Hollywood Party

This is the part where I am supposed to bring some joke or witty reference? I got nothing. Time for, the Hollywood Party.

Now this isn’t the first time Club Penguin has had the Oscars. While us older lot from the 2010 and 2011 era may remember them, for all you new people who have only discovered about this from the Wiki, Yearbooks, or not even heard of it somehow, I bring you the new version of the Penguin Play Awards, the Hollywood party.

Some clips and visuals no appropriate for kids, that means you Lazlo.

Dubstep Puffle! Also CPAC supplied the food for the Limos, don’t eat it.

To describe to you my first thoughts of looking through the island, they fused 3 parties together to make one. It feels like they took the music jam and superhero party, combined them together than dumped the Penguin Play Awards in it to create this mess. 8 rooms out of 33 OFFICIAL rooms (no igloos, sorry Burr). And this looks like the Mark your Mark music jam, except with studios and limos instead of stages. Now all the rooms have this new sky and color change, but because I have seen dark skies for Parties since August, except the Fair, that was daylight. Now normally I love a dark sky but I HATE it now thanks to the abuse of it. So, what is at this party I like? Nonmember stuff and the return of the Dubstep Puffle. What do we have for Party rooms are three sets, a car, and they are pretty boring. With the exception of the Action Scene, the other two are sequels to plays we have had in my eyes. The car is basically your stereotypical party Limo with a pool, bar, and driver seat.

Very Creative, no?

The new room designs for the party are ok I guess. A very modern looking Hollywood idea. While I think the restaurant redesigns are nice, the rest of them look meh. I really think they did not put in much energy to this party. As I stated, 8 rooms got a redesign. Rest all are colored differently so they match the background or have changed the outside from daylight to dusk. Some rooms I understand, how are you going to make the Pet Shop look like it belongs in Hollywood? but the fact they only took three major rooms we battle in, and redesigned them. The dock, beach, ski village, ski hill, berg, forest and cove are all untouched. From our view, this is good! we can fight! But from a Design view, it is lazy. Similar to the last fiesta only being a couple rooms and feeling very bland.

Ah Photoshop, how useful you are to me.

What it seems like the Team did put a Bit of effort in was the numerous costumes  and clothing ideas they had. 8 nonmember items, 4 of which you have to pay for and the other 4 are free. and 23 member exclusive items. !8 of those items you do have to pay for though. But still, 31 items for this party alone. The Nonmember Items that are free are a pain in the ass to get. Remember those Dinosaur eggs we had to collect? Yeah this is harder because you have to take picture after picture after picture. I think it is about 100 Superstars you have to stalk before getting to the first level. The Member items are easier. Get your script, act in three movies and you get a golf cart. To make it more cruel to nonmembers, if you go into the stage, an get nominated for the award, you will get a bronze from the 21st to the 23rd, a Silver the 23rd, and a gold the 24th until end of the party. A ton of items for one party. Now a room takes a ton of time to prep, especially if it has small animations in it. Just ONE clothing item takes a ton of time to create. You have to create the artwork you see in the catalog/when you want to get the item or not. The item on the Penguin, and the in-game model that turns in 8 directions. May not seem like much but it is. Still doesn’t make up for the lack of room creativity.

The final thing I need to mention is that there are 4 mascots in this party. Sensei, Cadance, Gary and Spouting her new design, Aunt Arctic. Now having three of these people here confuses me. First off, Why is Sensei doing stunts and drinking CPAC coffee when he needs to work on the Snow Dojo? Second, Gary and Aunt Arctic shouldn’t be partying and should be helping Rory repair the EPF. Cadance is here because she seems to be the new major mascot that is everywhere because she makes really bad music videos.

Aunt Arctic’s New Design

Well, This ends my Final Post as being an active member of armies. As of now, I TAP DANCER36 Will no longer be associated with the council or any individual armies. I will stick on CPAC because Once I get into making a post, it is quite fun especially with my unusual sense of humor and my jokes I like to edit in. I don’t care if you guys hate my posts, I enjoy doing this. So farewell having to make every event, farewell leading armies in hopeless battles against rude a-holes. Hello Retirement Island, Also A, did you save a chair for me?

6 Responses

  1. desnhey and theyr boolshey


  2. i saved you a chair, but I’m making love to it. it’s a boy thing, males doing the furniture….. ok this is inappropriate! XD


  3. This is not a CP Army Post.


  4. good post, i enjoyed it


  5. The truth has been spoken.


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