HSA and DCP Continue For Half Pipe

Note : This post is not complete as it lacks an interview from the other side. Further more, I apologize for not including a DCP interview, please do not take this as biased, I take full responsibility of what has been told in this post.

Half Pipe – As the Hot Sauce Army and Doritos war continues, some stunning and surprising events have taken to stone. Anyway, a much-anticipated battle it was and the victor, was somewhat surprising. There have been claims that this war is more than a war regarding previous events.

It is being said that Light Troops are aiding DCP in the war, and the declaration of war written by Gold Falcon is as follows:

Hey LT.

We are declaring war on the HSA because in all honesty, nobody in LT can stand them.  They are a pathetic army that do not deserve to exist, and we have to bring them down.

They are a powerful army, though, I’ll grant them that. They have many troops, disloyal ones and army hoppers, but still, alot of troops.


Besides the fact that they’re a bunch of cheaters and cowards, there’s also another thing. Jason and Juju are in HSA. So this is the perfect occasion to take our rematch and take revenge, and show them who the bosses are. We all want to do that, right? We all still want that sweet revenge. So let’s go take it! Let’s go kick some HSA ass!

Read the full post here

Further more, the battle took place on March 24th, with a close call for both armies. Starting at the Snow Forts, the HSA had the upper hand with sizes of nearly 30-35. On the other hand, DCP were small at that time, still gathering up their troops.

Moving on, the Mine and Ice Berg showed more of HSA then DCP. The tactics were really good from both sides but sizes were the main weakness of DCP. When they seemed to have grown large, their size decreases when moving to the next room.

I had a chance to interview HSA creator, DXDZN. His points were hopefully unbiased and have been clearly explained to you.

Me = Blue

What is the current and ACTUAL score of the war? 
3-1. We gave DCP the first win of Half Pipe since I and many troops didn’t feel like getting on and I was sleepy nig**.
There has been some cheating, why would you do such a thing?
Nobody that I know of has been cheating. Our chat sizes are usually much larger than our CP sizes. It’s not like we have 10 on chat and 20 on CP which would be clear proof of multi-logging. It’s more like we have 40 on chat and 30 on CP.
What about the DCP? 
I could care less about their sizes because they’re always smaller than us. All I know is DCP has been cropping pictures and editing comments in order to make HSA look bad.
How can you say this?
Most of my explanations are located in the victory posts. For one, there have been a few pictures that have been cropped to be taken out of context, such as Phantom saying he will use two penguins and the one of me 
Are you really sure about this?
100% since I was present during those scenes.
Anything else to say?
Phantom’s scene was during IW vs. Nachos which was at the same time as HSA’s CPWI tournament. He didn’t know who to log on for so he decided to use two penguins to log on for both HSA and IW. The HSA match was shortly cancelled when our opponent forfeited the match. Final Words : yeah ho* this is the finale, my pep talk turns into a pep rally. 

As DXDZN states, DCP may have edited pictures and comments and I think I have found legal proof.

“That was during a DCP and HSA meeting and I was mocking DCP of editing Redd’s comments. Note : The DCP have made threats of creating a DOS attack on one of our leaders. ” – DXDZN

To be honest, I am not sure whether or not DCP did cheat or not and if HSA did do some cheating. This whole things is turning out to be a scandal, if you ask me. Overall, the interview explained only faint points and much more is needed that. Further more, as an interview from a DCP leader is necessary, the post has not been fully cleared. Anyway, in my opinion, I think that there may be sufficient information but, as the ordinary cheat and win motto works here in the Army Community, one cannot be so sure to conclude the problem.

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ pιĸα мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPAC Reporter


17 Responses

  1. poop in my ass


  2. I do know that one of the hsa leaders multi-logs alot. Bearsboy! Idk if he does it anymore, but he did it for me in small armies. Ive also seen him do it in HSA, when I was 3ic.

    I thought this’d be good to know.


  3. DCP are ugly and afraid


  4. Poop in my ass,its flooding in the ground..its going to Josh.Its coming in The Storm.The Poop Storm.Now It Reached to Sakura’s House.Now He Cocked It.


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