Flame War, Multilogging, and Hired Hackers in DCP and HSA

Blue1 (Again): Now we have been informed by Bearsboy, HSA Leader, that while the original treaty spoken about almost a half hour ago was not the one that may have actually been agreed upon, that a treaty has infact been reached, more of a ceasefire, apparently due to a brewing war between the Light Troops and HSA. Bearsboy says,

The treaty is now official. Pain left before we could do an “official” agreement but it is still in effect.

Pictures of Such Statement: http://prntscr.com/y5qff, http://prntscr.com/y5qgp

Here are a few other various screenshots from the meeting that took place between high ranking officials on both sides, DCP and HSA. Hopefully a comprehensive idea of what took place at the meeting can be reached soon, but for now, this is what we have. Pictures are in an assumed order, please note that the screenshot with a comment by Lord Pain proposing a treaty is the same as the one in the first edit, and perhaps not the treaty that was made official.

http://prntscr.com/y5orz, http://prntscr.com/y5ovj, http://prntscr.com/y5p0i, http://prntscr.com/y5p5n, http://prntscr.com/y5p92, http://prntscr.com/y5pck

As always, more information as it comes.

Blue1: As of 10:02 PM EST, CPAC is being notified that the DCP/HSA war has officially ended. This picture is all we have at this moment, stay tuned for further confirmation regarding whether or not the war has truly come to an end.


SUMMIT, DCP Empire In what has quickly become one of the most brutal flame wars of all time, new accusations have been handed down by the highest leadership of DCP amidst widespread talk of multilogging and hacking.

NOTE: Please note that all accusations in this post are unsubstantiated and unconfirmed, and are in no way supported or condoned by CPAC. 

In recent days, the all-reaching flame war between DCP and HSA has only grown more intense. A few examples of wartime propaganda from both sides are seen below. Both sides have also posted alleged screenshots of the other breaking rules, or in other ways trying to damage the reputations of the other army.

A DCP screeshot of Jason, HSA Leader.

hsa jub

A propaganda image from HSA, claiming that Jubbyd threatened the HSA Leaders.

DCP picture defaming HSA Leader Freezie.


Further propaganda, this time from HSA, intending to make it appear DCP plan to hack them.

And the list goes on. Both armies have also made an absolutely astounding number of posts devoted solely to flaming eachother on their sites. (In case you didn’t notice, links are included in the last sentence [and that’s only a few of them]).

In addition, almost every battle has carried accusations of multilogging, a practice in which a single soldier is able to log on to multiple penguins at once.

Both sides have attempted to use this as a means of disqualification for individual invasions, and in most cases provides little more than a single out-of-context screenshot as ‘proof.’ We’ve also seen a number of invasions at times designed to mess with the enemy, and other general forms of ‘unfair’ play.

An example of DCP’s ‘proof.’

More from DCP.

HSA responded with screenshots of their own.

In all of these cases, they were denied by the other army, with explanations such as ‘they sent that person to join us then say that.’

But now DCP has come forward with new accusations that HSA hired the hacking group the Mix to covertly attack them, accusations which HSA denies. DCP has accused them of this in the past, but this is the first documented “proof.” The full set of images below is courtesy of M4yh3m, a DCP mod, who obtained them from Kyle593, who was fired from HSA just days ago.

Conversation 1 (Kyle593 and M4yh3m):


Conversation 2 (Quackenbush on DCP chat):


HSA Leader Dxdnz denies all accusations, saying:

I then did a bit of investigating of my own, and found that as recently as this evening Quackenbush was indeed a mod on HSA chat.

And, just a few minutes before the posting of this, Quackenbush was on DCP chat, speaking of how he had hacked Carter.


In my mind, it’s unfortunate we’ve gotten to this point. None of the images can actually be confirmed (save for the ones I took myself.) The war has grown out of a simple battle for dominance to an all out flame war to the death. The accusations flying back and forth are both uncalled for and unnecessary, and the war has only taken a turn for the worse since this began. Nothing can be confirmed at this point, and almost no events have a definite winner. It’s sad, really.

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CPA Central CEO

21 Responses

  1. Like

  2. Holy crap. Incredibly bad editing. All you did was post photos and narrate it a bit.


  3. Carter deserved what he got.



  4. Why don’t armies just take pictures of their chat size so they don’t get accused of multilogging?


  5. We in no way hired The Mix to hack dcp for HSA. Also, Kyle was openly willing to say all this stuff to get back at us for firing him from his 3ic position because he shows incredible amounts of disrespect to the HSA leaders and troops.


  6. In recent news, “Quackenbush” has recently been spotted recording his newest single.


  7. the nachos leader ads is horassing me anyone want pics?


  8. this is a joke right


  9. Wow, hackers on Club Penguin. Get a life.


  10. And here LT’s alligations look to be true, and HSA’s alligations and denial have proved to be false. I hope HSA is reading this right now, I really do.


  11. Did pain just say “If HSA attacked DCP than DCP get all of HSA servers” twice?


  12. It amuses me that something like this can become controversial news. Word to the wise, solve your problems privately before demonstrating your stupidity in front of the entire army community. Because that’s essentially what both sides did.


  13. What kind of war is this now… Derp.


  14. Xtreme aka Tristan Clark is no hacker. He used the leak made by Vector group and simply is guessing the security questions. The Mix is filled with a bunch of fakes who can’t do anything. It’s all bluff, Xtreme went on IRCx once and asked how much it cost to hack ACP. He and TheMix cannot do ANYTHING. This is coming from someone who has done a great amount of defacing and minor site hacks. If you would like to interview me, please contact me at the email I used to comment. I will happily go into more depth and explain everything from tips to prevent being hacked to how to avoid these wannabe’s.


  15. Glade I’m thinking of retireing from cp armies this is just too much


  16. Hackers on Club Penguin, what a great life they must possess.


  17. I wonder if these “Leaders” will get fired or the “Armies” will be shut down.. That would be an interesting story..


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