RESULT REVIEW: Pirates v. Nachos


What a magnificent battle for the semi-finals of the March Madness between CPPA , Club Penguin Pirate Army, and Nachos. The two sides put up a impressive fight for a place for the semi-finals.

The two army’s had a superb size both had 31 on Club Penguin. It was a debatable battle and it all came down to a tie breaker. It was all down to the judges and it was a very hard decision for them either CPPA or Nachos both amazing sides. But who won? Lets find out:

Nachos, as you can see, had a tremendous size as you can see below:


A brilliant size and with a Fabulous tactic. Here’s some more pictures:


They had a great consistency and pulled of a great tactic!


These are the pictures of CPPA’s tactics and size, which was as outstanding, like Nachos:9711a541b88645049493ccb

Circling the burg is a great way of winning a battle. They also had a great tactic with the size:


Great size and determination from CPPA here is the last picture from CPPA.


This battle was truly amazing and I can’t emphasize how good of a battle it was from both sides. The size was tremendous and the tactics were as well! It was a tight ending and was put to a tie breaker, was it CPPA or Nachos? It was decided by the judges and it was really hard for them to decide but they decided for Nachos to win! But I have to say congratulations to both sides for putting up a great fight for a place in the semi-finals of the March Madness.

~Joshg1 CPAC Reporter~

11 Responses

  1. Wow I’ve never seen Pirates this big, both armies did equally well.


  2. The judges said 31


  3. Good post, nice vocabulary. Keep up the good work.




  5. “The two army’s had a superb size both had 31 on Club Penguin” Huzzah! Someone can count 😀


  6. judges dont count the pre-battle. 😛


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