The Return of TheGobFather of UMA

Just some while ago, TheGobFather (Goblin guy) , former leader of the Underground Mafias Army announced his return to UMA.

The army known as the Sleet Team were scheduled to be battling against UMA but, it seems they were a no-show and gave the UMA an auto win. The managed to max 20 troops with a reasonable display of tactics. Further more, just a day or two afterwards, their former leader, TheGobFather, announced his return today (March 14th). Here is an excerpt :

‘Tis True, your beloved former leader has officially come out of retirement. Now please, restrain your self from crying tears of mirth and joy, just long enough to finish reading this post. Then you may weep to your hearts content.

I have returned to assist the Underground Massive Airforce, in there steady rise to the top. Ever since the dawn of my career I have always been attached to one specific army. At first, it was a small army known as Cookies, then i threw my loyalty at the deceased FGR (RIP FGR) And lastly, OOHMA. When I retired, I had given up on OOHMA. And frankly, who could blame me? Constant coups. New leaders on a weekly basis, events with 5 people on CP. We were a sad shadow of what OOHMA used to be. And, within this wonderful world we all hopelessly devote our lives to, the only army I had a decent rank-considering how long i have spent playing this game- was this one. I felt like I put my money on the wrong horse. It was too late to start again in a new army, so I did the only thing I could think of. I retired. My intent, was to remain for a couple of weeks as a retired leader, to say goodbye to old friends, then depart for good.

Never did I expect a sudden rise in the Underground Massive Airforce, yet that is exactly what I saw. Not a huge boost. Nothing historical, yet enough to instill hope into the cynical young brain that is attached to my head. I saw the return of old friends, and some new faces (or, names i should say) So, i decided to return. To witness this one last stride in UMA history. Before I leave for good. Because I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this great army can return to its former glory. We are one of, if not the most, legendary armies out there. We should be in the middle of the renaissance, as Blue so eloquently put in his post. (Too lazy to include link, though if you have not read it it is worth reading) I believe with ever fiber of my being that we are about to enter a golden age. And I strongly encourage anyone who is not currently a part of this glorious army, to promptly join. This army is on a one way ticket to the top, I suggest you purchase a ticket.

On a much less intresting note, here comes the boring yet completely necissary aspect of the post. I am talking about the rank I will be given. I will be content with 4ic. Or premeir. Witch ever works for you. (wary)

And with that, i must bid you adu,

-Goblinguy OOHMA rank unknown

With this in store, what could the possibility of fate be for UMA now? The UMA, over the past months, may have decreased in the number of troops but, that does not mean that they are weak. Regardless of leader issues and inner army issues, the UMA have always stood up to the call and have prolonged their level best. Yet again, we must again see the true state of UMA. In a sense, to be clear, that we basically must wait to see how the UMA will respond to this. Every army has a different response to everything; may it be a retirement, return, collapse or whatsoever the event, an army will have its own response. But, when you look at in a different way, seemingly to say, the UMA are one of the few who really have the ability to buckle up and go through, which is my opinion. Over the many problems as a post about the return of Tanman (posted on CPA Central) states that there are many problems that are taking place, maybe Goblinguy has the ability to do so. But that too will come in store if he is given a rank through which he can. Like I must say, it always depends on the rank. Your duties in an army today, depend on your rank. I am not sure whether or not before duties were dependent on ranks but, nevertheless, it may have been dependent on trust. Anyway, comment with your opinion. Do you think the return of Goblinguy will create any shaking aspect for UMA?

●||»๖̶̶̶ۣۜмιѕѕ ριкαcнυ мιcнαєℓ נαcкѕση ℓσνєя«||●
CPAC Reporter

13 Responses

  1. i dont even know who this guy is


  2. Dafuq is he? O_o




  4. oh my god, who the helll carres?


  5. Who?




  7. Although, I am flattered that this is even on CPAC, I think most people who have not been apart a UMA will not care for this at all. Honestly, I led UMA for a day. When they were at the worst place. I was retired for less then two weeks. As Derek said that post was mostly a joke. Note the references to the girl(?) from earlier this year. Bottom line, for those who do not know me, this post was as relevant as a Camplazio comment.


  8. Who is this guy? xD


  9. What cameras and lenses music is a manifestation of joy, appreciate and bravery.

    Now termed limit blanket the required licenses or single construction blanket licenses.


  10. I love this post so fucking much.


  11. This post was actually painful to read.


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