CPAC’s Survey!

Well this is gonna be a short typed post but CPAC has served the CP Army community for quite sometime and we would like, you, the reader to tell us what you think and what is missing, what CPAC needs more of, and the personal ratings you give to the reporters and post quality. It would be greatly appreciated if you would take time to answer the polls and see CPAC revolutionize to something bigger and better, that’s the goal after all. Click “read more” to take part in our survey!

Again, Thank you for participating in the survey, your intake is very appreciated.


~CPAC Editor In Chief~

12 Responses

  1. As the post about Waterkid was deleted, I will re-post my comment.

    Please remove the Dark Warriors from the network, disclude us from any future reports, top 10 editions and tourneys.

    We are tired of being overlooked, and the top 10 yesterday was the last straw.


  2. Less long boring posts maybe cartoons or animations.
    Possibly even event pics with sort of fitting music -wary-


  3. mention me more in posts and your site will be amazing


  4. Cpac is usually good but it’s been biest to At and other armies lately


  5. Cpac had been bias to Ar and other armies lately


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