The Hot Sauce Army battle Light Troops for Parka

The latest battle in the war between The Hot Sauce Army and The Light Troops; but who came out on top?

The war between these two armies rages on, the latest battle HSA’s invasion of Parka. After losing Freezer to the Light Troops earlier on in the day HSA were keen to end the day with 2 victories to 1 over the Light Troops for the day, but could they beat the Light Troops?

Before this battle the armies were tied at 5 victories each, with servers changing ownership frequently. Both evenly matched and looking to do well for the next top 10 this battle was sure to be interesting encounter. The armies had already battled twice that day and I personally predicted a drop in size from the Light Troops invasion of Freezer.

Below the Hot Sauce Army have formed a circle in the town and are using the shocked faces, without any resistance from The Light Troops bar the small number of yellow penguins in the middle.

Below the armies have moved rooms, this picture contains more Light Troops but still not as many troops as the Hot Sauce Army, HSA are using the coin emote.

Light Troops leader Roberto admits defeat in the picture below, albeit not in the clearest of ways.

The Light Troops were able to admit defeat and will be disappointed with their performance. They were without influential leader Ioioluk who was again DDOS’ed throughout most of the battle preventing him getting online to lead. Nonetheless take nothing away from a very good performance from HSA. HSA left a short and sweet statement on the battle on their site saying,

Tremendous event today guys, we did extremely well!

This win puts HSA in the lead with 6 victories to 5 with many more battles scheduled, although the DDOSing of Ioio has been a dark point of an otherwise entertaining war.

Comment with YOUR opinion! Who will win this war? Are HSA to blame for the DDOS’ing of Ioio?

I’m back for a while as reporter.

 Tempah CPA Central Reporter

12 Responses

  1. sexiness overload


    • tbh i feel awkward judging your posts because you think I’m a class A faggot but i did actually like your post bro


  2. Yeah this is CP armies and people find the need to DDoS. Also pretty suspecious that every event LT has with HSA ioio is ddos’ed 5 minutes before and let back online 5 minutes after events.


  3. I don’t even lead LT.


  4. I say that we just give HSA all of LT’s servers!!!!


  5. I say Ioio is not DDos’ed But I think that something else is behind this. The facts are not 100% and there is so much gray area that there may be more to this. BTW HSA rulez. Redd~HSA Leader


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