Army In Focus: The ACP and Why They Will Never Die (w/ Commentary from Dj)

The Army of Club Penguin. The oldest army in Club Penguin military history, created by Army Legend Oagalthorp. It has survived countless attacks, rebellions, hacking schemes, and much more. When newbies search up Club Penguin Army, the ACP website comes up. Many people love the ACP, and many others despise it. Will the Army of Club Penguin die? My answer is no.

The ACP has been around for about 6 and a half years now, and has powered through thick and thin. They have never died, even among numerous attempts to be killed. Here we have ACP General Djgtjvgyhxgy in an interview on what he likes about ACP and why they will never die.

CPAC (Me): Hello, and thank you for accepting my interview request.

Dj: No problem.

CPAC: So you believe the ACP will never die, or that at least it will take a while?

Dj: It will be a very long time until ACP dies. I’m sure it will be around until the end of armies, in some shape or form.

CPAC: And can you explain why you think this?

Dj: Well for one, the name Army of Club Penguin will continue to supply us with recruits for a long time.

Dj: Second, the ACP has numerous people that wouldn’t let the ACP die. People like Boomer and Oagal, who would likely step in if the ACP started to fall down to far.

Dj: The ACP also has a good amount of experienced veterans. By the time they all leave, a new set of experienced veterans will replace them.

CPAC: You were leader of the Romans for a long time, so what components did the ACP have that the Romans didn’t which enabled the ACP to last longer?

Dj: Well for one, the ACP hasn’t been reliant on an item that hasn’t been around in years.

Dj: Second, the ACP didn’t have to recover after they and their allies wiped us out in WWII.

Dj: Thirdly, as I mentioned before, they have the name Army of Club Penguin. What do you think the first thing a newbie is going to look up when they try to get into armies?

CPAC: Exactly that.

Dj: Exactly.

Dj: That and the ACP didn’t get hacked about 5 times.

CPAC: Last question, who do you see as a superpower within the next 2 years?

Dj: To be honest? I do not think there will ever be another superpower. Times have changed. The noobs that used to populate chats are dwindling. Leader’s are starting to get lazy and incompetent. They lack motivation, because they have nothing to fight for.

Dj: In my opinion, army’s are a disgrace compared to what they used to be. I came so I could help armies come back, but I don’t see any chance of that happening.

Dj: I feel that the time of the armies is about to close. We’re prolonging the inevitable now.

CPAC: I’ll have to stop you now, thank you for your time.


To sum down what he said if you did not read:

ACP will never die, Romans did not last as long due to multiple components, and CP Armies are going to come to a close soon.

So what do you all think? Will the ACP die, and if so when, or do you think they will survive? Comment or vote below!

20 Responses

  1. First
    *dies from excess ACP posts*
    Other than that interesting enough stuff


  2. I agree with the Dj’s opinions on ACP never dying and all.. but lazy and incompetent? You just can’t say that about even close to all of them. I know for a fact I work my butt off and am always motivated to help AR reach success. Leaders all over the community, even those I don’t specifically like, I still know they are working their very hardest for their armies. If you ask me, owners are starting to take more part in contributing to armies success than ever before.Not to mention how we bring in recruits. Club Penguin made it virtually impossible to find armies by recruiting on CP, only the few come in through CP these days. Recruiting off of tracking chats is way harder and more time consuming and tiresome. Although it may be unorthodox, anyone who recruits off of tracking chats and has success with it is anything but lazy. Perhaps a bit of a no life, but not lazy. 😉

    Also Cpt Awesome3 is awesome.


  3. this post kinda sucked, and who the hell cares if the ACP can’t die? all armies die in the end, fool.


  4. sadly nachos were before acp.


  5. Die? DIE? The ACP is the longest lasting CP army. So long I will last I get bored with CP and IT WILL NEVER DIE NEVER


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