Pirates and Rebel Penguin Federation War Ended

Though only recently did the war between RPF and the Pirates begin, but after only two days it has already ended.  What was the outcome of the war?  What was the reason for it ending?

Though the Pirates claimed to have owned Tuxedo and Ice Box, the two servers were on RPF’s list of servers.  The Pirates cleansed the two servers.  There was no sigh of RPF at the events.



The Pirates claimed both servers from RPF, and one picture was posted for proof of RPF claiming Ice Box:


However, the Pirates also had an invasion of Parka, though they did not post any results on their site.  RPF Kevin made a results post on the RPF website claiming victory against the Pirates:

Well, Considering the Pirates had NO ONE on chat nor CP until the middle of the battle , We Successfully defend Parka.

It appears the Pirates have claimed both Tuxedo and Ice Box while RPF has defended Parka, with no clear opposition by either army.  Though the Pirates claim the war to be over, RPF has yet to make a post on their website stating the same.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the war?  Why was it ended so fast?  What will the two armies do now that their conflict is over?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Associate Producer

4 Responses

  1. Funny how DereK says “I think so” :mrgreen: First booyah!


  2. The war was ended because they realized how stupid it was.


  3. This war was the literal definition of retardation. Water was a real idiot to declare war on an army that can barely hold sizes of ten.


  4. Silly, silly, silly.


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