednesday. I encourage any of you who are even considering working for CPAC to try it out, as we’re always looking to add to our community. In other news, the legends votes are almost finished being counted, and their results should be released on Sunday, just on time!

That’s all for today, thanks for reading.


CPA Central CEO

33 Responses

  1. 1st and gay


  2. 2nd and straight


  3. 3rd and robosexual


  4. 4th and bisexual




  6. I thought the staff site died…


  7. I still say we have too many admin staff and we seem to hire more every day lol. We used to only have two (because the HOS actually posted news)


    • We did talk about cutting down on the amount of administrators, but due to alot of big changes coming this Summer, we have chosen to remain with the same amount.


  8. Eh, I was hired as AP last time applications were out which wasn’t too long ago..


  9. IM A PIRATE AND IM FREE ——————————–>


  10. Name: Andre
    Example Post/Grapchis:
    Title : Coup Of Waterkid
    In Reecnt news Waterkid100 Pirates beloved Leader/ Legend also leader of the Black Alliance has been Couped from his home army.Water made a big post saying ‘I have been overthrown by bid now ( Pirates creator/legend ) And Ace fireken6 ( former leader/legend.But Ace fireken6 states ‘We did not overthrow you, you retired on your own. We were mad at you for firing yeasy for no apparent reason’ But water is now in light troops as uk leader.
    Please Comment What You Think Below


  11. Name: Ganger90

    Example Post/Graphics: None yet, not reporting/reporter posts, only administrative on another sites, so I’m starting my Reporter career here in CPAC.

    Any Other Comments: That’s all.


  12. What’s the purpose of having an editor in chief ranm, and an associate producer rank. It looks like they do the same thing to me.


  13. Name: Mortico, but I am also known as Kaleagasi.

    Example Post/Graphics: or or or and last but (maybe) not least: (Yes ik it says AquaGFX on it, that is because I used to work there and I had done it as an example where I had to put that watermark.

    Any Other Comments: I have worked in many GFX shops, I also own one where we make GFX for free, I made it with Wheelo1. Check it out if you feel like it.


  14. I love you bloosockwah ❤


  15. Name: Change.
    Example Post/Graphics: or
    Any Other Comments: I like trains.


  16. boring *wary*


  17. May I suggest not having so many ACP board members, seeing as they aren’t necessarily the strongest people in armies at the moment… and for this to work I think we should base this on army size.


    • Nevermind the size part, but I do think it should be more evenly distributed between armies.


      • Well our Board isn’t really based on armies, it’s just people who have done or are doing alot for CPAC, but don’t really have an official rank. We don’t try to include or to not include alot of ACP, it just so happens that alot of ACP has become involved in CPAC. I do understand your point though, it’s just that overall, the Board doesn’t make decisions in which their personal bias can really affect anything.


  18. I’ll give you my WordPress email when I’m hired


  19. Name: Mr. Burns / Nhojaxon7
    Example Post/Graphics:
    Any Other Comments: I hope I get the job! Good luck to everyone else! 🙂


  20. Name: Rex Imperio
    Example Post/Graphics:
    Any Other Comments: blue1 pls


  21. Name: dxdzn

    Example Post/Graphics: + the current buttons on CPAC *smirk*

    Any Other Comments: smd


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