What our Creators Really mean to Us.

Army founders have been returning to their creations left and right in this era of CP Armies. We all know that the founders of armies such as ACP or Nachos are immensely respected by their creation, and what’s become of it.

But do they really deserve to take all the credit for what their soldiers have worked for 1-5 years to achieve, when they really came up of the idea of the army, have they actually doing much for the army in retrospect?

–Is It Right to respect our Army Creators?–

It’s a natural way of thinking to respect the founders of what we have today as CP Armies, for they are actually the reason why we have flourished on such a huge scale that even Club Penguin had to do something about it, they have brought Government to our armies, which is still subject to debate whether it is a good or bad thing.

They have also gave us something that we couldn’t create 2 years into the army. They gave us something to enhance, they gave us the foundations we have today, they gave us our legacy from the start, something that’s never able to be forgotten, some might say fallen armies, such as RPF, have lost their legendary status due to a continuous flow of endless, failed generations, which in return have tainted the shining army they once were. But have we really forgotten the never ending rebellion, the miraculous victory over Ice Warriors, The First, and longest rebellion ever? I certainly haven’t.

So in all fairness, they do deserve to have a certain degree of respect. But one must also question ourselves, what happens when they left?

–Why we shouldn’t praise them–

Now that I’ve exploited the reasons why are ”Founders” were very resourceful, I must also endeavor on the factors of which lessened their value.

Imagine we are in a situation where our beloved Commander is finally retiring, he has chosen a 2ic to take his place, all seems going well but the illusion of stability they have created is now fading.

Now, not all armies rely on their creators, at least not too much, armies like Nachos/DW/ACP/IW  have flourished with the departure of their ”dictator”, with the logic that their ”dictator” was only burdening them by not allowing major rank shifts, or not allowing a type of Democracy in the army, these reasons decipher why the going of their ”oppressor” is quite handy.

But for the handful of those unfortunate armies, things wouldn’t go so smoothly, the lower ranking soldiers only respond to one leader, thus when the time for departure of their leader comes, they begin to become unresponsive, crumbling the very foundations the creator has worked for, accumulating to the failure of the entire army. A recent example being Cewans leaving of RPF, resulting in the exodus of most RPF’s troops.

Now that I have singled out the reasons of why we praise our ”Creators”, and also why we publicly disrespect their ”creators”.

It’s time to elaborate on what’s really happening TODAY.

–What this means TODAY–

Today, CP Armies are a very sore sight, left and right you see current leaders being told by former leaders/Legends how to run something they earned through loyalty and dedication (No Biasness intended), one very good example is UMA, if you go on UMA chat a lot, you’d probably of had seen leaders being told how to run their army, sort of like a godfather, but they participate much more, I won’t name anybody in particular but in my opinion, which is sympathized with by many others, these few ”Godfathers” are burdening their armies that they supposedly care so much about, with their single minded, dictator inspired thoughts.

However, to avoid being an hypocrite, I’ll feature an interview with Yeasy, current CPPA Captain, and good friend of mine.

Me= Pink

Yeasy= Blue

What’s your opinion on the ammount of gratitude given towards the creators of armies such as ACP, Nachos, DW, LT ect..

Gratitude in our community isn’t given to creators. In fact, I don’t think there ever was any gratitude. From 06-12, people never thanked ACP, since ACP always pissed everyone off. You never hear Germans thanking the US. It’s the same with us

Do you think those who actually GET Gratitude/Respect deserve what they get?

 Somewhat. All CP army legends deserve their respect, but if you look at 122344 (Incognito), whom is considered as the greatest leader, that is one massive of someone not deserving that respect. Creating an army in 07 (Controversial) and leading it to 5 gets you best leader? (ono) So what about Ambrosha, Bid Now ect.

Do you think the legends (CPAC Legends) deserve the respect they recieve once they are placed there. If so, do you think the CPAC Legend page is something you can rely on?

Obviously the legends page is complete bs. Lets take BB (Blue Brothers) for example. So what they are the co’s of CP? Looking at the stats they never actually got CPAC to heights. Where is Skloop? And 122344a…. I already explained above (Highly Controversial)

Thank you for your time Yeasy *Tongue*

Thank you, Q.

With that interview, comes the conclusion of this post. Thank you for reading and I hope I’ve left you with a few thoughts in your minds 😉

Qwerty ~ Over & Out

10 Responses

  1. First 😮


  2. Nice.




  4. A very good post! Although we MUST credit creators for making the army, at the end of the day, once they leave, they are just like any leader.


  5. it really depends on which personallity the creator has to respect him/her, thats all i think


    • There is much more! A leader could be a nice, hot, and cool. But a bad leader, bad recruiter, and a puch over!


      • A perfect example of a nice, cool and smokin’ hot leader is the one we have, right Hammy? We know this because he’s got a girlfriend. If you know who we’re talking about, man I have to find someone….. Hammy…? See me on chat later.


  6. It depends on who the creator is. Creators such as Commando (both of them) have led their armies after creation so they should get some credit. Then say Pink Mafias who left his army after leading for a while, came back for a month, then ditched them for the next 6 years


  7. “these few ”Godfathers” are burdening their armies that they supposedly care so much about, with their single minded, dictator inspired thoughts.”

    ..That’s kinda rude. I’m known for leading UMA, I come back a few times to give them advice on what they should try to do or what not… but I’m not a “single minded, dictator.” And I’m pretty sure I’m not “burdening” them.

    I do see where you are coming from, but using uma as an example of that? Kinda harsh. I don’t know who you were thinking of when you were talking about UMA, but still. 😛



  8. Pink Mafias, Oagal, and Commando (possibly Iceyfeet) are considered gods of warfare because they carved the way for us. The rest of the so called “army legends” mean nothing more but an above average leader who made his army shine.


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