Army Histories Revealed

Hello CPAC. Many of you might be asking where hace I been, and I hope many of you already know. I broke my arm in PE while doing pyramids (acrobatics) so it isn’t very easy to make a proper post with one arm. However, since most of the pain is gone, I have decided to begin posting a little again, even with one arm.

Recently Daniel (Dan, Eyes521) has taken interest to import all posts (archives) from to It shows all of the earliest posts from Pink Mafias. Just recently, Dan got ahold of PM’s first posts from 2006. Although they are all mostly CP cheats, the April 2006 archives shows a shocking piece of history… a rank page with future UMA high ranking soldiers:

It does not say that these are UMA’s rankings, however could this be a hint that Pink Mafias had some kind of army even during the color wars? A picture takken by Pink Mafias himself (now found on Nachos site) shows PM with a group of about 5 soldiers dressed in the same uniform.

Open image in a new tab to enlarge

Although that is the case, now of the soldiers seen there are on the ranks of April 2006, which means that this isn’t solid proof. However, even so I advise everyone to check out these archives here at Also, Daniel has recently imported old posts from the former generations of the CPPA (Pirates) which can be found on the Pirates site or here at

I hope you all enjoy the archives Dan has found and thank him if you see him. It is important for us to know about our ancestors and the people that made CP armies the way hey are today. That is it, and I hope you enjoyed this post, even though it is short. I will keep you guys up to date, and good bye for now!

PS: It would be really great if  someone (a veteran) of WWV could update the history page. It hasn’t been updated in 6 months and many people are eager to find out. Thank you!

10 Responses

  1. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the Pink Mafias website didn’t exist in April 2006, nor are there any archives from before 2007 (*/

    All of the 2006 entries ( are faked or just mislabled, as Uma Pm (the penguin in the images) did not exist until after Pink Mafias was banned in April/May 2007. The ranks were taken from this page: which is dated February 14, 2007.

    Lastly, the site was created December 30, 2006. The first post can be seen here:

    I would ask that this be corrected on the archive site, as we have had enough problems recently with armies’ histories being questioned (namely AR).


    • The posts from 2006 all look extremely real and were definitely written by PM himself. Now if the dates were faked, that would be understandable. I might have been a bit too excited after seeing posts from 2006, but thank you Boomer for pointing that out. However, I will ask Dan if he took the archives from or a different site (which could be possible).


  2. Ooooh… Interesting….


  3. Lol spelling “admoral”


  4. All the posts are accurate/legit. The dates may be off but it doesn’t look intentional. There are still a few posts missing but the ranks and everything are accurate.


  5. Long Live Mr Drumline aka Whaleoil


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