CPAC March Madness Championship Results

Hello CPAC viewers, after the month of Madness and shocks in the tourney, the climax has arrived and the winner was chosen. I would like to thank all participating armies on the battles they gave and amazing effort given. To the Nachos and Ice Warriors for being the best at finishing battles and making it this far, and the judges for keeping the tournament well organized. Here are the headlines:

  • Nachos defeat IW in close battle
  • Paco goes to Miami for vacation, takes over Miami’s cocaine trade market, changes name to Tony Montana and gets shot in the back after taking over the city.
  • Blue1 and 2 Join street gang, Bloods and Crips finally unite.

We had a very close battle today, and we had an interesting system of moving and battling in 3 different rooms for 15 minutes each. At the end the scores for the three rooms were added up and the winner took home the gold. So, without further ado:


Winner – Nachos (6-0)


Winner – Ice Warriors (3-2)

(NOTE: IW was penalized -1 point for entering too early; original score was 4-2)


Winner – Tie (4-4)


Winner – Nachos (13-6)


Good job by the Nachos and thanks again for participating!


Had Fun? Would you like the March Madness Tournament to become an annual CPAC Tourny?


๖̶ۣۜۜCнιєƒ Paco ɪ

~CPAC Editor In Chief~

๖̶ۣۜۜSir Bluesockwa the 2nd

-CPA Central CEO-

7 Responses

    Good job both armies. Semi-Final ACP vs Nachos was better though.


  2. Nice little video of the battle. Really gets hectic at the end =D


  3. Good job all participating armies!


  4. Nice trophy.


  5. It was a hard battle. Good job Nachos!


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