Hot Sauce Flavored Doritos: HSA and DCP Playing Dirty in the War?

Well this war is heating up and can surely become a classic 1v1 battle such as the ones we have not had in a long time such as RPF vs. IW, Nachos vs. ACP, UMA vs. RPF, NW vs. ACP and so on. Now a days most wars end after an army gives up within a week, will this one actually end in a month or two after a bitter death of one or the others, a good old fashion square off? Well it is looking like it but so have a few this year that turned out to be disappointments. Ioioluk says this war reminds him of old 2010 battles as a bunch of smack talk is being posted on each armies site and the battles have been very close.

Now there have been many reports I have been getting in from many different army leaders, sources, leaked pictures and such and I haven’t seen any new posts on this stuff by reporters or any reporters to write about this but there have been accusations and info leading to both armies using allies, and cheating in illegal terms, 100% true it is uncertain, but this Mexican found something interesting out on his quest to bring you the truth!

DCP is being accused of allies, specifically UMA, there has been no proof of this as of yet but the belief is very strong of this according to a few HSA troops, and some others who are neutral in the war. HSA is being accused of getting aid of DW to match DCP sizes and Heroes as an Aussie force to invade when DCP sleeps. HSA is also being accused of changing times, servers, and adding additional invasions in between without informing DCP or posting a comment on the DCP site.

With this being said, I decided to go back to my former army in DCP to interview former leader and war activist Bam117 as well as go to HSA and ask friend and HSA Leader Freezie for an interview to discuss and clarify what is going on, to uncloud this confusion and clarify on these accusations.

My first interview is with Bam117:

Paco: So Bam, with a confusing win/loss situation in Summit, but a sure win in the invasion of Half Pipe, how does DCP feel in this war so far?

Bam: I’m sure DCP feels like this is the turning point of the war.

Paco: What would DCP like to achieve post-war?

Bam: DCP would like HSA to surrender and plead but if not death would be a big option.

Paco: HSA is being accused of changing times and adding invasions as well as taking an Aussie force from the Heroes, does DCP believe this is true?

Bam: Yes after we took a look into it, we found striking evidence to make this statement true.

(And infact DCP did, read after the interviews for more info on this evidence!)

Paco: DCP has also been accused by HSA troops as well as neutral civilians that UMA is being used for help, is this true?

Bam: No this statement is untrue, UMA is our ally but we do not need any help to defeat HSA.

Paco: Will DCP be participating in any of the invasions posted by the HSA although there is evidence of them changing it with no notification? Should they even count?

Bam: I don’t feel they should count being that they are all UK and Aussie team benefited and I find it unfair. And the times they changed it to would make it very hard for an army to fight at 2 AM.

Paco: With that being said, Is there anything you would like to say before I wrap this up?

Bam: Well, I really expected better from HSA considering they were the ones who declared war on us, it’s a shame they were that scared of us to change times of the invasions.

Paco: Okay thanks for your time!

My second Interview with Freezie:

Paco: Hey Freezie!

Freezie: Hey Paco =)

Paco: How do you feel this war will end?

Freezie: I feel this war will end with a mutual agreement from both sides at one point.

Paco: What would HSA like to achieve in this war?

Freezie: I think HSA would like to show everyone who we really are and that we can be successful on a daily basis.

Paco: With confusion on summit, but a sure loss of Half Pipe, what is HSA’s reaction to losing that?

Freezie: Well I was actually with family when I got on to hear we lost Half Pipe by Dx and told that HSA never logged on and blew it off, but he didn’t care because he sees that everything will go HSA’s way.

Paco: There are accusations of HSA using Heroes to enforce their Aussie team and DW aiding at invasions, are these statements true?

Freezie: Well DW leaders are not bringing in troops, Puf, Flo and Ana are on ranks and for our Aussie force, I believe most of Heroes Aussie force are also Leading HSA’s Aussie team so it is not using allies or anything.

Paco: Are HSA changing times and invasions without notice?

Freezie: As I said before, I was with family most of today, all I know is some times and invaisons have been changed by Dx and I do not know if DCP was notified or not.

Paco: Not exactly legal to change times under 24 hours.. but anyways any last thing you would like to say?

Freezie: O’Block Bang Bang

Paco: Thanks for your time!


Well, from evidence, there are a few pictures showing HSA did indeed change times from the original post as well as events, here they are:





So what do you think, is DCP using allies? HSA playing unfair? Comment on your take on the following events and possibly who you think will become victorious in this war!

Woo, milestone: 1000 word post, cuz I’m a boss! 😀

๖̶ۣۜۜCнιєƒ Paco ɪ

~CPAC Editor In Chief~

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24 Responses

  1. This is so biased. It’s obvious ACP won


  2. biased.


  3. Who the fuck is ROBO MAN anyway?


  4. Lmao. Basically no heroes troop came to the Aus invasion, and skyfish is in heroes, but is butthurt that we are helping hsa. proof of our invasion.


  5. Okay how the hell was this no reported: ?


  6. 2-0 DCP’s winning.
    Stop multi-logging and playing cheap. and


  7. I never tasted hot sauce flavored doritos but I bet they’re good.


  8. Fail. Biased much? Paco you are in DCP.


  9. Also how can night invasions be unfair if us Aussies can’t do tourney battles because of our different times. So what you’re basically saying is that Aussies can’t invade because of ‘night invasions’ as when when you invade it’s night for us? Times weren’t changed in the invasions either. You just don’t want to admit you lost. Thermal has been scheduled since Friday.


    • I am no longer in DCP, if you read close enough it said FORMER army, and I have a lot of friends in HSA, also, it is not illegal to use an Aussie force, but it is accused the HSA were using Heroes as the aussie force instead of their own.


      • Even though you are no longer in DCP, it does not mean you still favour them. Also a message to Doritos. It is not unfair for Aussie armies to invade at Aussie times as at American times Aussies cannot attend so that is a counter statement. Heroes Aussie force are all in HSA and that may have caused confusion. There is proof of DCP using allies however and to my understanding this is a no allies war. Skyfish is a Heroes troop who is an American soldier. He is not affiliated with HSA whatsoever. He is L.I.T and said this as our domain was transferred to LT.


      • I’m pretty much the only American in the army. It is true that HSA is using heroes as an “Aussie division” to win battles which most doritos can’t go to


  10. […] Hot Sauce Flavored Doritos: HSA and DCP Playing Dirty in the War? […]


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