Coolster Returns to the UMA

Hello everyone! My name is Man of Steel, however some of you may know me as Cpt Awesome3. I am a new reporter here at CPAC, but that is beside the point. On with the post!

Recently in the Underground Mafias Army, one of their “legends” has returned. His name is Coolster114, two time leader and considered one of the best leaders the UMA have had. He led them in a Golden age during the Spring of 2012, averaging 35+. His return has sparked great joy in the UMA, but what will happen because of this? Will the UMA simply fall again, or will it rise to new heights?

First off, let us analyze facts since his return on March 10th. Overall, nothing major has changed. Of course, no events have happened since then, but there have still been changes. First, the chat size has gone up. In previous days, the UMA chats would average 1-5, 6, or 7 people. Since his return, the chat’s have had 10 or more.

Another positive aspect of his return is troop morale. Overall, the troops seem more happy, and more active (as evidenced by the chat size). On Coolster’s post, most of the comments sounded something like “Good to have you back”.

However, there are still negative aspects to his return. To start off, that means more leaders. For most newbies to the UMA, the chain of command is confusing enough. Right now, they have 12 owners in the army, and 5 leaders. Half of these owners aren’t even active. This prove’s that Coolster’s return has caused some confusion and disorientation.

Adding on to the confusion and disorientation is the ranks page, along with others. Because of this confusion owners seem to have no idea what they are doing. For instance on the ranks page, one Owner is also a low Moderator. Recruits are not given ranks within the 2 day period promised, and almost nothing other than the home page seems to be updated.

The facts are presented to you. It is now your choice to decide, is the return of Coolster a good thing, or will it be their demise?

8 Responses

  1. Nice post!


  2. Great post, but remember, the soldiers are just as important as the leaders. We could have the best leader ever and the worst soldiers ever, and be completely inactive.


  3. is uma still alive?


  4. UMA should totally reset owner ranks.


  5. Coolster’s back? No way. Now, if Derek and I came back…oof, watch out.


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