Why The Retirement Of A Legend Can Affect An Army

Note: There was nothing to report about so far, so, it basically came down to this. Yes, it is one of those repeat/copy posts of mine.

We have heard of many legends retiring and the aftermath of their retirement – how their army reacts. Well, this post is based on it. It may be philosophic and not my job, but I was keen to give it a try to show retirement at a different perspective and angle. To find out more, continue reading!

When an army leader/legend (a legendary leader to be precise) retires, it shakes the whole army and questions arise,
“Who will lead our army?”
“Why did (the name of the leader/troop) retire?”
“What’s gonna happen now”

And other such questions is the aftermath of the retirement and this leads an army to destruction, failure in events etc and at one point, death. Unless, the replacement is worthy enough. When it really happens, it turns out that the whole army is helpless and needs someone good. When Waterkid100 retired, you could see the fall of the army – how they quickly decreased in number. It was amazing to see it; how the leaders said that Dec. 1st was when Pirates would come back and then prior the week before, not only does CPPA come back, but so does Waterkid100. But then again, everyone has their own perspective/opinion. Some found out good and some, found it horrible. Another example can be Ioioluk’s retirement from Light Troops or other notable leaders like those of Army of CP. Not necessarily does this happen, but at times, it is bound to happen.

It can be difficult to overcome and the only way to bring the army back together is that, everyone (members,moderators,owners etc) must work together and do what’s possible. They must decide on who the new leader will be (unless it was stated by the retired leader) , what their ambitions are and so on and so forth.

Why it really happens is, because the leader has been around for such a long time and everyone is dependable on that person, you really can’t be let down (unless it’s a worthless leader). When you’ve gained their trust, their style of leading etc, it really can be hard to get over it. But what happens is what has happened. You really just have to keep your socks up high and do what you can as a loyal troop.

Well, that’s that. Tell me something you didn’t like or have any problems with the content. Tell us what you think happens when something as such takes place.

P.S : I know the post is very short, I took this copied this post from my CP Small Medium Army Central post. So it’s basically the same thing. Couldn’t think of anything.

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CPAC Reporter

10 Responses

  1. 2nd


  2. Yes, good point to speak of. The army networks generally are over-dependent on one or a few central figures. When they retire, the network has very likely been set to disintegrate, so a new and stable leadership must be sought out as soon as possible, there CANNOT be any waiting around.


  3. Dude, the answer to the poll is obvious. Just saying, I don’t knoe why you put that there, anyone with half a brain will just choose think fast etc. other than that good post but fairly obvious stuff being written about here


  4. Nice post. To be honest, I have no idea why an army falls after their original leaders retire. I wonder if it has to do with the new leader’s recruiting skills and popularity among the troops.
    Also, who’s responsibility is it when an army falls? Is it the retiring leader’s fault or the new leader’s fault? I can’t find the answer, would someone please reply and tell me?


  5. […] falls apart. This has happened multiple times and this theory can be explained by my post about the retirement of legends. Either, LT seems likely to die or shut down and then Ioio comes back. But, now it seems less […]


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