Breaking News: Army of Club Penguin and SWAT Agree to Ceasefire

Just minutes ago on a SWAT chat, ACP leader Swimmerboy01 and SWAT leader Crazy agreed to ceasefire in ACP and SWAT’s current war.  ACP was having problem’s with their website, and some troops were unable to access it.  ACP and SWAT agreed to ceasefire for at least a week.  The agreement was that ACP would give SWAT the servers Mammoth, Snowflake, and Cozy.  ACP was given at least one week to get things fixed with their website.  After a week, the ceasefire will end when ACP fixes things with their site.  More information as it comes.

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

5 Responses

  1. K! You better get more info! 1st


  2. honestly i dont understand….. what happen to the site….?


    • A week ago Qwerty renewed our domain but he took that away from us and now some people have to realised we are back to . If you go to it goes to his private site and this also has a problem with our google search results.


  3. Ohnestly Is Wrong With ACP


  4. […] be invading all of ACP’s servers after the ceasefire until they are dead. Basically, the SWAT are currently rebuilding and are to strike next week whereas, after the so-called coup of Waterkid100 and then a […]


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