The Fall Of The Army Republic – From 2nd to 12th

After the Army Repubic recovered from a fall, leading to what they called “isolation”, they have yet again fallen down the top ten rankings and this time they have broken the CPAC Top Ten record, by going from 2nd to out of the top ten completely. The AR barely managed 15 during the week and it was suggested that this was down to Buritodaily, AR leader, going on vacation for a week. He said “I am furious at those who let AR crumble. We were an army looking so fine, then, for the first time in almost a year I take a break and this happens? This is how all of my continuous hard work is rewarded? I was so close to accomplishing my major goals, it looked as if I may be able to retire in peace”.   There was also a rare post from retired creator, 122344a, as he said “Since Burr has gone on his vacation I have noticed a significant change among the AR soldiers. Most of you are beginning to lack discipline, and have developed a vacuous and rebellious attitude towards the leaders.”. As Bur returns, he said he may retire if AR does not hit “solid 30+” in the coming events.

Bellow, AR does the E+9 tactic with sizes of around 10 during a weekend event.


The desperation in the AR has been shown in multiple posts asking for a renewed effort and desire from the AR troops, who have a “rebellious attitude towards the leaders” according to the AR creator. There was also a post from Yoangelyo, a recently promoted 3ic, how the “bickering and bullying” within the army needs to stop and how they need to be a more untied army. On top of this, there was a rally post from the AR 2ic and former ACP leader, Antant, but this appeared to have little affect as the AR hit low sizes during the weekend.


I decided to interview Moonlight, AR 3ic, on the issues within the army.


Why do you think the AR has fallen?

Well the obvious is lazy troops.

Are they lazy because Burito is not here?

I think that’s most of the reason.

Does this show that the AR is too dependent on him?

I would say so.

Surely, with the troops still being there, you should hit sizes of at least 20-25+?


So why didn’t AR get any bigger than 10-15?

Lots of people are on the chat before the event starts. Then they decide they have to leave right before the event thinking that people wont notice. Why not log on to CP?

Yes, I know how that feels, any other comments?



As you can see, Moonlight blames the troops’ lack of effort in trying to grow the AR and Moon says how troops are “thinking that people wont notice” when they leave right before event because they don’t want to go to it. This links back to the “lack of discipline” suggested by 122344a due to the fact Burito went on vacation.

Although it may be unlikely that anyone would let the AR die, what would be the consequences of them ending? The two options would be to either just let them die, or to merge into an ally like the Ice Warriors or ACP, former partners in the White Alliance. However, with AR’s cut-off with other armies like the IW and ACP, is a merge into either them likely, or would they just die out? However, this sort of speculation is not needed until we see if Burito stays in the Army Republic and if they come back into the top ten.

Bellow, AR has sizes of 30-35 and uses the E+C Tactic (3/24/13 top ten picture)

ar 24

What do YOU think about the Army Republic, will they rise back to their former glory or will they continue falling and die? Will Burito stay, or will Ant rise to the AR leadership? Comment YOUR opinion!

-Kingfunks4 Temporary CPAC Head & ACP Leader

26 Responses

  1. 1st 🙂


  2. The AR truly started declining after my departure. If you look at the Top 10 records, the last few weeks of my leadership had the AR placed at (In this order) 1T, 2, and 3. Throughout my leadership the AR consistently stayed in the Top 5 and only dropped below that once or twice. Buritodaily, a former friend of mine was a big part in keeping the AR together. However, he certainly gives himself too much credit (Almost like I am doing right now) because if you read the top of this post, you’ll see how highly he thinks of himself and doesn’t credit anyone else, even his co-leader, Vinny, or even the guy who truly built up the AR, 122344a. Once I left, I saw a significant decrease in the AR from our usual size of 25-30 (Which back then during the depression was phenomenal) to a mere 10-15 and they have been staying at 10-15 until now. Another thing that most people do not know is that Buritodaily and Vinny frequently treat their troops and other leaders horribly. Many a time I have received reports on multiple different accounts that Buritodaily was a major bully and Vinny was just plain rude. This was a major factor leading to my retirement of the AR, and if you hadn’t known, Buritodaily and Vinny credit me with the fall of the AR and refuse to let me into the AR chat to say hello to my former soldiers and still friends. To conclude this extra long comment full of the same rhetoric =P, the AR’s fall is not just because Buritodaily left for a week, it’s because of his and his co-leader’s attitude towards their soldiers and fellow leaders, my retirement from the AR and 122344a’s retirement. Face the facts AR, you’re not doing too hot and you’ve brought it upon yourselves. (There was no nice way to say all that)



  3. GT dropped from first to out of the top ten. Your argument is invalid.


  4. omg funks ur spelin is fukin shit you said untied instead of united #funksout


  5. I agree with a lot of what capn had to say I like 122344a great ar has had. But what ive stressed so many times to the troops in ar on there chat they only agree about my views of bur and vin once they leave the ar. In general I have a great passion of love for the name. I do wish to return someday but bur and vin comepletely ruin that because they cannot get over a defacing that happened more than 3 years ago plus that was the last thing I ever defaced. the point here though is you have two corrupt leaders a creator that is great and troops that are either brainwashed or they try to ignore their behavior and the bur situation. they log on cp because they are afraid of bur but not of vin it seems. that is my conclusion bur and vin can disagree all they want but I speak the truth.

    ~ Tymatt


  6. I would like to make a comment, addressing to all the people who are going to rage in these comments about me and Vinny. Get over it. The people who rage here, are simply mad because their faults went with punishment in AR and they couldn’t get away with it. Tymatt is a perfect example. He was one of the reasons AR died so long ago, and we aren’t forgiving me, simple as that. Capn tried to go “mad with power” and dictate all of the decisions in AR, now hes upset because we punished him for that. I’ve lead AR for a year now, and I can say, a week ago was the best AR has EVER looked. Better than when Capn was around, and better than any time before that. We looked more stable, and we looked like we could take on anyone. It’s a shame we fell so much as soon as I went for vacation. But tragedies happen, I don’t know if I plan to revive AR at this point or not, but when you fools rage, you simply look pathetic. Thank you.


  7. Sorry, the picture with the E+9 Tactic is a U.K Event… Just thought I’d point that out. Also this occurs every now and then, to just about every army. Not so much news.


  8. Funks, before you go on about my post, you should look at your own army first. Yes, AR has had a few issues with bullying and bickering, but at least I am doing something about it unlike you who just sits back and watches it happen. Even if posting releases it publicly, I feel that’s better then saying and doing nothing about it. Yes, I know this probably won’t be moderated because you all know I’m right. No, by saying that I’m not full of myself, I just speak the truth.


    • I am not sure Funks will understand what you are talking about because I do not.


      • I know ACP is having some problems with that issue and we have made several private and public posts in trying to fix the issue. I am not saying that your post was a bad thing and am not condemning it, but I actually like people standing up to the issue. Sorry if this was portrayed in a different light.


  9. I see what’s going on here. You like to post about AR when they start falling but when they rise again, you don’t even talk about AR. Like wtf is that all about?


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