Breaking News: A Change in ACP Leadership

On March 2nd, 2013, Kingfunks4 has announced a new leader in the Army of Club Penguin to improve its U.S. division. He announced there would be important changes in the owner ranks on the 1st of March at the ACP chat, and today, he made it official. The Army of CP has a new Supreme General (Leader), Swimmerboy01, and new Head General (2ic), Kenneth1000. It should be interesting to see if this puts ACP back on the right track after falling out of first place for a long time now. 

For a while now, ACP has been struggling compared to the era they dominated previously. They’ve had a long streak of not being No. 1, something that hasn’t happened in eras. In this new era, ACP Supreme Generals have been looking for a solution to this issue, and a large part of that is their weakened North American troops’ activity (or U.S. Division). Kingfunks4, current ACP Supreme General, announced on the 1st of March that he would be making changes that would hopefully affect ACP in a good way, these changes mostly concerning owner ranks. Today, he made it official on the ACP website:

Yesterday I announced on the chat that there would be some changes to the owner rank. As you may have already known, I was promoting someone to the leadership position to try and improve the USA division. The poll clearly did not work, as we do not have over 100 people in the ACP. I considered a revote, but in the end in an ownership meeting we decided that we should just pick the new leadership as it would probably be close in a comment vote as well. If you want to see what the new ownership is, I suggest you read on.

SWIMMER is the new Supreme Commander || KENNETH is the new Head General

There will be no new owners, just a change in what rank they are to try and grow the USA side of the army. If you are unsure how the ownership looks, here it is:

 Supreme Commander: Kingfunks4 and Swimmerboy01

Head General (2ic):  Foldez, Kenneth1000

Commander General (3ic):  Pinkgirl3919, Purple Slime4, Snaily5

In a synopsis, Funks has decided to promote Swimmer and Kenneth because the U.S. Division has been struggling. The U.S. owners will have more control over the U.S. portion of the army, which Kingfunks believes will be benevolent to the army. With these events, this is the fourth dual leadership in ACP history.

Interview with Kingfunks4, ACP Supreme General

Snivy: What was the main reason you decided to promote a new leader?

Kingfunks4: The USA force was failing badly, this was shown in the recent war against the HSA who generally had 15+.

S: How long have you thought about promoting Swimmerboy01 to Supreme General?

K: A month or so, but before he was not active enough and now he has stepped it up and the troops wanted him to step up as leader as well.

S: Do you think this will take the army back to its former glory?

K: It will help, but I cannot judge if it will take us back to record breaking sizes. Not many people thought Boomer would reach the sizes he did, but he did.

With this change, ACP hopes to grow back to better sizes. Kingfunks4 and Swimmerboy01 are the current leaders of the ACP, and  Kenneth received the rank of 2ic. They are attempting to rebuild their USA Division, and this is a good start. Kingfunks and the Army of Club Penguin both are optimistic about their future. This could change the destiny of the ACP and their growth.

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  3. Why is it breaking news if the ACP gets a new leader and Kenneth is promoted to 2ic????


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