The Migrator Play

MIGRATOR — The storied creator of the Pirates returns after a long search by the Pirate troops,

Note: This post is not meant to promote or condemn any parties mentioned.

The Migrator Play

Bid Now was the creator of the Pirates army, circa 2007. After a leadership change, the army fell into former Pirate Coolster’s hands, before it was inherited by current Pirate Leader Waterkid. Before this had happened, Bid Now had mysteriously vanished. As a side quest second to their destruction of the Army of CP, Waterkid and his troops went on an Internet-wide search for their creator. Several contacts knew a piece of his story, such as rumors of him being in Runescape by former employees of his cheats site. Because no one in the current Pirates army had ever personally met Bid Now, it was a priority to find the creator to acknowledge that the army had survived and flourished. However, a recent visit from Bid Now has caused the Pirate troops to erupt in vigorous cheer for the return of their creator. From the words of Bid Now himself, he claims he found the army was still alive after a visit to the chat of his former domain, the Dark Warriors. Now being worshiped in his old army, Waterkid has announced his intention to make him a leader of the army; although he claims he does not want such an honor due to time restrictions, though he claims he will try his best to serve the army.

Bid Now is a Pirates leader, former Ice Warrior, former Gold, and former Dark Warriors leader. It is unknown if Ace Fireken or Max will remain leader due to this leadership addition. This week, the Pirates finally broke into the Top 5 of the CPAC Top 10 at number 4. They defeated the Hot Sauce Army in a closely contested battle in this month’s CPAC tournament. Recently, they concluded a war with bitter rivals ACP with the aid of the Light Troops, Dark Warriors, and Hot Sauce Army.



13 Responses

  1. Pirates, be glad your creator still cares 😉


  2. Grow Big, Grow Strong


  3. May CPPA beat the Nachos.


  4. Hope Bid starts a civil war within pirates.


  5. Sounds legit.


  6. Ace is retiring in a few weeks so it’ll be fine.


  7. Yay Bid Now is back 😀


  8. […] up to the Top 3 this week after a fantastic showing against the Nachos. They started off with the return of Pirates creator Bid Now after a long-running search was completed. They then hit the ground running with a 25+ training session and another 30+ session a few days […]


  9. The link to this post ( gave me hope, then quickly crushed it.


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