I Need Your Troops, Your Servers, And Your Army

KLONDIKE — The controversial colonial system has seen recent implementation in several major armies.

Note: Any ideas or opinion expressed in this post do not reflect those of CPAC or it’s staff.

I Need Your Troops, Your Servers, And Your Army

The Army of CP and Special Weapons and Tactics have recently widened their horizons to include small/medium armies as their colonies. This was recently a topic of controversy, as the Light Troops used their colonial armies to fight the Dark Warriors. The rights of colonies vary, but follow these general rules:

1. The umbrella army will supply troops in war.

2. The umbrella army will advertise the colony.

3. The umbrella army will loan servers to the colony. 

4. The colony must submit to the will of the umbrella army in wartime.

5. Advertising of the umbrella army by the colony.

The Army of CP currently possesses no colonies, but several small armies are believed to show interest. The SWAT possess no colonies as it stands. The Light Troops’ colonies status is unknown, but they are believed to have seceded. The last known LT colonies include the Assault Force, Tacos, Team Gold, Aces of Spades, and Pirates Army.

This colonial system was believed to had begun when the NSSA-backed Miners Army was supplied with NSSA soldiers in their war with the Pirates due to being a Nacho colony. The NSSA had several projects to gain Nacho colonies, of which included the Midnight Warriors and Miners. The NSSA colony protocol went along these lines:

1. A Nacho governor was to remain a mod in the army to oversee Nacho-colony diplomacy.

2. The colony would submit to the will of the NSSA and Nachos if needed.

3. Nacho troops would be sent in to settle disputes or wars if needed.

This plot failed when the internal leadership of the NSSA collapsed, causing the colonies to default and secede from the Nachos. The Light Troops later revived this idea, with the SWAT and ACP following along.

What are colonies considered? This question has been asked many times, but the general agreement is that colonies are a cheap, but legal part of their umbrella army. The Light Troops consider colonies an integral part of their empire, while the Nacho/ACP approach sees them as allies rather than an internal force. The Council has not presided over this issue, leaving the legality and status of colonies up to the leaders of each army. Several armies agree to be colonies for protection and their way into major armyship (however a large percentage die while being a colony.)

Are colonies a legal, fair institution in war? Or are they a cheap and unfair advantage? It’s up to you.


16 Responses

  1. >Are colonies a legal, fair institution in war? Or are they a cheap and unfair advantage? It’s up to you.

    All is fair in love and war. You should take any advantage that would give you an edge in combat. It’s up to the enemy to figure out a way to combat it, not whine about how unfair it is.


  2. Great post, and very well said. Honestly, I do think colonies are good, especially for small and medium armies. But of course, it helps the major army the most. It gives both armies some new active troops, and brings the two armies together.

    P.S *cough* miners are back *cough* ;3


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  4. *Ahem, ahem*

    I cannot be so accurate with my opinion but, it seems likely that with the many small/medium armies become colonies with large armies like S.W.A.T, LT and if ACP does too, then surely this will lead not to the better but the worse. And this is because how unfair army leaders can be at times, using colonies for their own advantage. Moving on, the Council not taking action is not so weird or whatsoever, but likely again, it is just a test. We cannot be really sure unless we have supportive evidence that they will. It’s just another term for ‘Wait n’ see’.


  5. Taking the whole colonies thing farther than was intended.


  6. It is called Ace of Spades not Aces of Spades


  7. It’s fair, but to accept colonization from armies that you don’t incredibly trust is idiotic.


  8. Soooo

    1. Wars between two armies that have signed a treaty are now possible because they can just send in their colonies
    2. During war, the army with the most colonies (and therefore, allies) wins, causing several rules to be made, e.g. “No Colonies”, which then causes public outbursts of whining with the occasional “you can’t make the rules up”
    3. Benefits are tenfold for umbrella army. If colony gets big due to umbrella army advertising and remain loyal, then the umbrella army will frequently send in the colony to fight and will win more wars (see no. 2). If umbrella army has 10+ colonies advertising them, they get much much bigger and, again, win more wars. If a colony is attacked, then the umbrella army and the rest of the colonies would help the colony being attacked, killing off the enemy and resuming normal lifestyle, with umbrella army and colony getting larger. Simply put, the umbrella army has to do very little to get the colony and itself large, and will get free advertising, new recruits, and help during wartime. If the colony gets these benefits, then they are just an ally and no longer a colony.

    Basically colonies are the umbrella army’s bodyguards who get a small paycheck, among other things.


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