Army of CP – On the Rise Once More?

Breeze – The once quiet ACP, is attempting to make a comeback for the #1 spot for the CPAC Top 10.


This post contains some opinionated objects. If you are below the age of 7 and/or are a noob please refrain from saying this post is biased or nooby. Enjoy.

The Army of Clubpenguin, after coming back from a huge fall, have finally risen up to what their expectations are, maxing borderline of 40 at US + UK combined events. and providing to do well in both divisions, with a stable ammount of 20 – 30 at times. But what is the cause of this rise? Well, in an attempt to revive the USA division in ACP, Kingfunks4 had created a desicion to make a choice and poll, between Swimmerboy and Kenneth1000 to obtain USA leader in ACP. The victor, Swimmerboy, is one of the main leading causes why ACP’s USA division rose, along with Kenneth1000 putting a strong effor into the army aswell. Along with this massive rise, ACP brings back the Olympics, which is very known and loved amongst ACP’s retired and present soldiers. Along with this fun, exciting event, they hope to bring in troops so they can join the fun amongst them, giving another reason for their sudden rise. Their massive rises, although, could bring issues amongst the Nachos kingdom, with the soon battle coming up for the Finals in CPAC’s tournament, the battle will become tense between the two rival armies. With an exception of that, ACP still seems to be continuing to rise, and doing much better than they were a month ago.

Here we have ACP doing a successful E+K tactic while circling the berg with 40, bordering 45 on CP

Here we have ACP doing a successful E+K tactic while circling the berg with 40, bordering 45 on CP

In the picture above, you can see that ACP has well over 35, and providing to show excellent sizes as this was an unscheduled event. I caught up to get an interview with Kingfunks4 to see their opinion and how this happened in the first place.

Me: Purple

Kingfunks4: Green

What is the cause of ACP’s sudden rise?

A few retired ACP troops are rejoining, and Swimmer and Ken’s promotions seemed to have helped. I wouldnt say this is a “sudden rise” however, as I have seen the ACP slowly work its way up the top 10 every week.

What will you do to continue ACP’s rise?

I will continue to use “Operation Revival”. Something we’ve been using under Asdfghjkl’s advise for a week or so and keep on recruiting and building. Nothing will change as long as we keep rising.

Do you think the ACP will continue to rise?

I think so, yes, but when it will stop, I am not so sure. I would say there is a limit of where armies can go now as CP recruiting is harder and Chat recruiting is limited and cannot always be used.


Kingfunks4 beleives that ACP hasnt suddenly rose, but has been rising slowly, and will continue to rise. The main cause was because of the boost in effort between Swimmerboy and Kenneth100 in the USA division. He also beleives that ACP will continue to rise, except he does not know when they will stop rising, and how chat recruiting is not always an option. He also mentions “Operation Revival” which is most likely a plan to revive ACP from their period of quite and small sizes.

Will ACP Keep rising, or will they fall? Will they stay the same? Will they claim the #1 spot and keep it? Comment what you think!

29 Responses

  1. wtf is this btw ACP needs colonies all small and medium armies welcome


  2. Buiscuts are tasty


  3. who the hell cares?


  4. Funny how acp just got 5+ vs. Nachos…


  5. It’s not funny… Its Hillarious!!!




  7. Swimmer barely contributes at all. He’s useless.


  8. Read the disclaimer. If you’re all going to act like 7 year olds then gtfo my post.


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