CPAC March Madness Day 1 of Round 1 Results


A REALLY busy day today in CP Armies with Day 1 of Round 1 of the CPAC March Madness Tourney over, with further notice, here is the big news about the Tourney:

  • DW decides to join in on the fun, will face SWAT Sunday, March 3rd.
  • LT forfeits, Nachos Win in 1st Round
  • ACP makes a statement with 35+ round win
  • Pirates win in tight match, advances to face Nachos
  • Heroes almost upset, but fall to Tacos in the last seconds.

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First Battle: Pirates vs. HSA

This battle was a well fought battle, the armies stayed close for the full 30 minutes. The HSA started real strong in tactics and consistency while sizes were tied, later in the event the Pirates gained the shift in tactics, consistency and size, and the last part of the events were pretty even, but Pirates had more people in the ending, so in all, the judges had selected like so:

Consistency: HSA; 4-1

Size: Pirates; 3-2

Tactics: Pirates; 4-1

Winner: Pirates!


Second Battle: ACP vs. Pretzels

The ACP look like they are back to their glory days in a size that shocked us all, ACP got 35+ again and got multiple pools on chat, ACP had filled the Forest and PCP ended up fighting the full fight despite the odds. ACP kept tactics, consistency, and size the whole time but the Pretzels fought with honor and did their best. It was a good try but it seems like ACP is on the return with this change of power.

Consistency: ACP; 3-2

Size: ACP; 5-0

Tactics: ACP; 4-1

Winner: ACP!


Third Battle: Nachos vs. Light Troops

Well this was an anticipated battle of the day, in the end the Nachos one with 35+ BEFORE the event, LT decided to forfeit with only 8 on chat, after this disappointment however, Nachos continued their spree of size around for training, and well

Winner: Nachos!



Fourth Battle: Tacos vs. Heroes

This battle was really good as the Tacos began really well winning in size, tactics, and consistency, but it fell halfway through as the Heroes grew, and as the heroes grew, their tactics and consistency rose, this burst by the Heroes almost one them the match and caused an upset to the Tacos, in the end it was too late for that comeback and the Tacos will face ACP in the next round.

Consistency: Heroes; 4-1

Size: Tacos; 3-2

Tactics: Tacos; 3-2

Winner: Tacos!


10 Responses

  1. Well done.


  2. Like how you exclude the heroes wrecking the tacos tactics


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