Pirates on the Edge of Shutting Down

After recently dropping out of the top ten, The Pirates have been having trouble getting good sizes at events.  Their recent practice battle with IW lead to a warning from Waterkid100 stating that he may shut down the Pirates.

Though the Pirates have had high spots in the top ten, they were previously ranked only at ninth before falling two spots to eleventh, out of the top ten.  Their recent practice battle with IW only further shown that the Pirates have been having trouble.  Due to the unavailability of a picture from the Pirates, the following picture was taken from the Ice Warriors’ site:


Today, Pirates leader Waterkid1oo made a post on the Pirates official website.  The post was a warning concerning the recent performance of the Pirates.  The following was taken from the post:

The Pirates are on the edge of death.

The past 2 weeks has been horrible. We were getting sizes of 20 – 25 on a daily basis. Then, it all stopped. I thought we would be better during the holidays, but it got worse. We get disgusting sizes of 10 now, and even less at some events. I tried recruiting, but it seems the Riffy staff gave a huge lecture about not joining armies, because everyone keeps saying ”NO” when I link them Pirates chat. I don’t want Pirates to die, and I assume you guys don’t either. I am giving the Pirates one last week to improve. Tomorrow, on Easter Sunday, we will have a recruiting event. Then it will be followed by training and recruiting. If we don’t improve, then I guess I will have to shut down the Pirates.

The Pirates only have one week to improve their performance, and if they don’t, then Waterkid1oo will shut down the army.  Following the posting of the warning, Waterkid100 posted the times for the event taking place tomorrow, Easter Sunday.  The event is considered important, as it stated that a major rank change will take place and a soldier’s rank depends on whether they attend the event.

Comment with YOUR opinion.  Will the Pirates be able to rise?  Will they be shut down?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

21 Responses

  1. “We get disgusting sizes of 10 now, and even less at some events.”

    Hey, for a medium army, you ain’t doing too horrible.


  2. Who knows what will happen?


  3. Didn’t the Pirates shut down many times in it’s past? Or was it Waterkid100 constantly retiring? Waterkid, your sizes are dropping because you rage at everything, I have outgrown that by now. I don’t want the pirates to die, but at this rate, it’s going to. Good luck, Water.


    • Water kid is a great leader. He can be a rage monkey, but jumping to conclusions that sizes are dropping because of his rage? The Pirates flourished in sizes in the golden days of Waterkids rage. The Pirates are falling because of the stop of blood flow of new recruits, which has nothing to do with ‘rage’ .


      • You’re right, I’m really sorry. It was immature of me to jump to silly conclusions like I did, but would this be the first time to shut down? Or am I thinking Water’s retirement? Water did retire many, many time in the Pirates’s history, but is this the first time they were on the edge of death? I think this would’ve happened many times.


  4. I love how all this happens after I was removed from leadership


    • You have nothing to do with Pirates fall. Why? Cause you never had anything to do with Pirates rise in the first place.


        • Lol pirates, about your USA division…


          • Pirates were quite a strong army even when they had a weak US force. Yes, if Pirates were mostly US then you could say that Pirates fell because of the removal of the leader but they are not.

            Pirates are known for having the largest UK force. So even if they have less than 5 people in their US force they still won’t get 10-15. They would get higher.

            In simple terms You have nothing to do with Pirates fall so quit trying to act like all this happend just cause you had 3-4 people leave Pirates


    • Freezie,name five accomplishments you alone had with the Pirates.


  5. All the tracking chats gave speaches about armies being “evil”. On some chats they made scrollers!! Even though an owner on cpc is in IW *ono*


  6. CPPA will fall, eventually. If Water keeps his head up, then we’ll expect CPPA back again otherwise, he keeps doing his raging, then we’ll know. I know he’s a good leader and all, we’ll just need time to tell.


  7. Poor pireates. On the edge of death. just like acp! karma is a nasty bitch who can show her ugly face.


  8. Sad times indeed. The Pirates will be back.


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