In Focus: Communism in Armies (With Commentary by Mach)

The mysterious force known as Communism. Few armies have tried Communism in Club Penguin military. Some of them could be considered long-term successes. Why is this so? What is so special about Communism? If you are interested in learning more, read on.

To begin, let’s go over some basics. In case you do not know, Communism is an economic theory created by Karl Marx in roughly 1850. It is the idea that everyone is equal, and that all land should be shared between the citizens. Basically, the ultimate equal society that shares. Some examples of Communist nations in the real world include China, North Korea, and Cuba. The only current major Communist force in Club Penguin currently is the UMA.

The Hammer and Sickle is a worldwide symbol of Communism.

The Hammer and Sickle is a worldwide symbol of Communism.

In the real world, Communism has never been considered to have “worked” for a significant time. The only exception in this case could be considered the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (otherwise known as the USSR, Soviet Russia, or the Soviet Union). Here I conducted an interview with Mr. Machado of UMA to talk to me about Communism and the UMA.

Interview with Mach, Former UMA Leader

CPAC(Man of Steel): Correct me if I’m wrong, but UMA went Communist under Pink, correct?

Mach: No, UMA went Communist under Wgfv

CPAC: Would you call the turn to Communism a success?

Mach: Yes.

CPAC: And what happened after it went away?

Mach: It was taken away about a year and a half afterwords, where we didn’t really have a government.

CPAC: And when was Communism re-introduced?

Mach: Under Eyes.

CPAC: Would you call the re-institution a success?

Mach: Yes.

CPAC: Would you call Communism a success as a whole in the UMA?

Mach: Yes, UMA has not only survived but thrived under it.

CPAC: Thank you for your time.


Based on this interview, one can clearly say that Mr. Machado agrees that Communism is a key success factor in the UMA. Most people would agree, seeing as UMA was in their golden ages when Communism for them came around.

This brings me to my conclusion, how would Communism work? Generally Communism has a dark annotation, as it’s always led to dictatorships in the real world. So how would it work in armies? I have multiple theories, but this is not a post about my opinion on how Communism would work; it’s YOUR opinion. Multiple theories are listed below in the poll. If you do not agree with any of them, comment your idea below.

15 Responses

  1. Well, my views of Communism have changed since Wg introduced it back in 2010(?) and for the real world, it doesn’t work on a wide scale. Someone will always have more power than another and greed will run things. As for Armies, UMA, AR, AT and a couple of others have claimed to be communist, but for that to work everyone must be equal which is not plausible in large armies. The closest way to a True Communist Power here in armies is that the people need to work together, the majority must agree on a subject, and everyone must have a say. I personally think that the army must also vote on a Chairman (not a leader) who will serve as basically the guy who leads meetings. I would say more but I don’t want to bore people too much in a comment and may continue with a Philosophy post on this.


    • I don’t believe AR has claimed to be communist. AR really doesn’t focus on a government. Nations have governments, not armies. Some may compare us to communist, but in reality, that isn’t us. In reality, all armies simply have multiple dictators.


  2. Firstly, what is Communist about UMA? Since Communism is an economic theory, how can it be applied to CP armies which has no monetary system? Secondly, there is no truly Communist nation in the world. The current “Communist” nations are totalitarian states. Communism has merely been the vessel of control for dictators. I don’t see how Communism could possibly be applied to CP armies.


    • The idea of equality. There’s how it could be tied into CP Armies. No one rank is better then the other. For example, let’s say if you do well you are awarded a moderator rank. You may not do anything without leader approval, moderator is just a title. It would be a 3 rank system. Although I agree with everyone else, pure Communism is impossible.


    • Pungy is absolutely right about everything he said.


    • I agree. Higher chat ranks, as well as in-game servers, seem to be the closest things to a CP warfare economic system, not including XATs. A pure communist-like system in CP Warfare within an army would be where every basic army member, excluding the leadership in it, had the same chat rank. This very likely would end up being a bad thing, though, because soldiers would have one less thing to try working for. A communist CP Warfare community itself would probably be where every single server in-game would be shared equally. This would be a bad thing, too, because it would make the desire to compete for servers fade away. In fact, the once popular fighting server of Mammoth was socialized by a very large anti-ACP coalition in late 2008, whom where infuriated after Oagalthorp and ACP attempted to prevent the server from becoming communist. After ACP was crushed and communism to Mammoth persevered, whatever fun Mammoth had on it was diminished quickly. Today, even Person1233, a leading figure in that anti-ACP alliance, clearly admitted that was a horrendous mistake.

      And regarding real-life communism, yes, it’s really not existent, as it requires a lot power to a certain group of people in that society to enact the changes into communism, and power corrupts.


  3. Completely agree with Pungy. And btw, the raw definition is correct, however there can never be a perfect communist society in the real world. It would seem like an utopia. All today’s and the past (USSR) communist regimes are totalitarian


  4. China is not Communist, Soviet Russia was not True communist, Soviet Russia was Stalinist, a derived form of Communism, with similar economic beliefs, China, North Korea, and Cuba, Or NOT communist. They are all Communist States, which means the Communist Political Party is in Control of the country. Communism has never really existed, because it is virtually impossible to have Communism without Anarchy (no government/ chaos) THe only way it would work is with an oligarchy. Which is what UMA has. True Communism never has, never will and does not exist, however, deriived forms do still exist, such as Stalinism (Cuba/ North Korea) And A Communist state (China) True COmmunism is more based around Economy, and equal rights and No major power which means, China And any other country CAN NOT be communist.


  5. Those who were not in it originally have a hard time understanding why UMA implemented it.. It was not about soldier equality or government or economics like many suggest. Wg originally put in communism to put fear in the enemies of UMA and scare away any potential rebellion. Most of the communist governments in real life were forces to be reckoned with. UMA before Wg took over was a mediocrity and was not taken seriously by any major army. By calling UMA a communist army and adopting the soviet constitution, it showed that UMA was going to be stomped on, and it was a key part of the success of the army during Wg. There were few successful rebellions and one of UMA’s few stable leaderships. Communism played a big part in that.


  6. […] also plan for late March or Early April a post about Communism in armies since Man of Steel’s Post got me thinking. I also plan on a Post about Colonies if they start getting more prominent thanks […]


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