Army Revivals

Hello CPAC. Today, I am here to ask you a question. Once an army fades away (or dies), would you like for the army to remain dead, or would you rather want it to come back?

I personally despise seeing armies being rebuilt after their deaths. Everyone knows the UMA and RPF, and most of you now know where this is going.

Around the first generations of Club Penguin warfare, these armies used to rule the game. They had major sizes and were one of the most successful armies that ever existed. However, as time passed, the army started to fade away slowly and right now they are basically nothing compared to their old generations. The difference between the present and past is not only their sizes and tactics, but their atmosphere/aura changed as well.

I hate seeing armies being rebuilt. Even if the previous generation of the army once succeeded but unfortunately died, the whole army still remains respected. However, the a newly created generation of a dead army overwrites their legacy. Therefore new troops tend to remember the new generation instead of learning the old generation’s legacy. It’s hard to explain, so let me use UMA as an example.

Unfortunately, the UMA have been serving under countless leaderships of those who don’t know what the hell they are doing. Now, most of the new troops that decide to join the Club Penguin warfare community have no clue what major impact the UMA had in the past. Most of them think it’s just another medium army that has been under depression for a long, long time. And the UMA are doing pretty well recently, but some troops hesitate to join because they are afraid that they will fall and be revived over and over again.

Same goes to the Rebel Penguin Federation. The old RPF were the best army that ever existed in my opinion. They were my idol. But now, the RPF changed dramatically and is being lead by some incompetent leader that has not been showing any kinds of  improvement whatsoever.

Don’t you guys find it sad that these armies have changed so much throughout the years?

In the other hand, there have been armies that have decided to stay dead, such as the Black Panthers, Impossible Mission Army Force, and the Club Penguin Air Force (from 2007). These armies are being protected by copyright and are forbidden to revive under any circumstances. These army legacies remains as it was from when they started, and their history has been untouched for years. This is my ideal for Club Penguin armies that have died.

However, I don’t really care if new armies are rebuilt. If a newly created major army were ever to die and they revive, idagf. But if an ancient army dies and they revive, igaf.

I know you guys are sick of these posts were I talk bull$hit about the old Club Penguin warfare, so here’s the main question.


~Tнє Fσяgσттєn

15 Responses

  1. I agree, Caliwar and Kevin are complete noobs for trying to lead the RPF, giving them a bad name.


  2. SWAT, DCP, LT, DW, they’re all armies that constantly die and are revived, yet nobody has anything against them, so why are so many people (not just the OP) against reviving older armies, but not these ones? Armies like RPF, UMA, Nachos, ACP never died, because there’s always someone that keeps them going. They don’t give up like the newer armies and say “Let’s revive this again on.. say… April 1st! Then we’ll be big again!” See where I’m going?


  3. What’s the point of just ranting about something for an entire post and then just contradicting yourself in a sentence at the end (“I guess we have to accept the changes”)? Sounds like you’re just having a conversation with yourself.

    Also, inb4 nachos the best long standing army around


  4. *makes elites 76th gen*


  5. IMFA such a Legendary Army their site is so preserved and looks old but their Legacy Lives On


  6. I would love if a really old army would revive.


  7. I feel as though reviving an old army is a gamble, a risk. But generally, it depends on who seeks to revive it. if the leaders are clearly incompetent, then they really should not be able to revive the army’s name.


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