SWAT vs. ACP – The Battle For Breeze

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Breeze, March 19th- Special Weapons & Tactics logs on for their unexpected invasion of Breeze. The Army of Club Penguin prepares for battle as well, although very confident in their new found size. However SWAT will not go down without a fight, and won’t accept anything but victory. Who wins? Read on to find out!

Swimmerboy01, current ACP American Force leader ordered his soldiers to log onto Breeze to defend their beloved server.  The much improved American force was ready to prove themselves in war and try and force a staggering comeback. Ganger90, had similar plans in mind. SWAT had recently taken a large fall, dropping all the way to seventh in the top ten. When their retired leader and advisor Spi, defaced the SWAT website to prove a point to the rest of the army, it left them devastated  The site was restored, but major improvement was needed. Ganger90 decided to start a comeback making a big and unprecedented move. He would decide to declare war on the ACP and schedule invasions immediatly.

Many doubt ACP expected this, but they seemed to invite the challenge and did not look fearful of the SWAT army. Today, the first invasion of the war began and started this war off with a bang. To say it was a close battle is an understatement. Both armies maxed around 20+ with average to good tactics. Both armies also claimed victory in the battle. It appears the bulk of the battle was in the Snow Forts where both armies had around 20+ or higher at certain points. Now, let’s get onto the fun part, the battle!

Judging by the photos from both armies, it seems the start of the battle was fought in the Ice Berg where ACP made the standard “L” formation. SWAT charged them with a Games emote bomb as pictured below. In the photos provided on both armies sites, it appears ACP won this room.

It appears as not much fighting took place in the Ice berg, but the bulk of it took place in the Snow Forts. After using the map to teleport, SWAT made the popular backwards “L” formation under the clock tower. ACP charged into the room as well, but formed a line along the left side of the room.

As you can see, the range in size is very close. (SWAT did not have any photos of them performing tactics in the entire post) SWAT is maxing about 22+ and strategically spreading out to appear bigger. ACP on the other hand has around 16+ in these photos. Further into the battle of the Forts, ACP claimed the same position SWAT started in. At this point ACP’s size had increased heavily, but SWAT still appeared to be persistent. The Snow Forts appeared to be a very close battle and for that I’ve decided to consider it a tie in my opinion.

Much of the battle also took place in the Mine. SWAT began by making an “L” formation from the top of the left side. ACP charged SWAT with an E+Q Pink Ice Cream tactic. SWAT appeared to have around 20+ while I couldn’t make an accurate account of ACP’s size since they provided no clear pictures of them in the Mine. The room seemed to be a win for SWAT however.

Since I had an event with my own army, I couldn’t attend this battle to view it from a more detailed perspective, but based on the photos I was provided, (my opinion does not matter at all in reality) the battle seemed to be a tie with both armies having their advantages in certain rooms at certain points. Ganger90, SWAT leader claims SWAT was bigger and tied with ACP in tactics making it a SWAT win. ACP on the other hand claimed victory in their results post already. No official meeting or decision has been met yet by either army.

This battle was very close, and obviously it’s not just my opinion that matters so…. Who won? Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

~Buritodaily, CPAC Semi-Reporter

27 Responses

  1. Viewing from the pictures, I believe the battle was a tie, in which case the server is rewarded to the defending army.


  2. Has SWAT ever admitted defeat?


  3. I have to say tie. ACP started off big and got smaller. SWAT started off just plain small and got bigger halfway through. inb4madreplies


  4. I think ACP won because SWAT retreated multiple times and SWAT was the first to log off even though the armies didn’t make a time limit.


  5. i may not be apart of swat anymore, but i’m still loyal to them, SWAT FOR THE WIN!


  6. ACP Simply won are you blind?


  7. SWAT lost. nuff said.


  8. OBVIOUSLY they are trolling. Based on the pics, we pretty much killed them.


  9. @Monster & all the other people who thought this. SWATwas invading and ACP was defending. So once SWAT cleared the room they moved on to invade another room. Anyway, SWAT won Snow Globe & Klondike today! – Mr. Burns – Anti CP


  10. Hell will be unleashed ACP!


  11. ^ army hoping bitch


  12. The rebellion will come and I will gladly assemble my own private forces in order to combat ACP.


  13. ^ hoping TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL Love the new CPAC buttons.


    • Thanks, we’re working on a new site design. Hopefully it will be fully finished soon.


  14. It was a win for… ACP!


  15. hard to say it but…. it looked like swat won by 1 mile


  16. CPAC actually already decided it to be a draw *wary*


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