Tanman626 Appointed as UMA Leader

Warning: This post is opinionated. If you do not wish to view a mostly opinionated post, do not read.

In the past week, two leaders have gone in as leaders in the UMA. The most recent is TanMan626, another “legend” for the Underground Mafias Army. He returned on the 11th, however no-one seems to have noticed… Will Tan Man’s return be the beginning of the end for UMA, or a rise?

To begin the post, let us analyze the facts. Tan Man has joined as the 4th leader currently in the UMA, and the 11th Owner. He has already scheduled a few events, with one of them going on at the time of me writing this. He re-joined Club Penguin military because of his broken foot, rendering him useless to do basically anything else.

Many of you are probably wondering, “Why UMA? Why did he not return to the Nachos as he always has?” An explanation of this can be found in the following…

As you can see, I have made a brief return to armies to help UMA come back to their glory. I had not ever planned on returning again due to my life being very busy, but just recently I broke my foot and had surgery on it which took me out of basically everything that I was doing so now I’m back! :mrgreen:

You’re probably wondering why I’m not helping Nachos like I always do, well mostly because I have nothing left to do in Nachos. I’ve literally done everything that there is to do in that army. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Nachos, it’s just that I want to try something new. UMA seemed to fit that spot.

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I am a Nacho Hall of Famer, Army Legend, and a ginger ;)

(For the full post, click here)

Since Tan’s return, he has also issued an active count, reformed the uniform, and more. Chat sizes seem to have grown slightly  larger, but nothing else has changed for the better. There are still negative aspects to his return.

The New UMA Uniform under Tan MAN

The New UMA Uniform under Tan Man


For one, this still does not fix the owner/ranks problem UMA has had. They have 11 owners, 20 moderators, and 36 members. As many people have seen however, only about 10 out of these 67 people are active.

Tan has failed to combat this, however he is working towards it. With the active count recently, only 9 or so people commented. Hopefully this means the UMA will remove all inactive members, however this is doubtful considering they seem to have not changed the ranks since January.  This leaves newbies confused an unable to get rank within days.

What do you all think? Will the UMA fall, or recover? Comment or vote below!

14 Responses

  1. That uniform seems to have a hint of Nacho in it.


  2. New uniform? Is that really needed?


  3. Underground Mexicans Army




  5. TanMan is going to revive the UMA. I can feel it, but I don’t like it.


  6. Tanman isn’t “returning” to the UMA. It’s his first time there.


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