HSA End LT War- LT Decline

Día Dúit CPAC,

HSA leaders are saying that the war is over but on the other side of the field, things are looking different as Ioio declines a peace treaty.

Yesterday HSA made a post on their site claiming that the war with LT was over:

As the leaders of this fine army, we have decided to end this war. We have been through enough events, with some occurring as much as 4 events today. I believe I speak for everyone when i say that we’re getting bored, even though we’re winning 9-6. CP Armies is meant to be fun, and these two wars with DCP and LT were fun for a while but now they have just gotten dull, and that’s not right. If LT chooses to continue, all their invasions will be ignored and we will proceed with the type of events we had prior to the two wars. They can go along fighting nobody every day for the next week, we’ll still log on to those servers.

~Extract from HSA Site

However, a quarrel broke out in the comment section with Spi and Dx over whether the war really is over or not. LT have not made a post on their site about it and still take it as if the war is still going on:


More will follow on this subject as it comes but for now it what do YOU think? Will the war really end? Let us know what YOU think in the comment section below!

16 Responses

  1. I agree with Dx, but atleast make a treaty first!


  2. We tried to make a treaty, but Ioio knows that the Light Troops are so behind in this war that it will make him look bad ending the war when his army is not ahead in it.

    Final Score

    HSA 9 || 5 LT


  3. no peace treaty lt is kicking HsA’s butt


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