Philosophy – New Armies

As many new armies are born they face many dilemmas…

Hello, it’s me Adro3.

Different people are starting new armies every week, which we will never be able to stop. Many of these armies are never to be heard of and die, but for the ones which manage to shout out among the CP Army Community, they have to face some problems. If you solve these then you’re army may have a decent chance of success.

As I mentioned previously, some armies do succeed but the minority are unlucky and eventually fall to their slow death. The successful armies usually strive for a week or two and when the troops get tired and bored, they QUIT. To avoid this the leaders must keep troops busy during this initial starting up period by making their time enjoyable. A good way to do this is scheduling a PB or Tracking CP figures. The troops will think you’re army is fun and so they stick with you time and time again when you wish to invade or declare war on other armies, gradually gaining an empire on the path to World-Power.


Today, army founders many problems which they need to overcome. These include:

Site Graphics
Creating and Maintaining site (pages etc.)
Xat Chat
Recruiting Troops
Keeping Troops entertained
To overcome these probelms/goals one needs dedication. This is the vital key to a successful army.


Many leaders of new armies do not have the essential dedication and therefore can lead the armies into their deaths. Here is the meaning of dedication: ‘The state and act of being dedicated/loyal to something’ If you are dedicated and active in your army it will almost certainly help your cause. It may also increase your enjoyment as you gradually see your army develop.

Growing Too Quickly?

If you army does grow, it’s great. Sometimes if they grow too quickly, problems occur. This includes reaching your goals too early. If you reach your goals too early, some may think that it is not worth remaining active anymore and leave or become very inactive. Hopefully if you are dedicated enough and maintain a high number of events then you are more likely to avoid this problem.

So if you’re inspired to make your own army by gazing at the World-Power forces with amazement or would simply love to have some fun creating your own little force then make sure you follow these basic guidelines and your many dreams may come true. Who knows one day you might be the smug idiot who boasts about his army being top dogs and calling all the rest raging faggots on the CPAC Top Ten.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed my Philosophy post today. I myself have created an army and so I know how hard it actually is to get more than just yourself attending events! If you focus on the points I made above, the World’s your oyster – anything is possible. You really need to work at it and if you do so, the rewards should come to you.

So hopefully I’ve entertained you for a short period of time as you scoff your Cadbury’s Flake and Mars Bars until your stomach begins to dysfunction like North Korean missiles.


Goodbye for now,

||ÅÐЯō3 śmÅ¢ śε¢ōИÐÅЯÿ ђεÅÐ||

‘The old, bossy principal of SMAC’ 😉

12 Responses

  1. 1st and nice


  2. Nice post, really helpful.


  3. new army dilemma: remain active for 2 months, shut the army down because leaders don’t know how to lead for more than that amount of time, revive 1 month later. repeat.


  4. “The world is your oyster.” That just sounds wrong.


  5. Cool post. Seriously does explain everything about small/medium armies.


  6. woo go adro


  7. Woo Ily


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