Retirements of BA Legends xiunknown, Ioioluk, and SaW

This week armies have seen the retirements of three people who have been the foremost leaders of the Black Alliance in past months. Now, with the alliance splintered and both their armies closed/in a slump, these army greats have left once and for all.

BEANIE, Light Troops Empire – March 9, 2013

Ioioluk Retires from Light Troops, Leaving Tylund and MrCool as Leaders.

Ioioluk’s retirement came in the midst of a chaotic time for LT: the army was falling, and was embroiled in a hate-filled war with members of the splintered Black Alliance. Ioio’s retirement only served as a further blow, though the convenient closing of DW saved them there, and they have begun to rise once more.

Excerpt from Ioioluk’s Retirement Post:

Hey LT[and other armies].

Well, I’ve decided it’s finally time to let someone else get the leader job, so I’ve decided to retire. I’m getting old and I’m slowly losing interest in CP Armies. It’s getting harder and harder to hide this CP Armies stuff from my real life friends and also, I’m a bit sick of having people looking for my personal info all the time.

I’m really not sure where to start. Most people start explaining how they joined CP Armies and stuff like that, so I guess I’ll do that too.

The way I started CP Armies is very original. Most people start out in ACP or Nachos, but I started out in a really special way. I had a bunch of friends on CP on the server Ice Box and we created a Blue Army together. We were technically a rogue army back then,  and I didn’t know ACP and other armies existed. I decided to make a chatroom for me and my friends to go on, so I looked up on google “chatroom” and I got on XAT. I’ve created a xat chat and tried my best to get my friends to look it up, but trust me, it really wasn’t easy since we weren’t the first Blue Army on Google results. Anyways, someone named Joee came on Icebox one day and saw what I was saying, so he decided to look up my chat and actually found it. I asked him how to make a site since he seemed like a pro in that, and he showed me WordPress. He made BA’s(blue army, not black alliance) first site, and then added me to it. Then, he showed me that CP  Warfare was actually a legit community. […] We eventually made it into the small army top 10, and I felt like such a good leader. Ok, don’t laugh, I was a noob.

Anyways, I kept leading BA, and I realized that our site was not first one google when you searched “blue army of cp”, so that made us lose recruits from CP. That’s when I decided to change the name to Blue Miners army. I’ve led BMA for like 4 or 5 months straight and we had our ups and downs but I never gave up. We stayed #1 in the medium army top 10 for like 2 or 3 months. For leading BMA to such greatness, SMAC and CPAE made me a Small and Medium Army legend. Anyways, that’s about how I started out in CP Armies. I’ll just post some of BA and BMA’s best pics. If you want to find out more, you can just go on the official sites. Note, the BMA site posts were deleted :( .

Anyways, on early January, BMA died since people got very inactive. I really wasn’t sure WHAT was going on because I was not used to it. We went down from 20 to like 5 in less than two days. It was the first time dealing with what most people call “an army depression”.

So I decided to make a new army – The Light Troops. We hit 25 on our first event and we were holding our ground(Ice Box) against the Dark Warriors. LT and DW actually had unscheduled battles on Ice Box everyday. Anyways, I won’t start giving out the whole history of LT in my retirement post. I’ll probably make a page for that later.

Read the full post here.

Ioioluk had appointed Tylund and Mrcool as the leaders of LT, but soon after Tylund left for IW.


FROSTY, Former Dark Warriors Empire – March 7-10, 2013.

SaW and xiunknown Retire, DW Closes Down

DW has long been embroiled in a brutal war with the Light Troops following the collapse of the coalition formerly known as the Black Alliance. On March 7th, the Leadership of DW made the decision to close down, with leader Flo saying:

This DW gen is NOT dead, it is simply inactive. The DW on March 21st is not a new generation, we are simply taking an inactive spell, and we’ll be back. I cannot stress this enough, DW didn’t die. We didn’t “run” away either. If Ioioluk wants to go for round 2 on March 21st, then he can.

NOTE:  You may join other armies, but once March 21st comes around, you MUST quit that army. Some DW are joining Nachos, don’t get fooled by them, they’re saying were evil because there mad we killed them. ;)

Everybody will be back March 21st. You may not feel it now, but come a week before, you will. We’ve assessed the recent performances from DW, and it just seems we need a good 2 week break.

DW will be back March 21st, this is not forever. We simply need a break, and we’ll be back. The leaders need motivation, and the troops need a break after all the endless wars. Use this 3 weeks for relaxation, and prepare for another age of Darkness, just like December. Ioioluk, if you want to have another go, then you can go. You are a useless leader who can’t anything but make up accusations to gain an advantage in a war. Watch your back LT ;)March 21st, 2013. This is far from over.

The day after this, DW Legend xiunknown announced his retirement from armies. Excerpt from his retirement post:

This should have been posted a few days ago, but whatever

Yes, I’ve finally decided to retire. After weeks of questioning, this is it. I have no interest in armies anymore. That is why I barely come on xat anymore, I don’t find them as fun as I use to. When I get bored with armies, I try to think that they’ll be fun again. But I’m 15 soon, and I just don’t get that feeling anymore.

Will I ever be back to armies? I don’t know.

Will I visit Xat? Not often, but yes. 

Don’t ask me to join any armies, because I am done. I don’t even feel the need to write a long retirement post.

We burn the light,

DW Legend xiunknown

A few days later, SaW, also a DW Leader and an Army Legend, announced his own final retirement. Excerpt from his post:

Hello Dark Warriors,

As you can see, I have not been trying the past 2 months (ever since after the Nachos war in January.) This is because my social life increased and I’m getting older now. I’m starting to hang out with friends more, and I also got a girlfriend to care of.  I have lost interest in CP armies, and I can’t stay any longer. It’s about to get really nice outside, and I won’t have absolutely no time for this stuff.


I have been playing this game for almost 6 years. It was fun throughout the years, but really, CP armies are facing a huge fall right now. Ever since Iceyfeet1234 retired, CP armies took another fall. On the other hand, I enjoyed my time in CP armies, made friends, led one of the greatest armies in CP warfare (DW), and won many great wars. I personally enjoyed recruiting as well, since it was so easy but really hard for others. There is a time where you will get tired of doing something that you once enjoyed doing it. That is when you grow up, you get a girlfriend or a boyfriend, hang out with friends, and living that teenage life.

Throughout all of these years, I had the best experience ever. Recently, I received my legend title by CPAC, something that I wanted since the beginning of my career in CP armies, being at least recognized and not forgotten. Now that I have accomplished my goals, it’s time for me to depart. I have done good and bad things to this community, but I would like everyone to forget all the bad things I have done. I really do regret for all the hacking I have committed throughout my time here. For all those who were victims, I’ll say this again, I’m sorry.

I have a really long history, and for me to write it will take hours. Many of you already know what I did in CP armies, so it doesn’t really matter for me to write it. I joined CP armies in June 10th, 2007 and which I joined UMA first.  Throughout my career, I led armies such as Golds, CPEQ, SWAT, UMA, DW, and ST. All of them were excessively large under my leadership, in which I gained my legend title for.

For all those who recently joined armies, and are focusing on getting legend, have faith in yourself. Do every way possible for you to get that legend title. Be determined, and you may get it.

The loss of their two great longtime leaders left a void in the closed DW. Flo, DW leader, reassured the troops that these retirements were not the end of DW and that they would be back on the 21st to wreak havoc on LT. However, yesterday DW returned early, just a few days after their closing, with several scheduled events.


With the retirement of three of armies’ greats, it seems safe so say we’ve ended the Black Wars and that the BA is truly dead. It is worth noting, however, that the BA reached its height of success in the crusade against ACP under the leadership of these three leaders. With the BA now gone and their former armies at each other’s throats, this chapter is truly over. But armies have lost three recruiting greats, powerful leaders, and revolutionaries in these three, and their impact will surely be felt long after they are gone.

 ♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO

CORRECTION – 8:11 PM: The original article stated Flo was the sole leader of DW. Puf is also a DW leader at this time.

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  1. Puf is still leading DW.


  2. Also why not say something about Crazy losing his spot position *cries*


  3. And yet not a mention of my retirement, meh haha.


  4. Basically sums up today’s Army Community, if you ask me. I, to be honest, am sick and tired of armies myself, they’re not on my interest list, never were, never will but, I just do so for the heck of it, and pass away time by reporting on websites. That explains why my highest rank is Moderator on SWAT. 😛 A topic to discuss about it is.


  5. I wonder how old Lord Pain is…


  6. xiunknown and SaW are not BA legends, lol


    • Yes, but look in the Legends page, and you’ll see that SaW is a CPAC legend. So actually think about what you’re talking about before you go around blabbing 🙂


  7. I’ve been retired, I didn’t take anyone’s place in LT.


  8. waterkid your stupid Xd, and aqua Lord Pain is 4ic or 3ic i dont remeber…

    And Remeber Kids!, Waterkid is Stupid! 🙂


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