Day 1 of Round 2 RESULTS!

Well the Elite 8 put up good fights and many of these were EPIC. I am really excited as the tourney heats up big time! Here are the headlines for day 1:

  • Pirates get 35, almost upset the Nachos.
  • ACP wins blowout as Tacos forfeit 10 minutes into event.
  • IW stroll along past AR for the last Elite 8 Spot, will face SWAT Sunday, March 10th.
  • Nachos leader Puckley gets deported after confusion of a sombrero at the Plaza of Klondike.

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First Battle: Nachos vs. Pirates

The Event was a very, very close one, might be the battle of the week unless DCP, MW, IW, or SWAT can top it, The Nachos maxed 37 and averaged 35 with amazing tactics, the Pirates got the exact same sizes, leaving the event to a tie, so tactics were very important, with very good tactics by Pirates in line formations. Consistency however went to Nachos as the Nachos were constantly moving and making different tactics, the word tactics made them win this category.

Size: TIE; 0-0

Tactics: Pirates; 2-1

Consistency: Nachos; 3-0

Tie Breaker: Nachos; 4-2(Points from all topics added up)

Winner: Nachos!


Second Battle: ACP vs. Tacos

This was short, the ACP won everything with Tacos not showing, then Tacos at last forfeit with embarrassing chat size as the chat had around 3 people on, ACP got 35 on this event and averaged 33. So yeah… thats pretty much it…

Size: ACP; 3-0

Tactics: ACP; 3-0

Consistency: ACP; 3-0

Winner: Army of Club Penguin!



Third Battle[Round 1 retake]: IW vs. AR

This was also a good battle, IW had around 30 at max and had 26 average, AR had 24 max and averaged 21. Tactics were well executed by both but IW went near perfect with them. Consistency had Ice Warriors all over them as AR was a bit unorganized after bombs.

Size: IW; 4-1

Tactics: IW; 4-1

Consistency: IW; 5-0

Winner: Ice Warriors!


So with this, IW will face SWAT in the Elite 8, Nachos and ACP advance to the FINAL FOUR! and the bracket looks like this as of now:


So here is my question to all of you, what army has the desire to have their name in this trophy?:


๖̶̶ۣۜCнιєƒ Paco

~CPAC Editor In Chief~

27 Responses

  1. For the award shoulden’t be penguin flippers holding it instead of human hands?


  2. Why is there no picture of CPPA??? I uploaded all of them


  3. Kingfunk you must be blind Pirates had between 35-40 on clubpenguin look at our pictures you fool


  4. CPPA should have won. The voting was bias, even though I adore the Nachos.


  5. “Nachos leader Puckley gets deported after confusion of a sombrero at the Plaza of Klondike.”

    I’m more confused on what this means exactly xD


    • XD nachos win still yay! Im a nacho and im proud to be one! Also i was there and i was more than happy to help my fellow nachos!


    • It means that u got dis conected because a random penguin was wearing a sombrero who wasnt a nacho. I think this is wut it means….. XD


  6. ACP is getting some really easy targets


  7. Pirates should of won


  8. US (by us i mean us the acp deserve the trophy)


  9. Bring it on, ACP.


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