BREAKING NEWS : SWAT + Light Troops Websites Defaced

11:18 AM EST : Ana stated, “Ioio had everyone believing I betrayed LT, so I thought I would show him how to betray. I was at the events when he banned me.” More information soon.

Yes, the title says it all, the Special Weapons And Tactics website has been defaced by the one and only Spi. This round about happened on March 17th. Along with the Light Troops website down too.

As the SWAT website has been defaced, multiple posts of the same title and text have flooded the website. Here is an excerpt :

Yes. SWAT is defaced, It should’ve stayed dead/shut down. If you want to know why, please pc me when I’m online. :)

Ganger, your army is just full of powerhungry people who beg for ranks every minute,

SWAT is just ruined with this kind of leadership.

R.I.P  The old SWAT.

Now, this is not the first time it happened. SWAT’s website has been defaced multiple times, as you all may know. And without much avail, it either ends up shut down or something else happens. As Spi has mentioned about ranks, could this be one reason why he defaced the website? We have all been told that SWAT has many owners and that they have tried their level best to cut down on the number, will it be possible that more strict rules about ranks be passed? There are many unanswered questions, and those will be answered once more information is brought to light.Along with that, the Light Troops website has been defaced as well by Ana. She was a good friend of mine, in a sense, she was nice. But, let us get on with it.


This following quote was posted on LT site yesterday

“But most importantly because we need to show Jason and Ana how wrong they were for betraying us”

Notice who betrayed who.  I was at LT EVENT  two days in a row. First one Ioio banned me and I was helping LT even tho I am retired. Second day Ioio took away my retired owner legend status cuz I missed a tactic.

So, now you can say I betrayed you  by taking it all away.  FOOLS


That now leaves the SWAT and LT websites defaced. What will be the outcome? Will there be any avail? In my opinion, these two events could just be mere revenge. Revenge in armies at times may be necessary but, to such an extreme, I am not quite sure about that. Such loyal troops end up taking up this? Comment with your opinion.

Heh, could have put these two together but the update.

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ριкαcнυ мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPAC Reporter

P.S : Apologies for such a short post.

14 Responses

  1. As Swat 2ic, I somewhat know a lot. Currently The site is completely been defaced.All the pages have been deleted. The chat too, has been defaced so the temporary chat is currently . You can find me there if you want to know more.

    ~Matt, Swat 2ic
    We Will Return


  2. the irony




  4. I just don’t get it. Why would people want to be doing this sort of thing. A couple of days ago, the Tacos website was defaced. Now, the SWAT website. Why would people be wanting to do such a thing. Club Penguin is for fun. Club Penguin Armies should be for fun also, but how can we have fun if people are defacing other armies’ website. Think about that.


  5. he was mad at swat chat last night but i never thought he would go this far




  7. SWAT deserved it completely after what Ganger did to everything.


  8. How many times has swat been defaced? it seems like it happiens alot


  9. why the hell do you make a post on LT being defaced but you don’t link our new site? Are you stupid? This is like the 3rd post on LT being defaced yet people still don’t know what our site link is… EVEN THE TOP 10 MAKER.
    Link it –


  10. […] up a war against the Water Vikings which ended in a draw during an owner meeting. But, before that, LT witnessed a deface of their website or actually, a redirecting to their website from the one and only Ana (AnaJuju). Soon afterwards, […]


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