BREAKING NEWS: A Super Merge In The Works?

CPA Central Chatroom – History is in the making, as the leaders of multiple armies speak about the forming of a new “World Power”.

You heard the truth. The next “Super Merge” is underway. This is the first large-scale merge within larger armies to occur since the Light Ghost Troops of 2011. This is absolutely shocking, but we are left to wonder why.

Currently, out of sources from within the conference, the involved armies are the Underground Mafias Army, the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Pirates, the Shadow Troops, and the Striking Raiders, but this is subject to change. Other armies asked and considered were the Dark Warriors, the Revival Force, the Tacos, and the Special Weapons and Tactics. What I find intriguing is that this would be the first official end to the UMA and RPF in an extreme longevity, and would also end the Pirates, who have been alive for well over a year now. Why, though?

The whole operation was suggested on UMA chat by RPF Creator and CP Army Legend Commando717 as sort of a non-serious topic. However, Mach, UMA Leader, took a liking to the idea. This soon blossomed into the idea of taking many red-and-black armies and merging them to form a superpower. While it may seem genius, which it might be, it can also turn out to be disastrous. As we’ve seen with many merges and/or large-scale alliances, they can turn out terribly, and ultimately destroy the armies involved. It will be a risky move by all armies involved, but if done right, could possibly pay off.

However, the idea is extremely controversial. I’ve heard from others that are very against it, such as this person here who wishes to remain anonymous. He says that “I think it’s ****ing gay.” However, the general consensus of the armies think it’s foolproof. We will just have to see when/if it is made official.

Following the reveal of the possible DCP takedown, xiUnknown of the Dark Warriors had this to say: “It’s gay, in my opinion. Why would you need half the Top Ten to take down DCP when they struggled to take down HSA?”

This story will be updated continuously as it develops.


57 Responses

  1. UMA? RPF? Pirates? ‘It a’int over till’ it’s over.’


  2. Wow, make a dangerous merge to destroy DCP?


  3. What kind of bullshit is this.


  4. Why would you want to annihilate the Doritos.


  5. Underground Federation.


  6. Does this remind you of the “Light Ghost Troops?”


  7. Doritos must be hated if half the top ten wants them dead.


  8. Wow… This is going to be interesting to see what happens…. I know the ranks will be a disaster!


  9. It wont work. LGT only lasted 3 days…. although they were huge there were too many leaders leading the battlefield at the same time. More people with a lust for more power than theyre given. People who dont agree with it will retire. And once the armies break up and make the original armies again itll be smaller than before. This is all being said from experience ~Kappn


  10. This isnt going to fail easily. We had 3 hours of debating. All accumulating to a more or less,Communistic Republic type structure. We also have our own fair ammount of individual soldiers. Last thinng, our goal was never to target an army in particular.

    Qwerty ~ United Fed Leader – You cannot flaw the flawless


  11. THIS IS BULL CRAP! 1st of all, I’m sure the ice warriors are allies with DCP… or am I thinking Nachos? Doesn’t matter! Armies merging together to form a bigger army against the DCP? Total…. bullish*t… and you know what else is bad? The URL says “Does this make you moist?” Well no, it doesn’t.. and you know what? I AM NOT SATISFIED WITH THIS URL! I CAN’T MOIST! I try to put moisturizer on my arms and legs but it never lasts long… DANG IT ZAK! YOU TRICKED ME! Wait… moist?? You mean… oh… well thats…. I’m still not satisfied…. -_-


  12. There are a few problems I see with this.

    First off, the unification of it all. Basically, what we are seeing is the armies of UMA and RPF, who split apart so long ago, joining back together, due to the fact that they both are unable to pull off adequate sizes. Sure, other armies are involved — SR, whatever the hell that is — and Pirates — but I predict that Waterkid will withdraw the Pirates as soon as he doesn’t get what he wants. All other armies who are rumored to join seem unlikely, because at the original meeting, it was established that UMA and RPF Leaders would be the second teir of power, under only the President of the army, Commando717.

    The second problem here is that no army in this alliance really pulls off any substantial size. Let’s face it, RPF is basically dead. UMA averages about 15-20 on a good day, and Pirates can pull off between 20 and 25. Factor in all of the troops who will refuse to join the alliance because they prefer to be a sovereign army, and you have a new army, UF, which gets sizes of around 35 or 40 on a good day. That’s an army. Maybe a powerful one, but just an army. This isn’t some super merge. And Pirates are the glue holding this entire thing together, they’re the only army in this alliance that is truly powerful at this point in time.

    The third and final thing we must take note of is, of course, Commando. He’s the wild card in this entire thing. If anyone would be able to pull off a unification of armies, and get them to work together, it may very well be Commando. However, what we commonly don’t take into account with retirees is that while we respect them, they have not been here for a very long time, and much has changed in that time. I fear that Commando may be applying alot of old-school tactics, moreso that he is believing that UMA and RPF’s legendary status grant them the right to be in the second teir of power in the Underground Federation. But the fact is, that if those who are founding this organization want any army of power to get involved, they’re going to need to get their head out of their asses.


  13. Blue you always have to make a post about something. even in comment form


  14. That made me moist.


  15. Well if it works they might max like 50-80+ on regular. It would ultimatley fail though. All the owners, and leaderships. People would be rebelling left and right! This army would just fail.


  16. The Underground Federation doesn’t have any current objective concerning warfare yet. The rumors coming out around this are being fueled by those not in support of the idea.

    Things like this have happened in the past and have failed, we know, but that’s because it has never been done correctly. Organization is vital, and we have most of it worked out at this point. The structure of the ranks are using a totally new method that not only puts meaning back into being a high rank, but meaning into actually preforming the tasks of such rank. Something that hasn’t been seen very much ever, besides for when modern army structure first started.

    But anyway, let me recap on some of the reasoning and actual ideas behind this:

    After WWIII, RPF was actually more massive than ACP. RPF and ACP were made up of pretty much everyone who played the game(considering RPF now had a vast majority of the old UMA), and since they were allies, this gave rise to a peace era that shaped what we see today. After the RPF fell apart, this event allowed the spark needed to create new armies. So basically, we had this huge chunk that just kept on dividing. So we fast forward to now, and see there are about ten major armies at the same time that never see WWIII sized battles. So, considering the basics of what were the color wars. What if we clumped together a bunch of armies that looked the same? So when you see that color, it’s of the same faction. Now what’s interesting is that the majority of black and red colored armies don’t hold a Top 10 rank. Divided, they are weak, is the highlighted concept here. It’s time to band together so these armies can also have a voice.

    This not working arguably shows that the idea of being “power hungry” trumps modern day warfare. This proposition has taken place to basically ask the leaders of these armies: “Can we do something different?”. This is taking a chance to do something that has never been done before. This community isn’t made by people who don’t take chances. If you’re not going to try to be apart of something greater, then why did you join this game in the first place?

    This might be experimental in nature, and it is. But the idea CAN be successful. It’s only if the leaders, and their soldiers, want a place in history.

    ~ Commando717

    PS: The reason why I’m here is because this has been an idea since about 2009, and knowing that people are interested might allow for this to actually happen. This also solves a lot of problems for the RPF and UMA, two armies that I have had a lot of contact with over the past few months.

    PSS: UMA and RPF leaders being a second tier above other army leaders is based on a structured proposal of having the armies with the most influence, have the most say. So technically It would be giving more so the UMA a second tier since they are currently the largest of the factions joining.

    PSS: “The Presidential Position” will be elaborated on soon.


    • I was told the UF was over because ST, UMA, and RPF withdrew? If so, that’s quite a shame. If true couldn’t we just make it an army rather than a bunch of armies coming together?


  17. This is going to fail, so badly


  18. actually sr may not merge im a sr troop and we did a poll on the site and I guess we’re not merging


  19. gay.


  20. A lot of these armies are led by people who like being the leader, or one of the leaders. I’m not going to do any specific examples, but it’s the kind of army – new generation, new leaders, rise quick, fall quick, move on.

    I just can’t see them all getting along when there are likely to be bundles of leaders who like being the leader.


  21. Is this just another go at destroying ACP?


  22. Merges are for leaders who need short cuts to success.


  23. this shall be fairly interesting to see these legendary armies merge. is any one else wondering what this super-merge will be calling themselves? there is like 5 armies joining together to one super dcp eating machine. they could call themselves the dorito crunchers, idk


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